Characterization and description of black tomato varieties

The appearance of black tomatoes attracts the attention and interest of many gardeners. Few people know that these are ordinary tomato varieties that are crossed with wild tomatoes.

They not only have a pleasant taste, aroma, delight exotic appearance, but also have a huge set of useful vitamins , minerals that can strengthen the immune system, remove puffiness, improve vision, gastrointestinal tract, brain, heart.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it improves skin condition. The use of black tomatoes has a beneficial effect on sexual function.


  • is the most popular sorts of black tomatoes on displaying the characteristics of the
  • .tomatoes because of the variety of varieties that differ in color, size, shape.



    Tall plants, the fruits of average maturity .Chernomor grow up by rassadny way. 115 days from planting to harvest.

    The yield according to the characteristic is good - from 3 kg from the bush .Tomatoes of dark brown or dark red color, sometimes with a violet shade, have a pleasant sweet-sour taste. The peel of tomatoes is thick.

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    Cultivated indoors.

    Black Moor

    The variety has an average ripening period( average for 115-120 days ).Fruits well - with 1 bush you can get at least 4 kg .

    Black moor

    Fruits are not large, but more than 15 pieces can be formed on one brush. Tomatoes. Has a brown-cherry color of the fruit. Ripe tomatoes with a sweetish taste. According to the description, the variety is suitable for use with fresh fruits, as well as for various preparations.

    Most gardeners grow Black Moor indoors .So you can get a richer harvest. Because of their simplicity in the care ideal for growing novice gardeners.


    Grade medium .As the bush grows, it needs a garter, because the plant is tall. The first crop can be obtained already 100 days after planting.

    Fruits are brown-red, with a pleasant sweet watermelon flavor. The average weight of the fruit - 100-120 g .

    The variety is suitable for growing in greenhouses or open ground.

    Marshmallow in chocolate

    Tall variety, the fruits of which ripen at 110-115 days .Fruits are striped, have a brown-red shade. The fruits are very tasty, sweet, the weight of one fruit on average to 150 grams .Suitable for any method of harvesting and fresh consumption.

    The variety is intended for growing only in greenhouses .

    Marshmallow in chocolate

    Ivan da Marya

    These tomatoes are a hybrid. An adult plant can reach a height of 170 cm. Hybrid of a very early term of ripening - the product can be consumed already after 90 days , have a dark red-brown color.

    Ultra-high yields have been observed in tomatoes - 5-6 kg from a bush. Fruit weight - from 150-200 g .You can grow and in greenhouses and beds .

    Ivan da Marya

    Features of the care of black-fruited tomatoes

    Like most species, black tomatoes are grown by .Growing this variety of seedlings does not have much difference from the cultivation of ordinary species.

    After planting the seedlings in the ground, it is necessary to carry out timely pasynkovanie - removal of excess shoots. This will allow to redirect additional energy not to the formation of new shoots, but to the ripening of healthy high-quality fruits.

    Extra stepsons are cut off with sharp scissors, leaving small stumps in place of the cut( no more than 1 cm).The cut is smeared with a solution of potassium permanganate. This will save the plant from the growth of shoots in the future.

    tall plants require garters and timely harvest .This is necessary for the plant to quickly renew its strength.

    Watering the bushes is carried out by as the soil dries out .The leaves of the plant should not be allowed to come into contact with the wet ground. It threatens to decay the foliage.

    Black tomatoes do not tolerate an excess of moisture
    It must be remembered that black tomatoes do not tolerate an excess of moisture.

    . We need to timely remove weeds and loosen the soil. .If the summer is very hot and dry, you can spend the mulching to keep moisture in the earth a little longer.

    Beautiful purple, brown, chocolate shades of this vegetable are possible only due to the presence in the fruits of special substances: anthocyanin( which is also considered an anti-cancer substance), lycopene, carotenoid. The lack of these elements can affect the color: they become pink, dull, lose their brightness.

    The reason for this is a violation of the acid-base balance in the soil. Normalize the balance by planting peas, mustard and other plants that are alkaline on the plot with tomatoes. You can replace fertilizer bird droppings.

    In order to increase resistance to diseases, to strengthen the plant, it is advisable for to apply in the form of chalk or ash every 10-14 days. The amount of fertilizer applied depends on the variety.

    Good yields depend on crop rotations. The following year, in place of tomatoes, another crop should be planted. If this is not possible, then from the autumn to prepare a plot for spring planting. Remove the remains of the plant, dig up the area, fertilize it.

    Most varieties of black tomatoes are grown in greenhouses. To prepare it for subsequent planting, it is better to replace the top layer of earth( at least 5 cm), disinfect the greenhouse with soda solution.

    Before full maturity, black tomatoes have the same color as regular

    Black tomatoes have no significant differences from other types of tomatoes in their care and cultivation. This variety, as well as the usual, is threatened with such diseases and pests as fusarium, black leg, spider mite, whitefly. The latter are considered the most dangerous for tomatoes. Greenhouse tomatoes are less resistant to infection.

    Many gardeners believe that unusual, pleasant taste and exotic color are the result of gene modification. But breeders rush to reassure.

    This variety was developed using conventional breeding. No secondary interventions were applied.

    If you show a little patience and a competent approach, then the work on growing tomatoes will be a delight. The result will be delicious, juicy, unusual fruit. They will not only delight in appearance, but also bring health benefits.

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