Do-it-yourself coffee grinder repair

Kitchen coffee grinders by type of propulsion unit are divided into manual, electrical, repair is required by both. Let's see how the models of the selected class of household appliances are arranged, what kind of care is required, how to properly maintain. Electric coffee grinder from the electrical point of view of the simplest devices. Speed ​​is not available, at best - adjust the degree of grinding. Adjustment is carried out by mechanical methods. Say more, coffee grinders, structurally included in the composition of coffee machines, more difficult. Allow, for example, setting the size of the grinding. The basis of the mechanism is the grinding device. Repairing a coffee grinder with your own hands is not a difficult task.

Simplest Kitchen Coffee Grinders

Kitchen coffee grinders of two types:

  1. Knife. Sickle blade.
  2. Millstones. Steel or ceramic mill.

First highly resemble blender. Who read reviews about Vitamix, in the course: the device turns a kilogram of ice into ice, spending 5 seconds. A similar Korean blender runs around stones, getting ovoid souvenirs, plus dust. It is not surprising that a kitchen coffee grinder differs little from the proven bar beverage preparation devices:

  1. There is no specific bowl shape where ice, fruit, and various cocktails liquids are mixed. Instead, a small, tightly closed box where the grains are placed, afterwards the engine will continue, turning the grains into dust.
  2. The lion's body takes the motor. If the blender looks like a bowl on a stand, in the case of a kitchen coffee grinder, the engine compartment takes 80% of the volume. It is able to collect devices operating for a long period of time without rest, costing less.

The disadvantage of knife kitchen coffee grinders is the lack of an option to adjust the degree of grinding. Citizens have little trouble, a true expert in the course: an important indicator is indicated. Grains must be fresh( less than two weeks after roasting), properly cooked. Some models of coffee makers are powerless to overcome the dust. The particles will pass into the cup, a little pleasant. There will be a chance to tell fortunes by exploring the thick.

Clearly, the knife is unable to cover the volume, there is a place on the periphery, under the blades. Sickle surfaces are specially made according to the propeller principle. When the lid is tightly closed, quick turns create air movement, which raises dust, throws up grains. This is the principle of the kitchen grinder, blender is poorly suited for this task, because the dust will begin to fill the kitchen.

Capacity of the device for the preparation of beverages is large, it obviously assumes the presence of a myriad of grains for grinding. On the contrary, the kitchen coffee grinder is supplied with a modest bowl, the put 20 grams fit. It is clear, knife kitchen coffee grinders do not differ in difficult automation. The process is as follows:

  • put in a bowl of grain;
  • cover closes, the motor turns on;
  • fixed time kitchen coffee grinder doing business;
  • ready powder is poured where needed.

It is impossible to grind a significant amount at a time. Millstone kitchen coffee grinders work by passing through bevel knives of any number of grains. The degree of grinding is governed by the distance between the cutting edges with special screws. If the powder grinders of the manual coffee grinders are poured into the pan, a hole is made in the electric ones in the side of the working bowl where the finished coffee is pushed. Behind the aisle, the next compartment of the kitchen coffee grinder begins, positioning the spider, rotating, pouring the drink into the collection container. Engine one. The cross is rotated much slower than knives, driven by a gearbox. A distinctive feature of coffee grinders is the need to periodically replace the knives. The “blender” is sharpened, the conical teeth are much more difficult to machine, the accuracy of the fitting of the surfaces is required, excluding mutual grazing, giving the exposed size of the coffee powder.

In the case of cones, great charm: the knives are screwed with threes of bolts each, the heads extend into the working gap. With a loose tightening, we get the opportunity to make iron powder mixed with coffee. For sure both knives break, there is a chance: the electric motor will not withstand the load, it will burn out from overheating. Let's see what the developers hid inside a typical coffee grinder.

Device of the simplest

coffee grinder

Considered how the device works, now penetrate into the grinder device. Inside there is one engine, more often collector type. Devices will work from a direct current, frequency does not play value. The battle for the championship wins the amplitude of the supply voltage. The reason for using collector engines. Inside there are no transformers, active elements. The coffee grinder is represented by an engine, supplemented by two devices:

  1. Protection against switching on when the lid is open.
  2. Power Button.

Two contactors that directly pass through electrical current. Inside a pair of capacitors for filtering interference. When starting the engine generates voltage drops, you need to smooth out. Repairing a coffee grinder with your own hands comes down to the dialing of two contactors, the evaluation of engine performance. Considered the electrical part. Concerning mechanics let slip: sometimes it is necessary to change knives. Where to get new, decide for yourself. In the coffee grinders are used bearings, should be regularly lubricated. Shaft jammed - not the fact that the engine is broken. Despite the duster, coffee powder penetrates inside, clogging up in the gap. Disassemble the grinder, clean the connections, lubricate friction surfaces. Will fit oil for sewing machines.

As for the motor, due to the small size requirements in cheap coffee grinders, an engine type is used, which was mentioned in other reviews. The stator is represented by a typical core inductance coil. The magnetic field passes to the rotor, consisting of a set of turns. Section if necessary, call separately. Graphite brushes, boldly sharpen, adjust to the place, the performance will not suffer from this. Clamping springs are adjusted accordingly.

When repairing a collector engine, ring each section alternately. To do this, do not need to disassemble. We do not recommend starting the process from the side of the plug just because there may be capacitors inside. Remove the case, find the contacts of the brushes, with respect to them conduct a further process. For this, the first section is ringing. Performance is in order - the shaft is turned by hand to the next section. Make a full circle, making sure everything is in order. The stator coil is easy to rewind, the rotor is more difficult. We recommend to change the engine by purchasing a suitable one on the market. If there are no options to purchase equipment, try to remove the burned-out rotor winding and put a new one. It will be difficult to fix the grinder yourself in this case.

The stator coil is wound on a special device. Two pairs of racks are located opposite each other on a long plank. The tandem contains a horizontal axis, freely turning. Coils are put on her: one with a stock of wire, the other for winding. First find the place of damage to the old throttle. If located at the beginning or at the end, you can wind the new coil with the same wire. A dozen or two turns of weather will not do. Otherwise, the length of the wire is measured, a similar one with lacquer insulation is bought, after which the coil is wound to the coil in the same way as the old one. It is allowed to do the operation manually or use a drive from a screwdriver or a drill. Create if necessary gearboxes or belt drives, this is important. The main thing - hold the wire with your finger, creating the minimum necessary tension.

Determine the thickness of the wire with a caliper, the market will tell you what type of wire to take. After winding the coil, measure the resistance, ideally equivalent. Recognizing the old value, measure the resistance of the removed piece, add up. Inductance meter does not hurt, henry determine the efficiency of magnetic field transmission.

Listed the main types of malfunctions, the contacts are periodically cleaned, but the frequency of use is not so great, therefore, there are quite a few problems in this segment. Capacitors fail. If the collector engine is working, the contacts are intact, the problem is in the capacitors. You can replace the motor with an asynchronous one, in this case correctly connect to the phase. If there are no impellers on the motor shaft to cool the windings, install them yourself.

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