Gas infrared heaters for gardening

Gas infrared heaters for gardening - the equipment is powerful, unpretentious and convenient. When you are going to sit on the veranda, it is not so difficult to take out 22 kg. But no one will freeze. We will look at infrared heaters on gas that the owner will be able to provide.


First of all about the main thing. How are the gas infrared heaters, how they work.

The overwhelming part of the raw material, and diesel fuel, in addition to natural gas, can also be a source of energy, goes into radiation. It cannot be said that the design struck with originality, but it does amaze the fact of real work. Imagine a pipe hanging near the ceiling, located at a height of 10 meters, heating people and the floor.

We observe the following components in any gas infrared heater:

  • reflector;
  • heating element;
  • regulator( reducer);
  • gas cylinder.

Apart from various protective elements, housing, pipes, flanges, hoses, fittings and auxiliary components, the four points listed will warm the workers in the workshop, the summer resident on the veranda and the company of friends at the barbecue.

Now about the principle of operation. We will divide the devices into two categories:

  1. Black.
  2. Light.

Difference: the first quietly radiate heat, the latter in addition illuminate the area around. Combines the combustion apparatus inside the gas. The yellow pipe is the root cause and the source of the heat spreading around.

Some models run on diesel fuel, but the meaning of what is happening does not change much. From the tank, cylinder, other capacity fuel is supplied through the gearbox to the burner. Then the result depends already on the belonging of the gas infrared heater to the two types indicated. In black the products of combustion will go through the heat-resistant pipe, heating the metal, and will be released into the atmosphere, driven by a fan. As for light modifications, perforated plates of refractory ceramics are inserted into the device, less often steel, on which blue fuel is burnt, or special flasks of heat-resistant glass.

The overall result - the heat begins to reflect the reflector. In the first case, located behind the pipe. In the second, it embraces perforated ceramics. Gas ceramic infrared heater further illuminates the space. Let dull, but pleasant light. Combustion products are released into the atmosphere.

Let us know in more detail which infrared gas heaters are selling.

Garden Sun

The model resembles a cute fungus. Not for nothing is called Garden Sun, is designed to shine from above, like the sun. A gas heater for giving warms a cold evening, and the heat radiates evenly in a circle, descending from above.

On a long thin leg, at a height of two meters, there is a cap with a diameter of 813 mm. The burner hits it with a jet of fire, which, evenly reflected by a reflector, warms the surrounding glade of impressive diameter. If you sit around the circle described technology miracle, no one will freeze. The radiation of a gas infrared heater transfers heat to objects and people.

With a weight of 18 kg, two adult men can build a clearing for a small picnic. For convenience, below a tank with fuel, put a pair of frisky wheels. Power is regulated in the range of 6 - 12 kW.Agree, this is more than other types of heaters. Better fire.

The model is equipped with a pilot torch, it is convenient if you have to turn the device on and off repeatedly during the day. For example, in a cafe. The piezoelectric arrester is equipped with a limited resource, which means that you need to touch the ignition as little as possible. The pilot torch of the gas infrared heater is specifically included in the design in order to extend the service life.


For reasons of stability, infrared heaters for gardening are equipped with a housing tapering upwards. Inside there is a quartz refractory transparent flask, where the torch burns. Stainless steel protective grilles will not allow miniature Vesuvius to be touched. Reflector directs heat sector 30 degrees wide.

The design is convenient to warm a couple, located at the table or three avid domino players. For convenience, the device is equipped with a control panel that controls the intensity of the torch.

Air is drawn in from the bottom, creating a natural exhaust channel. Combustion products are ejected at the top. The device is designed to work with cylinders with a capacity of 27 liters. Strong wheels and a pilot torch - just great when you want to please the guests, sitting in different places alternately. It is convenient to relocate an honest company from the veranda closer to the kitchen. Unlike the previous gas infrared heater, it is also used at home. Most classroom equipment is intended more for the street. In this regard, the Pyramid resembles a gas fireplace. With the only difference - those stationary models for embedding or hanging on the wall.

Infrared gas household heaters - this is the Pyramid.

Industrial options

Working in the winter you want heat. But industrial gas infrared heaters are not used at the request of workers, but for the reasons prescribed by regulations. The minimum temperature in the winter in the workshop is a regulated value. A number of technological processes simply require a certain temperature( rolling bearings friction, etc.).

It is difficult to equip separate rooms with batteries. Not all businesses can afford to get their own boiler. Other heaters like blowers heat the air. If the walls of the gap, suitable way out of the situation will be a gas infrared heaters black type, suspended from the ceiling. Convectors are much better: they heat the ground, the floor, the machines, the workers, not the air.

Conditions are created, thanks to infrared heaters, to heat selected areas of the workshop. This will significantly save finances. The boiler room would heat the room indiscriminately.

It is permissible to maintain different temperatures in the areas. A weighty advantage for the workshop is considered a fact - no drafts that impede the process are created. It is not necessary to explain how many nerves will save gas infrared heater turner.

Available in various types and designs of devices. The length varies, reaching hundreds of meters, allowing you to choose the right one. Naturally, due safety is observed.

The power of industrial infrared heaters operating on gas is incomparably higher than domestic models.

Other models

The listed constructions are far from completely exhausting the diversity. For example, let's find a variant of a gas infrared heater that resembles a burner. In fact, it is a miniature torch equipped with a reflector. As a result, a small thing, in form similar to a kerosene lamp and a blue lamp for the ears at the same time, will warm one person or a couple sitting nearby.

The burner-heater gas infrared radiation is mounted on a standard cylinder. With the device you spend the night in the winter forest in a tent at minus 20 ºС overboard and do not freeze. The only danger is carbon monoxide. It is required to accurately track the specified moment.

But natural gas can not be poisoned. There is an option to automatically block the fuel supply path in case of flame failure. Radiation power reaches 4.5 kW.The device is autonomous, does not require electricity supply. The gas infrared heater is ignited with a special match or piezo element. Device weight 1.5 kgWithout a gas bottle, naturally.

A gas ceramic infrared heater is often supplied with a fan. As a result, a tangible convective effect is created. Heat spreads at incredible speeds. In the presence of open fire, take care to be careful. This applies to fire safety, carbon monoxide.

But enjoy the true mobile fireplace. In addition, the developers took care of security to the full. When buying an infrared heater, ask if the option is available to monitor the carbon dioxide content in the air. A special sensor will not let you go and will turn off the device in time.

The equipment is designed for use of standard cylinders, moves on castors and provides several operating modes of the burner. Gas infrared heater will not freeze, warm and maintain comfort in the house.

Choose the right heater. Prices for the simplest models of loyal, industrial products and models for business cost much more. However, the presence of heat is guaranteed.

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