Myths, legends, and the whole truth about microwave ovens harmful to health


  • 1 Principle of operation
  • 2 What makes the molecule?
  • 3 In the Soviet Union knew the truth!
  • 4 WAVE discord
  • 5 A few words about the design
  • 6 WHO thinks?
  • 7 Just in case
    • 7.1 internal coating
    • 7.2 Checking the "reliability"
  • 8 Summing up
Benefit or harm is brought into your home with a microwave buying ??Benefit or harm is brought into your home with a microwave buying ??

"Reheat in the microwave is harmful," recently proudly told my 80-year-old grandmother, nodding toward the TV show about health. And you know, I thought, because in fact this information with a certain frequency and then pops up on television, in the electronic media and on the benches at the entrances. Let's understand the microwave harmful to humans - a myth or not.

Principle of operation

Considered harmful microwave oven principle stands with her devices. heating of the product - the merit of microwave radiation. The waves are microwave electromagnetic radiation.

By the way, are the most similar in the frequency range of those used for the transmission of information and communication (cell phones, Bluetooth).

The design of a microwave ovenThe design of a microwave oven

How it is implemented technically? Your microwave oven includes a high voltage transformer, which generates a high voltage, magnetron - the electric power converter in microwave electromagnetic field and systems management.

What makes the molecule?

Electromagnetic waves in the first place affect the molecules of water, sugar and fat. we are all from the school chemistry course remember that water - it is the atoms of oxygen and hydrogen, which are in a state of rest under the action of microwaves atoms begin to rotate, is heated.

Schematic representation of how the heating of food in a microwave ovenSchematic representation of how the heating of food in a microwave oven

And based on water born first myth that states that such motion leads to a reorientation of the molecules and the disintegration of the molecular structure of the heated product. At home, break the water molecules is not possible, even if it turned into vapor state.

Whichever cooking method you use, it entails degradation of organic compounds. When compared to cooking and frying, cooked in a microwave oven dishes retained more vitamins.

In the Soviet Union knew the truth!

"Grandma" of modern microwave"Grandma" of modern microwave

Another myth that supposedly says that the USSR was a ban on microwave ovens.

Start over. Who invented the microwave oven? Opponents often follow stories that microwave - the invention of the Nazis during the Second World War.

In Germany and the first tests have been conducted that have proven negative impact of microwave ovens for health. The results of research were in the Soviet Union, where they received confirmation, the use of microwave was forbidden.

To understand how meaningless these stories, just look at the production of the first furnace in the USSR. In 80 years on the Dnieper engineering plant produced active microwave model "Dnepryanka-1."

It is fair to note that the patent for the invention of the microwave oven belongs to the American Percy Spencer in that patented his invention in 1945.

WAVE discord

classification wavesclassification waves
  • The radiation can be different! Another myth equates microwaves to X-ray. Yes, X-rays do not advise to do more than 1 time per year, since it is partially destroys the cells, but for the year they are fully recovered. About radiation accumulation there can be no question!
  • safe exposure. Safe radiation dose according to the Federal Law "On Radiation Safety of the Population" is 70 millisieverts (for life expectancy are taken 70 years). The average background radiation in Moscow did not exceed the mark of 0.0001 mSv, if you exclude the passage of X-rays and flying in airplanes, to achieve acceptable marks may be 700 years. That is, even the judicious use of X-ray waves safely.
  • The different waves? The length and frequency of oscillation. Dangerous radiation with the lowest long - gamma radiation and ultraviolet. The microwave is also located somewhere between infrared and radio waves, and then microwave is not more dangerous than cell phones.
Microwave as well as a mobile phone - are safe!Microwave as well as a mobile phone - are safe!

A few words about the design

If the above reasons were not enough, and you still feel that the damage from the microwave is great so that from it is to abandon, I cite the last argument - the construction of a microwave oven.

  • The housing of any microwave oven is equipped with a protective screen, which does not allow microwaves to "roam" on the interior space.
  • And what about the door? It also has a transparent window of ordinary glass! The door is not as easy as you think. Structurally, this multilayer "cake" of plastic or glass plates and the grid of perforated sheet metal. The latter reflects the waves in the cavity of the oven.
  • For transparency and the opportunity to observe how to prepare a culinary masterpiece, left perforation diameter of 3 mm. At this size, they can not miss the waves outside.

WHO thinks?

Myths about microwave ovens are sure to impress even the WHOMyths about microwave ovens are sure to impress even the WHO

The impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body and homegrown theorists, proudly carrying the weight in a negative impact of microwave ovens, touched even the World Health Organization.

In 2008, WHO formally announced their verdict "Microwave wave does not have a detrimental impact on food and human health."

The only "but" became pacemakers, which are extremely sensitive to microwaves. Therefore, renounce the use of a microwave oven advise those who are forced to wear a pacemaker.

Just in case

Any statement to the microwave oven contains information about what the instrument can only be used when fully serviceable and holistic. The last point concerns the door glass and the body.

Microwave must be OK!Microwave must be OK!

internal coating

Coverage within the furnace may be a ceramic, enamel or stainless steel. The enamel is the least strong and durable, you can easily damage it with his own hands during the cleaning process. Choose a more durable material - this is the price of your inner peace.

Checking the "reliability"

The photo is an example of what not to do with the phoneThe photo is an example of what not to do with the phone

Where you carry your microwave? I spoiled? It is broken? How to check? Amazing foolishly experience in the conduct of which the mobile phone is put in the off microwave oven and carry him a call. If the signal is - microwave is insufficient protection.

The magnetron operates at a frequency of 2.45 GHz, and hence the entire protection microwave aimed at keeping a given wavelength.

Mobile phones function perfectly on other frequencies, and thus the signal will go smoothly! Now do yourself a conclusion - whether harmful microwave cooking?

Prepare for Health!Prepare for Health!

Summing up

Benefits and harms of a household gadget is determined solely by the correct operation, will be no exception, and a microwave. Proper device is safe for you, your children, pets and plants.

I also still offer you the video in this article and to invite discussion on the theme "I do not believe in the safety of the microwave."

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