How to connect an infrared heater

Most store infrared heaters are equipped with a plug with a terminal for grounding. Therefore, devices belong to electrical safety class I. If the owner does not properly use the product, the manufacturer does not guarantee safety. If there is no ground lobe at the outlet, find the neutral wire of the phase( without voltage) and connect the terminal there. This will ensure minimal protection of people's lives. Why do not manufacturers do this? Sensitive protection machines - differential. The devices calculate the difference between the input and output current, if the leak goes to the neutral wire, the device will not notice anything, people may seriously suffer. Consider how to connect an infrared heater to trouble did not work.

Proper connection of electrical devices.

. At times, infrared heaters do not add grounding terminals. This makes exploitation potentially hazardous. Especially for people who come too close.

Security when connecting infrared heaters

Let's talk about connecting an infrared heater. More than once raised the topic of safety of handling electrical appliances. For example, in the bathroom should not be appliances that are powered by 220 V. When setting, you need to take care of security! Differential protection devices are used for this:

  1. Inside the case there is a transformer, the first winding catches the input current, the second output.
  2. At the slightest imbalance, the core moves, opening the supply relay. Moreover, the switching of both contacts is controlled.
  3. A fuse group is added to the design, additionally protecting the instruments( and the differential protector) against overload.

Summing up:

  • In order for the differential protection device to work properly, the leakage current must not return. For this purpose, there is grounding. It does not differ in potential from the neutral wire, however, it will allow the leakage current to escape, bypassing the defender. In case of danger at the slightest sign of breakdown, a differential protection device will be cut out. So will be able to save human lives. In view of this responsibility, increased requirements are placed on the ground loop: extremely low resistance and sufficient thickness of conductors that can pass a conceivable, large-scale leakage current.
  • Fuses are not related to human safety. If a person is killed, and the current does not exceed the specified, the specified glands without a difference. The task of the device is to track the critical value of power( optional breakdown on the body and leakage), heat up and burn out at the right moment. According to the wizard, most fuses are turned off when it is too late to save. Security cannot be guaranteed.

The information was told so that people understand that any person is in danger until the necessary measures are taken. Fuses and access plugs protect the grid from overloads and equipment from burning. The safety of people these elements will not provide in any way.

The power of infrared heaters is flexibly distributed over the area; they are an economical way to maintain heat. Gas boiler left in reserve. Therefore, people put on a number of thermostats and leave on business, being in confidence that everything will be in order. We recommend not to take quartz infrared heaters, but with a metal plate for radiation. Or it is allowed to create combined complexes.

In quartz lamps, the spiral heats up to 500 ºС and higher, creating a potential danger; you shouldn’t believe the PR managers and the assurances that the opposite is true. If a working infrared heater is broken and a piece of paper is brought to the hot metal, a fire will occur.

With regard to infrared heaters with a metal radiator like the Peony, the temperature is below 200 ºС.The experiment is easier. But it is much more important to make sure that proper overheating protection is built in.

Imagine that a hanging lamp has fallen. Works according to indications of the external thermostat. Palace will light up after a while, and the smoke catcher will not help, because in large areas the volume is not filtered through the sensor. In the latter case, the trouble will not allow the internal thermostat or safety devices. Worry about the devices in advance, if it is a serious matter, ask to open the model, show what and where it will not allow the housing to burn in danger. This is not the only simple thermal fuse, as in the iron. For control, temperature measurement at a minimum of three points is required. Example:

  1. The heater fell from the ceiling, but did not lose power.
  2. About the middle of the radiating surface fell on a soft chair.
  3. A fuse standing at the edge( or two at the edges) “missed” the temperature increase in the center.
  4. The chair caught fire in the absence of reaction thermostats.

This is an extreme case, but shows how to treat their own security. Connection must be made through three groups of devices, not counting the optional switches:

  1. Fuses.
  2. Differential Protection Device.
  3. External Thermostats.

Then stay in relative peace of mind, but it is required to provide for cases of falling devices. However, this is a relatively safe class of devices, here the PR managers are right.

Wiring for

infrared heaters The simple case above. But even when using film models, grounding will not rest. On the ceiling you need, as a last resort, cleaners. If the girl gets upstairs, and the device seems to be turned off by a thermostat command. Will start to wipe with a damp cloth, take it and turn it on, and the body is punched. Accident guaranteed. And do not ask why they did not turn off the power. You can not leave the whole house without heating at the time of cleaning. There are no options, the ground wire is used copper large section. As a kind of technical solution, make installation on a three-core wire. At the same time, the power is calculated from the sum of the connected devices to the branch. Closer to the trunk section thickens.

It turns out easy reinsurance, but with a guarantee will not fail. As for film models, the instructions are provided with the devices, or a group of installers will help. It is important to know that film infrared heaters are built on two principles. Inside laid:

  1. Cable.
  2. Graphite( or a film similar in properties).

In both cases, the joints are sealed. Film conductors are good high probability of trouble-free operation. If the site breaks, the rest will continue to work. Be careful! Nails film can not be beat. Potential is transferred to the cap. Consequently, the danger of electric shock increases. Can save a small contact area. However, it is enough to charge a person's capacity to hit the psyche( electrical impulses destroy the brain).Two people will be burned, the third will fall from a height of dizziness, or die. The same applies to cable systems. It is forbidden to damage the braid. Finally, the film is made waterproof for a reason. Do not damage the surface. Such draconian measures relate primarily to floors, but are respected on the ceiling.

By the way, pay attention to the waterproofing of the underlying surface. The advertisement does not say a word. This will be an additional guarantee of security. Electricity should not be present in wet places. Think with your head when connecting an infrared ceiling heater.

The rules are applicable in many cases:

  1. If you want to connect a wall-mounted infrared heater.
  2. When a warm floor complex is being built.
  3. If there is a panel with a heating cable hanging on the wall.

It is advisable to connect the infrared heater with your own hands according to the rules. In conclusion, let us say a few words about the choice of power. Choose the total power of the instruments by steam boiler power calculators. This discards inventories, if any. Be sure to find an option where it is possible to set the external and internal temperature, thickness and material of the walls. As parameters enter the number, size and type of windows. This is important in the case of film types introduced by the installation. If the lamps outweigh, change the number, the coverage covering the area will not be so flexible. This will allow you to independently connect an infrared heater and not redo work. If necessary, break the film into cascades, each of which constitutes an electrical branch. Depending on the temperature outside the window, change the power of the device. Such an infrared heater will certainly be a joy.

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