The best apartment heater

Today's review provides a description of the brands of good manufacturers. We will try to emphasize the features and touch on situations of possible use. The best heater for an apartment is one that fits in with dwelling and will last for 25 years. Here are the arguments, the conclusions do yourself. Much has been written on the VashTehnik text portal on the subject of conversation, but we always want to please the visitor with new facts. Today’s essay was no exception.

Swedish design studio Timberk

We already know that Electrolux from Sweden makes the technique wisely, today we will see what a Timberk colleague can do. We consider Saturn based in the Czech Republic to be the Eastern European analogue of the Swedish brand. The company is engaged in a complex range of tasks in the segment of household appliances. Saturn electric heater is often found on the appliance market.

Timberk debuted in 2003.The brand of heaters was originally created by professionals, quickly went up the hill. To date, the company occupies a leading position, thanks to the introduction of innovations. The first is air purification. Today Electrolux convectors boast special filters from a range of stages. Electric heater Heater Timberk also equipped with the specified device. Sell ​​wall mounted convector with air ionizer, and here we follow the care of human health.

As for fan heaters, in selected models there is a thermostat and overheat protection. The devices are not new, however, will allow less worry about the fire. The thing put on the fan heater quickly lights up, the sensor is designed to prevent a similar outcome in the electric heater. However, it is much more professional to scan the output grid with a LED.Explain the opinion. For example, a thin object hit the output of a Timberk fan heater:

  • electrical appliance cord;
  • dress belt;
  • lace.

Be sure to reflow or ignite. Do not think that a Timberk electric heater will be able to guarantee protection from fire. Equipped with a dust filter( depending on the model), the device delightfully controls and improves the microclimate. The fan heater can work on blowing the room. When choosing, give preference to models with a glass-ceramic heating element( as opposed to a spiral).Such less burn oxygen, are considered more durable.

Similarly, let's say about heat heaters of wall-type convectors. To some of them, even the legs are not for sale, stock up on a punch in advance. Ionization is amazing, useful, it saves money on the purchase of a special device, but you still shouldn't hang clothes on a Timberk convector.

Please note, residents of the south of Russia, that the devices are optionally equipped with air humidifiers. The company's engineers do not mention how the content of water vapor is controlled. Recall that the humidity in the room fits into the frame 40 - 60%.Other indicators are harmful to health. The humidifier option is useful, you do not have to buy a separate device to perform the function.

Timberk gas infrared heaters should not be used indoors. Devices emit products of combustion and take oxygen from the atmosphere. The principle of operation does not differ from any equivalents provided by manufacturers of infrared heaters. Built ceramic heat-resistant grille, which licked flames. As a result, the baked clay gradually begins to glow, emitting infrared rays.

Timberk oil heaters attract attention. An unknown engineer thought of integrating a fan into the device to accelerate the heating of the room by convection, equipped the air ionizer inside. The result is a device that works faster convector, while improving the indoor climate.

During the existence of the brand, three million purchases were made in Russia. Researchers at the firm say that half of the buyers come back for another product to Timberk. Final recommendations:

  1. In the house where children and pets live, take exclusively convectors, oil heaters and ceiling infrared lamps. This is done with an eye on the indispensable balls and flounders flying around the room. From this point of view, the electric infrared lamp is easily broken. At the same time, it’s easy to hurt yourself on the body of the convector or oil heater, and it is easy to burn yourself on the surface of the latter.
  2. Use Timberk gas infrared heaters outside of your home. On the street or in the garage( with an eye on the explosion).Heater without electricity throws products of combustion into the room. Sulfur impurities are often found in gas. This will allow pairs of the strongest acid to circulate near the heater, which is not dangerous in the open air, but inside is fraught with health hazards.
  3. Feel free to take devices of the combined type. If you get an ionizer and humidifier fit into the general body. The result is a complete installation for microclimate regulation. True, working only on heating. Ordinary humidifiers function in the summer, but the lack of water vapor occurs in winter. Think over yourself the specified moment in application to the region of residence and climate of the region.
  4. Timberk fan heaters are still dangerous, from this point of view, of course, it is better to give preference to ceramic heaters on a vertical rack with a drop sensor( like Bork).There is less chance of any object falling into the stream. Heaters Timberk mainly outdoor. Therefore, the device requires constant monitoring. The Timberk technique is impressive, the combined solutions are especially good.
  5. Infrared heaters companies are typical representatives of the segment. It is quite suitable for the implementation of the concept of automatic heating, if there is no one to break fragile lamps. Please note: the phrase "Timberg infrared heaters" is incorrect. In the name of the brand appears the letter - to!

Heaters GALAN

By all accounts this is a domestic brand. The history on the official website states that in 1992 a new manufacturer of heating equipment was born, but it is silent about where the event occurred. In conjunction with other signs, there are reasons to believe that it is in Russia.

The company is busy solving problems in the segment of heaters, has released thermostats and electronic control units for products, and sells a special antifreeze for heating if the heating does not turn on for a long period of time. There are additives to eliminate the formation of scale in boilers and batteries, manufactured under the brand GALAN.Since 2007, the company has been integrating products into the Smart Home complex, processing of GSM requests to the system( cellular communication) appears. In 2013, the control unit was released, allowing the connection of Russian and imported high-power equipment. The device was named Navigator wagon.

Electronic heater GALAN is not yet found in nature, the company is engaged in the production and sale of heating systems. In the future, we cannot exclude the appearance of our own Smart Home products for connecting to the controller described above.

Film Heaters

Man radiates heat in the range of 9 microns. Of course, a lonely person is not a competitor to electric heaters. If you take a large area of ​​foil, which predominantly reflects energy, heat it to 45 ºС and place it on the ceiling, having protected it with thermal insulation, heat will come from above. This is how the PLEN heater works. We mention that the appearance of this type of film devices became possible due to the presence on the market of a reflective type of thermal insulation like PENOFOL.

The ceiling is finished with foiled material, on top of which thermal electric film heaters PEHL are glued, consisting of strips of foil packed in polyethylene. The result is a design that generates heat and reflects the flow in the direction of the floor. Leaks from electric heaters are eliminated through the overlap, energy has nowhere to go, heat rushes down in the form of radiation. The method is effective from the point of view: the decorative design of the resulting structure

  • ;
  • applicability in preschool and child care.

Similar electric heaters are available for walls. Not paying excessive attention to insulation, so some of the energy is lost. However, the products are positioned as portable, not allowing the host to freeze and away. Electric heater on the wall Good warmth is decorated with artful painting, supplied with a plug, it is often difficult to distinguish the device from a uniform poster or calendar.

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