How to choose a dishwasher

Today we will walk on e-katalog. Not to advertise a resource, but to look at user preferences. Take the information for March 2014 and begin to analyze. Let's make a reservation that about 50% of the market belongs to Bosch, and opponents of German quality can go on to the next review - on the VashTehnik portal there is a lot of useful information. Without automated monitoring of water purity and detergent dosing, the equipment will not provide the required quality. Note that at the end of the procedure, a thin coating of chemicals from tablets or powder remains on the plates.

Rating manufacturers of dishwashers

Selecting a dishwasher company? Today, 45% of online visitors to the target segment are interested in Bosch.15% comes from Siemens. Phones have already outlived, and dishwashers in the price. The concern brings $ 400 million in profits and Bosch is one of the founders, we would not be surprised if the quality of the products of the two firms turns out to be similar, as well as the technical solutions. Apparently, they decided to reduce the number of stamps. There is also a reverse tactic: the reproduction of equivalent brands by individual manufacturers to disperse the buyer's attention.

Of course, the rating was not without Swedish Electrolux, which won 1/6 of demand. The company is famous for affordable and talented solutions in various areas of household appliances. Convectors are good AirGate, able to clean the air from dust and odors, from germs. These are unique properties of the equipment of the highest class.

For 2-3 percent, they took:

  1. BEKO.
  2. Samsung.
  3. Ariston.
  4. Hansa.
  5. DeLonghi.

It is not clear why there are no reliable and good-quality LGs that have produced useful commercials in support of South Korean technology, and the absence of Indesit is a giant firm, and less than two percent is surprised. The other graph accounted for 8%.Apparently, these companies were here. Either option - not all the equipment has been added to the catalog. But between the presented we can compare.

With the company decided - Bosch, the case for choosing the brand of dishwasher.


dishwasher brands Logically, Bosch SPV 69T70 for 24,000 rubles should not be close to the first place. Probably play the role of advertising moves. In general, in the country for people it is logical to choose a good dishwasher for thousands of 15. Just a conclusion follows, based on the income level of the population. But let's see what an expensive unit can do.

This is a quiet built-in countertop dishwasher with dimensions of 82x45x55 cm. A narrow model with full height. When embedding is on the floor of the kitchen. The noise level is 43 dB, and this is a record. Quiet equipment is difficult to find today. The advantage to choose a built-in dishwasher in a house with young children.

Condensation drying and 10 sets of dishes are not surprising, they are rather typical parameters for equipment of similar size and class. There are:

  • Protection against leakage AquaStop. There is a float valve in the sump that holds water. This is part of the protection, and the Yandex Market says that this model has a full set of options for eliminating water leaks. This means that the hose is equipped with a pair of electric valves that operate due to the pressure difference. In the event of a breakdown, the water supply will overlap at the intake manifold. What happens if the hose is completely chopped off - it remains to hope that the actuation of the valves happens in the absence of energy. This is an energy-intensive way, but correct. If you choose a Bosch dishwasher of this model, the flood will not happen.
  • The delayed start timer is 24 hours. Why is a long delayed start for the dishwasher, hard to say. Probably, it is assumed that the family is leaving for the weekend, and by the time of arrival he wants to see clean plates. A weak explanation, but nothing else just comes to mind.
  • The water purity sensor decides when to finish rinsing. Following the treatment of the plates with water powder, laundering begins. And lasts until the complete absence of mud in the water. As a result, the plates will become one hundred percent clean.

  • Dirty dishes will be washed much faster. This is an important option if there are a sufficient number of plates, but they are dirty. In this case, it is important to choose the dishwasher that supports the option.
  • Half load program. It means that it is allowed to put 5 sets of dishes inside, but the consumption of cleaning products will be less, saving water and electricity.
  • A delicate mode in which fragile products that are not suitable for an ordinary product are allowed to be placed in a tank. Pay attention to this quality, if the house is full of glasses and there is a question of choosing a built-in dishwasher.
  • Pre-rinse replaces soak. It is necessary that the dried mud softened. In the instructions for the dishwasher, it is recommended to soak up such kitchen utensils. Please note that the process takes a long time. That's when the timer comes in handy. It is worth adding that it is necessary if you do not collect dishes for a full load at once. By the way, the instructions of most dishwashers do not recommend storing dishes in the tank.
  • Indicators of the presence of salt and rinse help to understand whether it is time to add reagents to the tanks. This moment will become clear if we say that the salt is refueled into the floor of the working compartment, where the water is already located. It is extremely difficult to understand the onset of the moment of adding a substance. Pay attention to the specified time before choosing a dishwasher in the parameters.

  • It is possible to use 3 in 1 products. Salt and rinse indicators are no longer needed. Each 3 in 1 tablet already contains these substances that are consumed by the program. The top layer consists of salt and powder, and inside the rinse that is used last.
  • In this Bosch model, a special sound signal at the end of work, duplicated as a beam on the floor. This is a red dot on the door, visible day and night. The machine is so quiet that without a technical solution it would be unclear whether the work cycle has completed.

There is protection against children, but not a word is said on the dealers' website about interior lighting of the compartment for dishes. The machine is ideal for allergy sufferers and families with small children. Inside there is a quiet inverter motor, as in modern refrigerators. There is a special loading sensor in the compartment, thanks to which the amount of water is dosed. The beam is projected onto the floor at the end of the work and the time remaining until the end of the cycle. To prevent fragile dishes from getting a temperature shock, cold water before entering leaks through a special heat exchanger. It smoothes the damage of materials.

They brought this paragraph with a brief announcement of the technologies, so that the reader understood that the equipment for 25,000 rubles is endowed with truly unique properties. When choosing a dishwasher, not everything depends on the price. Information for the synthesis of conclusions led.

Valuable qualities

We do not know who placed the dishwasher for 25,000 rubles in the top, but it looks attractive. What are the qualities of buyers today?

  1. In the first place are the sensors of salt and rinse. Without them, the operation of the device turns into true penal servitude. Before choosing a dishwasher, pay attention to it.
  2. Above the first place is leak protection. The buyer in Russia does not want to pay for repairs to the neighbors below, paying attention to security when choosing a dishwasher.
  3. Next come the delayed start timer, the ability to use 3 in 1 tools, the sign of the end of work. Below are most of the qualities described above using the Bosch compact dishwasher as an example.

As for dimensions, narrow models dominate( 45 cm).When downloading up to 10 sets of larger residents of Russia and is not required. This will help choose the size of the dishwasher. As for energy consumption, more models fall on class A. Apparently, economical devices are not affordable for the Russian consumer yet.

Today they prefer full-fledged appliances with quick and intensive washing programs. I would like to note that in second and third place is Bosch and Electrolux technology. These are cheap models SPV 53M00 and ESL 4550. However, the difference is not significant, it is 2000 rubles. At first glance, it is difficult to notice the differences, but the models mentioned are noisier, 48 and 47 dB, respectively.

This rating probably refers to attractiveness, and does not describe the number of products sold in March 2014. The table looks too fantastic. It is curious that in the list of SPV 43M10 ahead of expensive models. Maybe it makes sense to look at the product, running at a price of 16,000 rubles.

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