How to check the dishwasher and find a breakdown

How do I check the dishwasher? Often the diagnostics are performed by the system itself, thanks to which a fault code is displayed on the display. Having deciphered the error, it is important to react to it correctly.

We will tell you what to do if the equipment suddenly stops. How quickly to find out the cause and fix the problem.

Content of the material:

  • 1How the system is checked
  • 2Malfunctions of dishwashers, ways of elimination
  • 3Repair by own hands
    • 3.1A heating element
    • 3.2Level sensor
    • 3.3Problems with draining the water
    • 3.4No water inlet
    • 3.5Problems with electronics

How the system is checked

In the operating instructions, you can find the value of the error codes for your dishwasher model. A check algorithm is built into the program module. As soon as the technology fails, the module identifies the problem and displays the icons on the screen. So the machine tells you where to look for the problem.

In the PMM without the display, the error is indicated by the blinking of the indicators on the panel.

In Bosch, Electrolux this system is well developed. Consider the most popular codes, their meaning and ways to troubleshoot.

Malfunctions of dishwashers, ways of elimination

The system of self-diagnostics is constantly being improved by the manufacturer. So, the technique "Bosch" has up to 200 different characters, but the most relevant are these codes:

  • Е1 - there is no water heating.
  • E2 - incorrect pressostat data.
  • E5 - water overflow in the system.
  • E6 - the system "Akvastop" out of order.
  • E9 - Heating heater is defective.
  • E15 - system clogging, protection against leaks.
  • E17 - there is no water intake.
  • E21, E24 - the drain pump does not work.
  • E27 - the voltage in the network is not enough for the normal operation of the equipment.

The dishwashers "Electrolux" without a display and with a screen often give out such errors:

  • The END lamp flashes once. The scoreboard is given i10. Do not pour water into the hopper.
  • END - 2 times, code i20 - no drain in the system; clogging.
  • END - 3 times, symbol i30 - "Aquastop" worked.
  • END - 6 times, error i60 - there is no water heating.

How to deal with the breakdown? Let's take a closer look at what to do when a particular error occurs.

Repair by own hands

Let's imagine typical problems and ways to solve them.

A heating element

If you see the icons E1, i60 on the display, the heater or its electrician has malfunctioned. Look, maybe you chose a cold cycle without heating. If in other programs washing is done in cold water, then the heater, wiring and temperature sensor are checked.

  • The flow-through heater is integrated in the design of the circulation pump.
  • Disconnect the machine from the mains and the communications.
  • Turn over to the back panel and open the access to the bottom.
  • Inspect the heater and the wires at the time of the fumes.

  • For electronics diagnostics, connect the test leads of the multimeter to the contacts.
  • Element operable at a resistance of 1500 ohms.
  • Inspect the thermal sensor.
  • In case of malfunction, parts are replaced.
  • To do this, disconnect the wire counters, unscrew the fastening screws.
  • Install the new part.

Level sensor

The problem is indicated by the code E2, i30. The reason can be not only in the failure of the pressure switch, but also in the violation of its contacts. As a result, the board does not receive a signal about the water level in the tank. The mechanical work of the pressure switch can be checked by blowing it into its tube. If clicks are heard, the device is OK.

The electronic component of the pressure switch is also measured by a multimeter.

The cause of the sensor failure can be hard water. Limestone plaque is deposited on its elements. So do not forget to add salt to the tank.What kind of salt for a dishwasher to choose, read in the article.

Problems with draining the water

The technics has given out mistakes Е21, Е24, i20? There were problems with the sink. The machine can stop in the middle of a cycle with water in the hopper. What to do:

  • Check the drain filter. Rinse it under the tap, do not clean it with a stiff brush. How to replace the filter, read here.

  • Clean the impeller of the pump. Remove the flap and check that there are no threads, hair or other debris on the impeller.
  • Inspect the drain pump, hose connection.

  • In extreme cases, blockage could occur in the sewer (with direct connection). Then the drain hose is removed, and the sewerage is cleaned with special means.

Cleaning the filter after each washing cycle, you can avoid problems with blockages.

No water inlet

Codes E15, E20indicate similar problems. This operation of "Aquastop" and clogging in the flood system. And in either case, the water does not enter the chamber.

Check the hose "Aquastop" immediately. Unscrew it from the body and look into the hole. If the valve is firmly pressed against the walls, then a leak has occurred and the protection has tripped.

If you have a mechanical protection, the hose "Aquastop" needs to be completely replaced.

If the protection did not work, then:

  • Turn the shut-off valve.
  • Check the presence of water in the system.
  • Inspect the intake hose for obstruction. Rinse under the tap.
  • Clean the filter mesh at the inlet to the valve.
  • It is clogged with scum, rust, small debris. Put it on time in a container of water and citric acid.
  • Carry out the diagnosis of the intake valve with a multimeter. To find out if the diaphragm is triggered, the operating voltage is applied to the valve.

  • The part changes simply: unscrew the screw and disconnect the wiring.

Problems with electronics

Absolutely all error codes can indicate a malfunction of the electronic module. All because the board manages the nodes in the system. For this purpose, triacs are placed on it, each of them is responsible for the operation of the pump, electric heater, and so on.

Why does the module fail? As a result of a short circuit, the condenser burns, followed by the "wiring the board itself or its individual parts. The ingress of moisture is also fraught with damage.

Repair the board only by a specialist. But you can see it yourself:

  • Disconnect the equipment from the network.
  • Open the camera door.
  • Unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the inside of the door.
  • Close the door and remove the outer panel.
  • Disconnect the black wire.
  • Take out the module and unfasten the wiring chips.

If burnt areas are visible on the surface, then contact the service center or call the master.

The control card is an expensive part. If your dishwasher has served for many years, then it is more profitable to purchase new equipment.

So you can check with your own hands the operability of the dishwasher, detect and fix the problem. Related videos will help you:

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