How to choose a heater

Start small, determine if you need a portable or stationary heater. In the first case, it is necessary to choose from oil, infrared or convection models, in the second case - embedded films, suspended radiators, stoves, and infrared tube heaters are used. The type of energy carrier is determined depending on the use of technology indoors or outdoors. There are exceptions in the form of gas fireplaces emitting combustion products on the streets. A subtle point is present in this case: if the combustion chamber is open, air is drawn from the room, due to which cooling is indirectly conducted through the gaps in the doors and windows. Let's talk how to choose the right heater, given the diversity of the model range and nuances. It is necessary to try on life situations.

Heater selection by

parameters In the middle of a cold winter, by 1 square meter.m accounts for 100 watts of power heating devices. Below this minimum it becomes uncomfortable. Consider the situation:

  • If the room is of considerable size, it is necessary either to speed up the process of heat transfer, or to apply redirection methods.

Apply infrared heater get ready with a reflector, convector, oil heater with a chimney effect, wind blower. Should consider the basic parameters. For safety, wind blower noticeably loses. In cheap models there is no protection at all. But the savings in price will please, warm and throw it is not a pity. Bork ceramic heaters operate according to the same scheme of blowing the helix with air flow, but do not burn oxygen, are provided with degrees of protection, look colorful( look like Sound around columns), are prohibitively expensive. For a decent office suitable option. Plus the ability to direct the flow in a specific direction. The rest of the room in this case will be relatively cold. This effect is obtained when installing a quartz lamp with a reflector. It is no longer the flow of air that acts, but a beam of rays. In this case, the turbulence covers from all sides, and the light acts with one. Oil heaters with a chimney effect work on heating the room as a whole. We'll have to wait until it gets warmer, more energy is spent. The chimney effect is achieved due to the special shape of the body, which contributes to the flow acceleration. Due to this, the process of heating the room is accelerated. The convector represents a similar model, but weighs less, is mounted on a wall( sell and mobile models), a steel plate is used as a heating element.

  • In a small room, there is no difference what to use, but quartz lamps are less preferable, since the light travels in a straight line. Whether the convector, the oil cooler, there is no difference.

The first are made in decorative cases, so as not to spoil the appearance. In a close trade stall, it is possible to install along with an oil radiator, we will recommend from the point of view of free space and fire safety when erecting a building to create a heater based on an infrared film. It does not act too fast, and the floor should be laid, since in winter the legs can freeze. The film consumes little energy, it is permissible to leave for the night, setting the temperature on the thermostat. So often do the owners of houses equipped with a network of infrared lamps. But there is a purely technical point: sometimes it is necessary to dry wet clothes. For this purpose, convectors are not suitable, but the oil radiator seems to be specially created. At the same time, it is necessary to seal the electrical connections to prevent an accident. The correct choice of heater must take into account power and be safe. Readers want to know what specifications the heater should produce.

We recommend that any owner of a stall find a program to calculate the power of the boiler, enter the parameters of the shop, and put the result into practice. How to choose a heater in terms of type, have already been told.

Film issue 60 watts per 1 square.m, which is clearly not enough for Russian winters, so it is logical to supplement the complex with a convector or an oil radiator. The formula turns out their total power.

Heating of rooms of various types

In order to heat piglets, calves and other livestock in the barn, an infrared heater is needed. Even a non-insulated barn is not a hindrance. The rays still reach the living creatures. The type of heaters is better to take quartz, they have a higher power flux density. But Peonies are not so bad, some models have a wide radiation pattern, due to which a single infrared heater covers a large area. At the same time, the power flux density naturally decreases. By the way, on the manufacturer’s website there are theoretical calculations on the height of the installation, the area covered, the power. There you will find recommendations and a short story about the principle of operation and technology of manufacturing devices. Infrared technology will help save energy, as they heat the manger and the stall, and not the whole square. The same applies to birds, rabbits, fur animals. Temperatures are selected for animals individually, and kept with a thermostat. Of course, the pet loses the opportunity to get to the heater, break or damage the equipment and start a fire.

  • The fireplace looks good in the living room, but it is unrealistic to install a heater in this style for an apartment building.

Gas is often used for heating, and combustion products are drained outside. It is problematic to do this in a high-rise building. Therefore, an infrared gas heater is no longer an option. Imitate fireplaces buy at will, but they give little heat, at a relatively high price. Among infrared devices we recommend focusing on mikatermicheskie. They shine in two directions, along the contours they resemble an oil heater, the temperature is relatively high. Heat is distributed in a straight line, although some of the energy is removed by convection.

  • For the bedroom are perfect convectors or infrared ceiling heaters. Both types produce no noise; in addition, quartz lamps emit light.

Sometimes children and adults do not like to sleep in complete darkness. From this point of view, the infrared heater will become a true salvation, but with the amendment: the constantly falling energy leads to overheating of the body. It is difficult to adjust the device correctly for quality work. Select a heater on the parameters more difficult. Many manuals and calculators have been written to calculate the total capacity of a gas boiler and the like, but there are almost no manuals indicating the optimal dosage for a sleeping person.

You can not simply multiply the area of ​​the bed by the heat input( obtained from the calculator per square meter of room).There is an addictive aspect of the body. At first, the infrared heater has a beneficial effect, further the intensity of the effect decreases. Infrared radiation has no contraindications for the duration of exposure, in contrast to ultraviolet radiation. From a number of considerations, we do not recommend taking an infrared ceiling heater with a power density of 60 W per square meter. This is the value given by the manufacturers of PLEN, who installed a similar device in kindergarten. Therefore, the specified alignment is the safest. We will make a reservation that this type of infrared heaters is not a tube. Rather, fit Peony Ceramic, and remember, the parameter depends on the distance to the bed. A simple geometry course will help to count.

Choosing a heater

It was shown that choosing the right heater for an apartment is not as easy as the dealers say. In a children's quartz heater is hardly a good thing, because the radiation flux density is too big. For the correct choice of heater for the problem, rest on safety.

In typical cottages it is not so warm, the appliance will not hurt more powerfully. But due to dacha features, equipment is often left unattended, which means protection is necessary in 100% of cases. These are temperature control, horizontal position, grounding, fuses. Part of the equipment is placed separately in the differential automatic protection, panel and other similar places.

Choosing the right heater for your home is extremely important. For example, an oil heater with a thermostat is completely safe, if not knocked over, if the tank does not break through. So, even forgotten, the device will not cause harm. In the case of a wind blower, this is important, because the type of device mentioned above easily burns through any materials. Once with a similar device melted plastic glass, although drying was required.

We do not recommend taking wind blowers without familiarizing yourself with the built-in degrees of protection. At a minimum must be present:

  • fall protection;
  • overheating protection;
  • protection against engine locking.

The more options, the more confident the owner feels outside the house. The owner requires confidence that the property will not suffer due to unforeseen tipping of the device.

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