What to buy a dishwasher

Choosing a dishwasher, you need to know the parameters: dimensions, programs, functions, specifications. What matters is not the brand, the brand, but the possibilities. Regarding breakdowns - the task of warranty service. Choose a dishwasher, so as not to have to go far to the master.

Dishwasher selection by dimensions

Built-in dishwashers are sold and freestanding. Devices do not differ in performance, loading. The matter is in the details. Standard sizes of dishwashers:

  1. Height:
    1. Freestanding, full-size - 85. .. 87 cm.
    2. Freestanding, compact - 45. .. 47 cm.
    3. Built-in under the tabletop - 81. .. 82 cm.
    4. Built-in compact - 45. .. 47 or 60 cm.
  2. .
    1. Standard - 60 cm.
    2. Narrow - 45 cm.
    3. Wide - 80 cm.
  3. Depth 45 - 60 cm.

The sizes are combined with each other, with a version in random order. Do not find only compact dishwashers 80 cm wide. Regarding the difference between built-in dishwashers and freestanding. Performance is the same. For example, for narrow models under the tabletop - 9-10 devices. For freestanding 45 cm wide, 87 cm high - is similar.

Functions are also no different. They sell built-in dishwashers with an open view of the front panel, there are no decorative hinged panels, there are no fastening brackets, adjustable legs. Remember: the built-in dishwasher is endowed with at least one sign of its class:

  • Adjustable legs are found only in models under the countertop. Three pieces( one at the back), the regulation elements are brought to the front panel in the area of ​​the base - inconspicuous screws. You will twist in one direction - the body will rise, in the other - it will be allowed. Three screws, one per leg. For standalone machines that are installed on the floor, adjustment is available, but the limits are less broad. In embedded difference in the minimum, the maximum height of the compartment is 6 cm.
  • There is a flap on the front part of the tabletop or higher horizontal partition wall section. Protects furniture from steam escaping through the door.

  • Some dishwashers have no beautiful smooth body walls. Instead, incomprehensible mechanisms sticking out, covered with a similar vapor barrier or heat insulation. Looks sloppy. Increases heat transfer, reduces the weight of the product. When the machine is embedded, the error from the side is not visible.
  • Built-in dishwashers are equipped with a hinged decorative panel: it is easier to install, carefully hang the decorating element. The control panel is placed on the upper end of the door, detergents are installed from the inside. To install the panel in the kit is a template, drawn on the installation instructions.
  • In the installation kit are optional metal brackets for fixing the case inside the compartment. Punched holes in the side bars covering the door. In some frames are attached - the front panel is lined with a fastening and decor element.

When choosing a dishwasher, consider the following sizes, installation options. On the installation instructions indicate the dimensions of the compartments, the length of the electric branches, hoses: see if you can easily install the equipment in place. Regarding the instructions: sometimes the manufacturer puts the documentation on the site, sometimes you have to call technical support or ask for the nearest forum. Before purchasing the product, you will need to carefully read the instructions.

Significant parameters of dishwashers

We give the parameters in the author's vision of the situation. The program of express washing is not important when choosing a dishwasher "Ariston", "Electrolux".Let's try to justify the point of view.

Options, functions and parameters take on paramount importance:

  • Set stiffness. Expensive equipment is engaged in measurements, records the desired value in the memory of the programmer. Cheap calls for the user to do the described manually. Apply a special test strip that comes in the kit, or specify the controversial point on the water-pressure station( Vodokanal).Measurements are periodically taken there: the hardness of drinking water does not exceed 7. Cheap models do not take into account the parameter: salt is randomly dosed - it is difficult to achieve an amazing result.

Please note: powder, unlike salt, is not dosed by the machine. It is recommended to apply according to the instructions, assessing the hardness of water, contamination of dishes, the amount. To buy a dishwasher cheaply means to put the burden of care on your shoulders. Massive copies are equipped with special sensors, are busy measuring the purity of water, some other parameters, dispensing powder consumption in automatic mode. Just fall asleep the tray to the maximum, then the electronics will cope on their own. Ask for models with load sensors, water purity.

  • In third place in the lead in solving difficulties - protection against leakage. To buy a small dishwasher does not mean to reduce the size of the flood. Water can flow from the water inlet hose or from the intake tank. On the floor there will be water - flowing in the water supply. The rate of spread of the flood depends on the capabilities of the equipment. If you take a model with partial leakage protection( only cases) - buy an aquastop separately. There are three types: powder, UDI, sensor.
  • In fourth place is the capacity of the compartment, the possibility of half load. For example, we want to buy an Electrolux dishwasher that can hold 10 sets. The equipment is able to cope with 5 smaller blood - an additional plus. The set contains 11 items, three plates in particular.10 sets for 2 people - enough for a week, dining at work. To ensure a full load, you need to have 30 plates, 20 cups, glasses, knives, forks, spoons. The cost of detergents is serious, breaking the rule. Choosing the volume of the compartment, correlate with homemade dishes.
  • Houses are full of wine glasses - you have to pay extra for the internal heat exchanger. Allows you to pre-heat the water for the second rinse: reduces the temperature shock resulting from glasses. A cheap dishwasher can beat a set in one cycle. Ask your advisor whether a delicate program is available for fragile dishes. Dishwasher "Kupersberg" provides such an option - expensive models. The services are also not cheap. Please note: the external pattern of paint( print) is washed off with equipment, no matter how good. It is better to wash the dishes with a seal without powder.
  • 3 in 1 products are popular. The advantage of tablets: choosing the right water from the tap, loading volume, dirty dishes, you can not worry. Even if the kitchen is cheap equipment. Buy a professional dishwasher or a simple, supported “3 in 1” products - you will have a chance to succeed. The option for pros who know the mechanism of the equipment, the factors of a good result. Due to the randomness factor, a novice can get lucky the first time.

Please note: not all brands provide quality. Many fakes, thanks to the possibility of assembly in China. But it does not mean that the equipment is certainly worse, uncompetitive.

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