The most efficient heater

It is believed that the word efficiency came from Latin and meant getting the specified result with the most productive use of resources. In this interpretation, the term is more like the efficiency of the heater. The editors are closer to the concept, implying the same goal attainment, but with minimal time and effort. If in the first case there was a net efficiency of the heater, the benefit was based on it, then people operate on the process of choosing from numerous paths of the quickest and shortest. From this point of view, the most effective heater - quickly and clearly coping with the task. Efficiency fades into the background, unless, of course, the goal is not to save.

Effective solution to the problems of heating with the help of heaters

Speaking plainly, the heater is used as auxiliary equipment. The main load falls on the boiler. Whether it is a heating station heating station or a portal in the basement - it does not matter. When building a residential house, a project is created. Special organizations with licenses comply with the requirements of the documentation, take into account the climate, soil, terrain, soil topology. Then a detailed floor plan is created. The type of insulator, thickness of walls, floors, other details are selected on the basis of price and quality. At the same time, the power is taken from the central heating system( heaters).When this comes from the temperature of the coolant, choose the type and number of radiators, their location. Summing up the power of the apartments, finally, determine the needs for heaters.

As a result, the requirements for the boiler emerge. If there are several houses, everyone contributes, and the central station must provide the tenants with the necessary. But there are accidents, failures, unscrupulous heads of management and service companies. As a result, the water is not the same temperature, and the reason is secondary. As a result, the power of the heaters given to the room falls, it becomes cold in the rooms.

Plastic bags are changed already at the entrance, not knowing that this will disrupt the functioning of the ventilation subsystem. It gets warmer in the rooms, but the air is stale and humid. The principles of ventilation with natural motivation were laid in our houses.

If you already put plastic bags, provide a hood, and not just try to count the heaters. Kitchen in this case is not suitable because of the location. Fans should be embedded in the gate grids. This causes difficulties in a similar plan with the neighbors. In the west, the concept is different. On the roofs are powerful exhaust fans, each takes on the riser. Considered similar systems of household heaters( HVAC).If we do the hood, it is better to throw off the entrance to a powerful fan, working on the entrance. Individual needs of tenants in this case are met by adjustable dampers in a separate apartment.

Pettiness is not allowed. In the west there are homeowners who independently determine the number of heaters and ventilation. And the warring neighbors may be left without ventilation. On the other hand, ventilation performs many other functions, including getting rid of excess moisture. Without this element, life would be hard. For such conditions and need a heater.

Where is the

convector heater used?
  • Convector heaters are an attractive feature that other wall heaters cannot boast. Many people think that heating radiators do not differ, and this is a mistake that stands a good kind of interior. Convector heaters have a plastic housing, and inside the heating element is made of steel. This provides one property that distinguishes this species. Air from convector heaters is taken from below( rarely from the bottom of the sidewalls, more often from the bottom), and is ejected over the top of the sidewalls. And this small difference leads to a great difference. Suppose we put a chest of drawers, but according to calculations it turns out that in this case the wall will freeze through. We put here a convector heater, the air flows slightly warm the area, the dew point will move out of the supporting structures. Consider another option: along the window there is a low canapé, you will not hang radiators. First, in them a large amount of heat escapes radiation, and secondly, the air is taken over the entire surface. If the last argument is not so important, then going forward has great significance. A lot of heat will give in the wrong direction. And now we hang a convector heater here. The operation of the equipment is not disturbed, the draft from the window of the sitting does not touch, the room is heated, the interior is not damaged, and there are simply no radiators. The only thing left a gap under the furniture for the fence of air masses. Other types of heaters will not work better than convectors.

  • On most convector heaters can not hang things, the more wet. Electrical contacts are easily achievable for water, however, this is not the main thing. The temperature sensor( if there is no external thermostat) is at the very bottom at the entrance. If the movement stops, there is no way to control the temperature. This will lead to the burning of the heating element, if not worth a special thermal fuse. Worse, if the thermostat is external, 100% failure of the convector is guaranteed, since the operation time does not depend on the state of the device. But take the oil heater, and the equipment will cope with the task. The price of the device is low, and the efficiency is equal to the efficiency of the spiral. Today's heating elements give a good result, yielding ceramic spirals. Dryness is compensated by evaporating moisture. Pay attention to an important point: the electronic unit of the oil heater has holes in the upper part that are necessary for the correct operation of the device and at the same time the ventilation of the electronic part. If water gets into it, it is possible to get a short circuit or breakdown on the case. We recommend to seal the joints, in order to avoid the danger of electric shock. The socket must be grounded. Without these measures, the device must be handled with care. By the way, the unit does not burn, there is usually a thermal fuse inside. This will save the tank from breaking, and the heating elements from burnout. It is appropriate to recall that oil is used, providing a low thermal expansion coefficient and a high boiling point.

  • Wind treatment will please( better than other types of heaters) in open space. No obstacle wind, snow, rain, frost. The device is protected from getting wet, short circuit and other excesses. Heat guns are used widely in construction and engineering. A similar device is appropriate in the garage, of course, there must be protection against fire and the formation of sparks. Unanimously, experts attribute the danger of fire to the shortcomings of the veteriguels. The thing blocking the passage of air instantly acquires unprecedented temperature. For the heater need tight control. Products differ in equipment: a number of models supply several degrees of protection, others represent the fan blowing on a spiral. In advanced models used metal heaters coated with ceramics, their name is appropriate. The efficiency of the helix is ​​high, the total efficiency of the device falls due to the presence of a fan. Heating is fast and reliable. This is the most efficient heater for open spaces. They sell wind blowers on diesel, but the equipment includes a fan that needs electricity.
  • Infrared heaters are ideal, where there is no need to heat the room. They have a pronounced directional effect, due to which it is possible to concentrate energy in the desired area. What are the most efficient heaters, if ten of one hundred square meters are in heat? It is clear that allowing to solve the problem. The advantage is that infrared heaters of the lamp type slightly dry the air. If water, oil radiators, convectors communicate energy to water vapor, here the process is indirect and not so intense. This is an important factor, if we recall that doctors believe that the cause of winter epidemics is not at all the frosty air, but the lack of moisture in school classes and work rooms. In terms of health, the most efficient electric infrared heater. Does not report the temperature of the air, and gives energy to objects. Due to this, moisture is mainly preserved. These are economical heaters, efficiency reaches 97%.
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