How to choose a heater

In Siberia, ceiling infrared heaters were used to heat the kindergarten. They have a small temperature, but the arch is covered at 100%, a significant heat radiation power is obtained. In this infrared heaters are: either the area is large or the temperature is higher. Similarly, the desired effect is achieved. In Peony, the surface rarely heats above 160 ºС.The temperature of ceiling film models rarely exceeds 45 ºС, but the coating is truly gigantic. Let's talk how to choose a heater, achieving heat in the house and safety for health.

. Types of heaters.

. Today there are two ways of heat transfer:

  1. Radiation.
  2. Convection.

The warm floor first transfers energy to the parquet, then comes clean convection. The coating itself is heated by conduction. So let's get started. Let's try to choose a heater to give and show that fresh technical solutions are useful.

Oil is good for rough operating conditions, but heavy and slow. Buying convectors, we focus on the location( attached to the walls), and mobile remind the above type of hulk, with reduced weight. Because infrared heaters rightly win a place in homes.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared Ceiling Heaters

The group includes numerous types of heaters, united by a common feature: heat is transmitted mainly due to infrared radiation. This is a series of waves, located just below the visible light. The simple rule:

The smaller the area of ​​the infrared emitter, the greater the temperature.

This follows from the SNiPs and simple logic. According to the norms the power of heaters is determined on the basis of the area( volume) of the room. Therefore, there is a certain value in watts, which tells you which one to choose a heater. The heating force of an infrared device depends on the temperature and area. Therefore, at the same time small parameters can not be. The higher the temperature of the heater, the more it radiates, in order to further improve the directivity, reflectors are used, mainly in models where the operating element is at a temperature above 500 ºС.

Do not think that a heated floor or a warm ceiling do without mechanisms to control the movement of energy. In both cases, the film is protected from the array of concrete, brick insulation, the device causes the heat to move in the right direction. A fine point is anticipated:

  • Radiation follows a radiation pattern with a main lobe perpendicular to the surface. Therefore, the Warm ceiling can be easily attributed to infrared heaters, and the Warm floor is considered convective and conductive.

Paul does not adjust for radiation. If the ceiling starts to warm up due to infrared radiation, it is rarely useful, at the top and so hot. And conduction and convection are welcome - it's nice to walk on the warm floor. On the contrary, ceiling emitters are supplied with special surfaces that optimize radiation, so that the maximum flux goes down, heating the tile. In features - the difference. If we already use ceiling heaters, we must ensure the maximum outflow of heat due to radiation. In the case of the floor is funny to do this way.

Ceiling film infrared heaters, if desired, everyone will do it himself. Moreover, the required configuration, with a reservation: it is necessary to ensure that the device is covered with the correct type of tile or wallpaper. Ideally, find a metal coated with radiating paint. Need a white color. Additionally, we will give a tip: check out on the manufacturer's website infrared lamp-type ceiling heaters, which surfaces are used there. It seems that steel anodized with ceramics will be the answer. Do not be afraid, just look for reasonable solutions. Two conditions will be required:

  1. Excellent contact of the film and the ceiling covering under it.
  2. High conductivity and emissivity of the coating.

The answer to the points is metal, covered with white paint. If you can find a ceramic coating of aluminum or steel, great. At the same time it is important that the tile seemed easy, did not fall on the head. It concerns the nursery and the bedroom. Choose a heater for the apartment that is not harmful.

It is quite possible to create an infrared lamp-type device. In the electric kettle under the button there is a bimetallic plate with a response temperature of 95 ºС.

If there is an old household appliance, adjust the sensitive element to your needs, find steel from an old washing machine, covered with powder paint, bring heater to it, finally power the control contact of the relay through the sensor( bimetallic plate), recreate the shape of a fluorescent lamp with radiatingsurfaces and ready! Factory models have a pleasant appearance, thermal insulation( which is not always a plus), guaranteed quality. Fall protection is not so important: the power cord will break, there will be no fire.

Make an infrared film heater easier than ever. A resistive cable and a self-regulating one are suitable here. Which one is better depends on the situation. The ceiling is covered with Penofol, the reflective side up( if the option of one-sided foiling).To cover in any available way and layout is attached cable. Power depends on the density of laying. It is better to focus on the room immediately. Read the full power of the SNiPs, the site has repeatedly made similar calculations with comments in the heater section. Do not listen to TV shows to resolve the issue. Find a serious source. There are many websites offering to calculate online by setting a couple of simple parameters. If in doubt, take stock by 15%.

An additional advantage of self-made models: we can customize dimensions and consumption as needed. If brute force, lower the cable. Heats badly - add. Just do not need to lay the tile immediately, first week of the test will give the product. It will have to do, of course, in the winter. Another method was invented: measure the temperature in different corners of the ceiling with a remote thermometer. Satisfies means the parameters are selected correctly.

wall-mounted infrared heaters application aspects. The technical characteristics of infrared heaters will elegantly solve the snag. Every builder is aware that the corners of the building are a problem place where the temperature is lower than on the other part of the wall. This causes increased requirements for the dew point( or freezing) to be moved beyond the bearing structures. It is recommended to even install radiators in the corners, but the lack of demand for people and the complexity of the configuration makes installation difficult. The trouble turns into a holiday, if you hang in the corners of the infrared panels of the desired area and power. They resemble carpets and warm, and in two directions.

The beauty of the device in the possibility of self-made preparation of the carpet, but carefully consider safety. It's one thing to choose an infrared heater in the store, another is to design. A current is flowing through the cable( or there is potential).Mechanical damage is fraught with danger. We believe that the problem is solved more simply by the inclusion of a differential protection device in the electric carpet circuit. The specified device is placed in all vital points, will save residents 100% of the danger.

Now about the type of cable. Resistive bad need to combine with a thermostat or a timer to obtain the desired temperature. This is not always good and convenient. Self-regulating is more expensive, but self-tuning, in addition, the product is eternal. If a break occurs, it will heat up the cable to break. Choose an oil heater or infrared, decide for yourself, it is not too difficult to stick a cable to the carpet, or fix it to building brackets. They showed that in cool situations the panels will be a profitable solution, in the summer they will decorate the room.

There is a nuance. When placed in the corners it is necessary to block the lower sections of the wall. Heat alone will not go in this direction. From this point of view, it is possible to supply with a cable even furniture from the back side. If you are afraid that you will break up, cover the board with Penofol of any modification. In tests, a person wraps a hand with similar insulation, and she keeps the burner temperature for a while. Penofol cable will cope with it. The correct choice of power is solved by a self-regulating cable: in the calculation programs, the internal temperature of the wall is set to determine the freezing point.

We hope that we gave useful information on how to choose a heater.

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