Small washing machines

Today, the small dimensions of washing machines are understood exclusively as depth, which is strange. The new trend is to install the device under the sink in the bathroom. This immediately allows you to use the problem area properly. The dimensions of a washing machine of normal size are 85x60x60, where the first parameter is height, but these products are no longer on sale, narrow models are popular among people. Moreover, narrowness means depth, not width. The demand for babies is not surprising.

We measure the doorway in a standard apartment. The width is 60 cm, try to squeeze the equipment with a depth and width of 60 cm( periodically you have to remove the door from the hinges).Small-sized washing machines do not give troubles to the owners, they are the subject of today's conversation.

What kind of car today is considered small-sized

The small dimensions of washing machines allow you to conveniently place equipment in the house. Not the last role is played by the transportation factor. Today we are talking about machines machines. Baby, infrasound devices remain behind the scenes. Automatic washing machines are available with two types of loading, frontal and vertical. Let's start the review in the proposed order.

Casting aside the Russian Fay, we summarize: today, washing machines with reduced parameters are in demand:

  1. Height.
  2. Depth.

In the first case, the installation is provided under the sink, in the second - in any convenient place. Why it is impossible to install typical washing machines 85 cm high under the sink is understandable. The sink is too high, children will suffer. With regard to the difficulties of the collision of the knees and the front panel of the washing machine, it is permissible to move the sink forward a little, to erect a small cabinet for brushes on the place formed near the wall. There is a mirror on the door, everyone is happy.

Let's talk how installation is carried out. Knee to drain the water is unlikely to miss the new lodger in their possession. We'll have to buy a flexible corrugated( or other suitable) hose to connect to the sewer. Then installation of the small-sized washing machine of the automatic machine in usual style is carried out. We'll have to buy an adapter for the mixer or a separate pipe from the riser. In practice, done in both ways.

As for the shallow depth, this is not bad, although the linen is placed inside less, the popularity of narrow washing machines is growing every day. Confirm with words, we will give the simplest classification:

  • Washing machines of normal size are models with a depth of 55 to 60 cm.
  • From narrow and small to 45 cm are normal small washing machines.
  • Everything below is super-heavy.

Consider that this classification is often violated by sellers of washing machines, better pay attention to the quantitative characteristic of the depth. In the installation of superazky machines do not differ from ordinary. If the first models allowed to load only 3 - 3.5 kg of linen, the current ones with a wide window significantly extend the previous restriction.

Vertical loading washing machines can not be installed under the sink, but it is easy to shove into a corner. A hatch opening on top and controls located nearby provide an opportunity to place the unit on the side of the sink. The width of a typical automatic machine with a vertical load is 40 cm.

Models of small-sized washing machines under the sink

The automatic washing machine under the sink shows a reduced height. Most of the models presented Candy, allocate a small proportion of advertising brand. Aquamatic AQ 2D 1140 allows you to load 4 kg of laundry inside, but it’s better to focus on the special Kg Detector sensor. The option is relevant exclusively for cotton and synthetics. Already at the first pouring of water, according to some data, the sensor will determine the mass of the loaded laundry. The user will be required to specify the type of things loaded into the drum and the degree of contamination.

The A + energy consumption class is not considered to be the top of market offers, but remember, we have a model that is cut down in size. In addition to the height of 70 cm, the width( 51 cm) and depth( about 46 cm) are reduced. This is a narrow baby under the sink, capable of washing 4 kg at a time. Remember, the above resulted standards for super-class equipment? But there it was about normal height and width. Washing class - A, spin class C. Experts do not recommend paying attention to the last parameter. The machine spends 32 liters of water for washing; you cannot call it a waste( considering that the water is cold).

Additionally, it is possible to save due to the foaming control function. The option is available in the dishwasher and in the washing machine. If too much powder is added, foam arises. The remedy is added gradually, and the sensors monitor the presence of an overdose of the remedy. The washing parameters depend on the amount of laundry put into the small-sized washing machine. It’s not a fact that 4 kg of things rinse inside. Even the amount of water in the model is dosed depending on the load.

Washing machine Candy machine of the considered brand supports the additional load of linen. Candy added three leaks to her brainchild and provided a delayed start timer. The latter option will not save on nightly energy, as they do in Western countries, but it is allowed to start washing at about half past five in order for the spin mode to wake up the family.

The maximum spin speed at 1,100 revolutions per minute is a bit too much. Experts recommend a value of 400 for wool and silk, 800 to 1000 for other fabrics. The exception is durable linen, terry robes and towels. In the presence of small children in the house, boldly take the model. There is a special lock from accidental pressing. The price of 17,000 rubles can not be called low, but sufficient for the qualities promised in return.

Estimate the ratio of the cost and the proposed options in practice. The first is a full load sensor. Every member of the family just throws dirty things inside. When the drum is full, start washing. Cope and the child. The door closes, the program starts by pressing one button. Detergents pour in advance, the maximum possible, small-sized washing machine machine will take the right amount. The same applies to the consumption of water, extra gram is not spent.

The full operation for a plugged-in machine looks like this:

  1. Slam the door until it clicks, the machine won't turn on without cotton.
  2. Open the supply valve.
  3. Select a program( discuss with family members in advance).
  4. The start button begins execution.

The timer is slightly more difficult to program, but in the evening there are adults in the house, it will control the course of actions. And let the neighbor boast that he has a washer-dryer, but the family is happy, and the children feel a little attached to the adult world, which is important for the younger generation.

As a result, the

Size Reduction allows you to select the appropriate option. Smart options will allow anyone to gather the fruits of scientific progress and turn washing into children's entertainment. By the way, among the activator machines there are also automata, such models are popular in South America and several other countries. The difference in using one water for several washes and saving detergents. In terms of complexity, a washing machine with an extraction tank will not yield a single inch to front-loaded models.

The automatic washing machine is not cheap, the prices start from 7,500 rubles for a narrow model without frills. For example, Beko WKN 61011 M has an energy class of A + and indicators similar to the mentioned Candy. Inside is placed 6 kg of linen. The specified small-sized washing machine will not fit under the sink, it will not be possible to connect the family to the laundry, but it is quite possible to get clean and semi-dry things at the outlet.

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