Best robot vacuum cleaner for the pool: the top 10 models of the nuances of selection +

Care for a private swimming pool, equipped in a private home ownership or a suburban area, rather complicated and laborious.

This work can greatly facilitate robotic pool cleaner. Plunging into the water, it will clean the walls of the bowl and filter fluid from the mud.

The content of the article:

  • Especially underwater robots
    • What is the "submarine"?
    • Key benefits of robotics
  • Criteria for selection of underwater robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Top 10 best models on the market
    • Location # 1 - iRobot Mirra 530
    • Location # 2 - Vortex OV3400 / Vortex 3
    • Place # 3 - Dolphin Supreme M3
    • Place # 4 - Dolphin Dana 2
    • Location # 5 - AquaTron Bravo
    • Place # 6 - Hayward SharkVac
    • Place # 7 - Zodiac Zodiac RT3200
    • Place # 8 - Zodiac CyclonX RC 4360
    • Place # 9 - Aquatron Ultramax
    • Location # 10 - Dolphin Dana 100
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Especially underwater robots

To maintain the purity of the pool in the summer, it is necessary to drain water regularly and cleaned every centimeter of the surface by hand. But intelligent machines capable of get rid of such employment. Let's understand the intricacies of automated washers pools.

What is the "submarine"?

Underwater robots do not need to be connected to a stationary cleaning system, which is usually located near the pool. They built a separate filtering mechanism.

Good traction is provided by a pump, which pumps the liquid working according to the principles of creating vortex water flows.

Together with the water inside the housing debris particles fall. Further, they are delayed filter receives a special drive (bag or cartridge), and the purified fluid is returned into the bowl basin.

safety measures in the operation of the robot

At a time when the smart vacuum cleaner suggests purity, is directly in the reservoir cup to go to the swimming pool is strictly forbidden. This should warn all members of the family. limit measure does not concern only the wireless devices

Cord, motor, electronics and other items of equipment fitted with a high degree of protection from moisture. Opening arrangements and field compounds further isolate.

To begin cleaning, simply immerse the device in the body of water, connect the cable to the power supply and start the movement of the corresponding button.

Moving over the surfaces, the robot begins to collect dirt occurring in the path and to filter water simultaneously.

Hard rotating brushes and rollers, located at the bottom, have a special shape. During harvest they get even the most difficult places.

If necessary, you can intervene in the operation of the machine and control it with the remote control included in the basic equipment on most models.

The selection of suitable routes and setting the exact parameters are programmable thanks to a clever module containing a number of pre-prescribed algorithms.

To adjust to the individual circumstances to help the different operating modes specified by the manufacturer. Optimal program is selected depending on the type of surface contamination levels, the structural specificity of the bowl.

Overcoming obstacles the robot cleaner

Interference and other factors existing fixed sensor system. In case of accidental collision with an obstacle the robot determines its species quickly analyze the situation and then choose the future direction

The device works on the battery, almost without making any noise at the same time. To the walls of the bowl it is sucked by a powerful water stream which is continuously passed through the filters.

Procedure care equipment usually does not cause difficulties. After completion of the cleaning process must be emptied and rinsed the filter tanks under the tap.

Key benefits of robotics

Smart vacuum cleaners do an excellent job with cleaning surfaces made of ceramic tiles, mosaics, plastic and concrete.

Compared with manual and semi-automatic equipment modifications for the ponds treatment, robotic equipment is much more positive qualities:

  • minimum user intervention painstaking maintenance of an artificial pond;
  • high performance;
  • possibility of servicing large areas;
  • complete cleaning of all types of waste - accumulated on the walls of slime, sand, black flies, mold, fungus, leaves, stubborn stains, algae;
  • thought-out security system;
  • programming periodicity and purification method;
  • Lengthy continuous operation at proper use.

Devices independently removed dirt from the waterline area, the walls bottom of the pool, as well as qualitatively purified water for just a few hours.

Advantages of pool robots

Due to a vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence eliminates the need for frequent emptying and fluid replacement, prolonging the serviceable life of the stationary filter system

Robotic submarine without problems at depth, "stick" to the walls, overcome stage. No device with manual control type can not cope with cleaning along with them.

Criteria for selection of underwater robotic vacuum cleaners

On the market there are many models of autonomous cleaners for home and commercial pools. Their value is determined by the brand, technical indicators, performance and basic configuration.

Choosing robotic cleaner, you should carefully study the characteristics of the specific model. It is important to take into account the shape and size of the reservoir cup, comparing them with the functionality of a vacuum cleaner.

The price of units in this category is quite high. In order not to waste their time and money, it is worth paying attention to every little detail:

  1. The length of the power cord. The longer the wire, the more work will master the device. Ideally, the length should exceed the parameters of the bowl.
  2. Performance. Her figure will depend on the duration of harvesting, consumption of energy.
  3. Types of filter elements. Their quality and the recommended replacement interval affects the overall cost of service.
  4. additional tips. Such details will improve cleaning quality relief zones.
  5. Adaptations which facilitate the transport device. Most of the robots is characterized impressive weight. Trolley or wheels, included in the kit will help to effortlessly transfer the equipment to the work site.

Moreover, it is desirable to make available a standard remote control, or the possibility of its further acquisition.

Running robot cleaner

To increase the area served by the recommended technique for installing the perimeter of the center. So the robot will be able to turn away the right and left side of the bowl, moving in each direction over a distance that is identical to the length of the wire

The remote control is needed especially if the vacuum cleaner is purchased for large pools. It is easily adjusted through the settings and modes.

Top 10 best models on the market

Considering the different underwater vacuum cleaners, it is better to give preference to reliable manufacturers having many positive assessments of this kind of technology buyers.

According to the latest rankings, the same segment leaders are iRobot, Zodiac, AquaTron, Dolphin and several other companies.

robots produced by them differ in efficiency, ergonomics and durability. In the top ten were the following models.

Location # 1 - iRobot Mirra 530

Vacuum cleaners for swimming pools from the flagship company of robotic technology costs about 90 thousand rubles.

It is designed for small domestic and commercial water bodies. The package includes the console.

IRobot vacuum cleaner brand and easy to move on vertical and horizontal planes. Him the power of even a very slippery surface. For example, ceramic or vinyl. For high-quality clutch meet PVA-wheel drive.

Features of the model:

  • Power - 180 W;
  • the length of the floating wire - 18 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 180 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 20 cu. m .;
  • device dimensions - 35h40,6h30,8;
  • Equipment weight - 9 kg.

The robot performs tasks autonomously, without the need for additional control and management.

Before you begin the cleaning cycle, he studies the basin geometry, calculates the amount of work and the plan of the upcoming process, focusing on the current circumstances.

With its powerful suction force it collects not only the overall particle debris, but small size of about 2 microns.

Active motorized brushes PVC clean dirt, accumulated on the bottom, walls and stairs. Each area of ​​land treated vacuuming 3-4 times. Built-in pump pump up to 265 liters of liquid per minute.

Location # 2 - Vortex OV3400 / Vortex 3

One of the most successful developments Zodiac manufacturer, endowed with innovative technology solutions available to Russian consumers at prices from 140 thousand rubles.

This vacuum cleaner operates with cups of different shapes and any liner, which covers an area up to 70 m2.

Mutual arrangement of motors and the specific design of the filter box in the apparatus contribute to high power filter which is not reduced at the final stage of the working cycle.

Characteristics of the unit:

  • Power - 150 W;
  • sealing wire length - 18 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 90 minutes (bottom), 150 minutes (+ bottom wall);
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 16 cu. m .;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) - 43h48h27;
  • weight - 19 kg.

In the robot uses several algorithms for treatment: With moving forward on the bottom of the bowl, the spiral along the walls, or just along the waterline. The special tread pattern four wheels makes the unit more maneuverable and stable.

Since the porosity of the set of the filter element is 100 microns, the device does not pass even the smallest pollen. Wide suction port easily accepts large debris.

Place # 3 - Dolphin Supreme M3

The robot cleaner of the brand Dolphin, designed for use for private pools economy, sold at a price of 82 thousand rubles. Basically, it is used on areas with beads up to 10 meters.

Advanced scanning program optimizes the cleaning process is performed. Supreme M3 model economize on electricity and are very easy to maintain.


  • Power - 150 W;
  • moisture resistant wire length - 18 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 180 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 16 cu. m .;
  • device dimensions - 27h48h43;
  • weight - 8.5 kg.

In the vacuum cleaner, a system that prevents cable tangling during transport. Filling the dumpster reported an additional indicator.

Three rubber rapidly rotating brush actively collect garbage from the bottom, covered with mosaic, composite, PVC film and other types of cladding. The two-level filtering technology allows fine quality vacuum cleaner to clean the areas with any degree of contamination.

Place # 4 - Dolphin Dana 2

The average market value of a premium model with a memorable striking design and compact form - about 84 thousand rubles.

With the development of modern Israeli manufacturer of easy to keep clean bowls waters up to 12 meters long with lining made of PVC film.

Hoover easily passes steps and swings, well kept on the wall. Powerful rubber brush effectively treated corners and joints. When finished, the vacuum cleaner is automatically switched off.

Features Dolphin Dana 2:

  • Power - 150 W;
  • moisture resistant wire length - 18 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 180 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 16 cu. m .;
  • device dimensions - 40h42h28;
  • Equipment weight - 10 kg.

Before you begin, the robot scans the area with the help of a self-learning program by choosing the optimal path. Comfortable handle-float in the upper part of the structure constantly monitors the position of the equipment throughout the cycle.

Volumetric fine filter bag type delay allergenic small specks, mud, large debris.

Regular use Dolphin Dana 2 prevents the growth of different species of bacteria and algae in the bowl basin, reduces the need for cleaning chemicals.

Location # 5 - AquaTron Bravo

Reliable and efficient underwater robot American brand can be purchased at a price of 83 thousand rubles. Experts advise to choose for its outdoor artificial ponds up to 15 meters. The package included remote.

Rubberized caterpillars and soft rotating brush densified structure PVC adhere well to the surface. Climbing the vertical plane, high vacuum grips and an upper water line.

The main features of the model:

  • Power - 120 W;
  • the length of the floating wire - 18 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 90-180 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 17 cu. m .;
  • device dimensions - 38h44h27;
  • Equipment weight - 7.5 kg.

AquaTron Bravo can handle bowl with mosaic trim, tiles, glass fiber reinforced plastic. The paper uses smart AquaSmart technology that dirt can be qualitatively collect, without missing one centimeter square.

Built surpasses pump fluid through the filter at a speed of 284 liters per minute. In this filter element cells retain particles of sizes up to 2 microns. Cleaning is performed in two modes - a standard and superochistka.

Place # 6 - Hayward SharkVac

Tough and durable robot American company sold at a price of 65 thousand rubles. They cleaned the small domestic swimming pools up to 12 m.

Also, it is suitable for areas with a complex configuration. For example, with overflow transitions high steps or projecting edges.

Pleated filter SharkVac pattern made of cellulose retains mote size up to 5 microns. Access to it is opened by pressing a button.

Features Hayward SharkVac:

  • Power - 120 W;
  • the length of the floating wire - 15 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 120-180 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 17 cu. m .;
  • device dimensions - 45h40h28;
  • Equipment weight - 10 kg.

The robot performs excellent acceleration and complete cleaning of water with any level of salt balance. The built-in device microprocessor which processes received information and get directions.

Bottom, bevels, sloping surface waterline zone fully purified rubber tracks with brushes.

Place # 7 - Zodiac Zodiac RT3200

The average cost of a simple, yet functional model of the robot from the Zodiac, which cleans the artificial ponds to the length of the board to 15 meters - 78 thousand rubles.

Robot movements are controlled by an intelligent program that does not allow him to skip the corners, joints and other parts of the area. cup lining material for the device does not matter plate PVC brush clean the surface of the mosaic tiles, PVC.

Features Zodiac RT3200 TornaX PRO:

  • Power - 100 W;
  • the length of the floating wires - 16.5 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - to 150 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 10 cu. m .;
  • Sizes - 30h30h37;
  • unit weight - 10 kg.

To choose a vacuum cleaner offers the user to one of the modes - Perfect or Turbo, designed for faster and more thorough cleaning of floor, wall, the top line.

In the middle of the filter element Zodiac RT3200 TornaX PRO creates a powerful vortex flows. They increase the strength of the suction and prevent clogging of the filter.

Place # 8 - Zodiac CyclonX RC 4360

Cost-effective model cleaner French manufacturer is from 80 thousand rubles. Zodiac CyclonX RC 4360 is suitable for all forms of pools with sides of length 12 m, can be overcome steps and other minor obstacles.

Specifications Model:

  • Power - 150 W;
  • the length of the floating wire - 15 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 90-180 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 16 cu. m .;
  • dimensions - 41h42h28;
  • weight - 9 kg.

Robot cleans the walls and bottom of the bowl by means of rollers, to restrain firmly on the surface due to mechanical and gear transmission.

Treat interference handle joints, corners and orient it in the space helps navigation system consisting of a plurality of sensors.

The built-in device hard block filter that is easy to wash after each cycle. One hundred percent clean it from accumulated dirt promotes the most effective delivery of the next harvest.

Suction device remains high until the end of harvest. Regular use of its guaranteed reduces the likelihood of algae overgrowth in water and reduces chemical consumption.

When the Zodiac CyclonX moves on the bowl pool, overcoming stairs, climb the walls, cleaning them from flying dirt.

Place # 9 - Aquatron Ultramax

Underwater robot designed for cleaning large public swimming pools, including an Olympic-type, can be bought at the price of 415 000 rubles. Included is a wireless remote control.

Aquatron Ultramax operates in six modes on all surfaces. Information on the status of the cartridge and the ongoing process is displayed on the LCD display, built-in power supply.

Characteristics of this machine:

  • Power - 230 W;
  • the length of the floating wire - 36 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 210-300 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 37 cu. m .;
  • dimensions - 77h42h33;
  • weight - 20.4 kg.

This professional cleaner cleans the bowl quickly to 50 meters in length, helping to minimize the duration of the technical breaks in the pool.

It produces many hours of thorough cleaning and allows you to configure the schedule start timer.

Its 2-micron porous filter in combination with rotating brushes and two powerful electric motors provide the best performance.

The sensor system automatically determines the size and shape of the bowl, recognizes the obstacles and adjust routes.

Location # 10 - Dolphin Dana 100

Professional modification robotic cleaner Dolphin with increased power and improved performance is worth 245 thousand rubles.

The main purpose of the model - cleaning volume of commercial and public swimming pools up to 25 meters in length. The structure features include remote control.


  • Power - 150 W;
  • the length of the floating wire - 30 m;
  • the duration of the cleaning cycle - 240/360/480 minutes;
  • the volume of water filtered per hour - 17 cu. m .;
  • Sizes - 40h42h28;
  • Equipment weight - 12 kg.

This vacuum cleaner has a very high performance. The intelligent system, which plans to efficient routes, provides a thorough treatment of the entire area.

original brush CB-Combi and WB-Super ideal for cleaning all facing materials, and ultra-filter does not miss out any one gathered piece of garbage.

twin engine, which improves maneuverability under water applied to the robot. Movable pivots prevent tangling of the cable.

With the wireless remote you can specify different settings and cleaning program: Check the frequency on the walls, the cycle time and so on.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

robotic pool cleaners work on the principles of how:

Device robots for underwater cleaning, the order of work to care for them in the following video:

Acquisition of intelligent automated assistant - the right solution for owners of private and public swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. The robot will take care of all the maintenance of cleanliness, thus saving a lot of personal time and energy to the user.

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