Convector heater or oil

The modern oil heater lacks a small air filter. A heating device that simultaneously cleans the air sounds amazing. There is not enough humidifier built into a number of models of convectors. The exorbitant weight of the oil heater is called a minus, forgetting about the shortcomings of convectors. They are hung on the wall, the summer, they will be covered with dust in front of their home; in the fall, the first few days will have to breathe dust. How many filters you put, dust will find its way. Convector heater or oil, which one to choose.

What do Timberk

convector heaters attract? I visited the site of the Timberk company, which supplies heating equipment with air ionizers. Since the end of the two thousandth, the convectors have added functionality. A number of models are equipped with built-in humidifiers as a separate option. Let us see how appropriate a constructive addition. Novelties in the market immediately attract attention, perhaps oil heaters are a thing of the past. If you continue to live, the buyer will be informed which family of household appliances to prefer.

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Home appliances emit positive ions that are harmful to health. Reduced immunity, unreasonable fatigue, headaches, confusion - the consequences of the content of positive ions in the atmosphere of a large city, many times higher than normal. Resort places, on the contrary, contain an excess of useful particles - negative. Therefore, the human body is so delightfully toned at sea. Negative particles are filled with air of high mountains, where long-livers live.

The positive effect of negative ions has been scientifically proven, and special devices are being developed that produce useful particles. These are included in the design of convectors. The result is that air heating is accompanied by normalization of the microclimate and compensation for the harmful effects of the rest of the equipment. It is believed that negative ions neutralize carbon monoxide and odors, which is important in homes with Russian stoves.

A similar situation with humidity. Home appliances in the apartment lowers the humidity of the air, which is harmful to health. For the summer of the middle zone, the fact is not topical, but in winter, especially in a dry climate, the task takes the first place. School flu epidemics are due precisely to the poor climatic conditions of the room. Climatic parameters when a person feels fine:

  1. Temperature 20 ºС.
  2. Humidity 40 - 60%.

It is noteworthy that mold growth has been blocked( if you fear that the wall will grow from a humidifier fungus).However, take into account the nuance: if the ionizer, operating continuously, is beneficial, the work of the humidifier requires strict control. At 70% increases the likelihood of mold growth, the indicator is not very suitable for the human body.

Control moisture with special devices - hygrometers, independent performance or as part of the functionality of other equipment.

What does Timberk convector heaters lack?

Do not consider an abundance of information on additional features of Timberk heaters as advertising. Convectors of this company are different from others, they are to some extent universal, and deserve close attention. From the line of heaters Air Gate company Electrolux distinguishes one detail.(Both companies are Swedish, that is, new technologies for the development and production of convectors come from this side).

What makes Air Gate different? A cascade air purifying filter is installed inside the convector of this range. Ionizer or source of ultraviolet radiation is missing. The air filter cascade performs three actions:

  1. Removes dust from the flowing stream.
  2. Eliminates odors.
  3. Kills microbes.

Two companies to produce a product that combines these functions, plus air moistening and saturation with negative ions, is unrealistic. Each company uses its own practices for convector heaters, but it is impossible to agree.

Oil heaters Timberk

Timberk is the only company that has set itself the goal of creating oil heaters that are not ashamed to put in the living room. New models are equipped with:

  • forced fan blowing;
  • air ionizer;
  • humidifier.

Technical tricks accelerate heating, complement the functions described above. Add that oil heaters Timberk equipped with a fireplace effect. They are difficult to burn or cause another injury. The cost is acceptable - in the range of 2,200 rubles.

Convector or oil heater?

Obviously, there is no difference when applied to Timberk products. The final choice depends on particular factors:

  1. Accommodation is equipped with central heating radiators - the design of convector heaters does not match the style. Choose an oil heater.
  2. Small room, not equipped with heating devices - choose convectors or Timberk infrared lamps. The latter are not equipped with ionizers and humidifiers, but the air is not dried.

If the Timberk range contains a heater-convector on wheels, choose a less expensive product. Most likely, you get an oil cooler. Probably for this reason, Timberk does not produce convectors on wheels.

For frequent crossings, when the heater is transported, choose a light convector.

A few words about automatic heating. The new control center convectors Nobo Orion 700( it is understood that convectors are a recognized solution for independent heating) exhaust the question. Oil heaters do not have sufficient fire safety to use the equipment in fully automatic mode.

Find models that automatically turn on when the outdoor temperature drops below 5 ° C.They do not need a thermostat to combine with the Antiled function. To connect to the complex Smart Home and integration with other equipment, an intermediary will be needed. When it comes to heating the house, convectors are preferable.

What is the chimney effect

The chimney effect is manifested due to a special plastic case that hides the oil radiator. On the bottom and top of the sides there are rows of slots. The result is a chimney effect due to two factors:

  1. The difference in air pressure between the floor and the top of the heater.
  2. Hot air rises, heating up with an electric element of an intricate configuration.

That is, we have an analogy with a fireplace device. Oil heaters with a chimney effect are little different from convectors. The inlets are located on the sidewall, the thickness is bigger. Ordinary man in the street will not distinguish the convector type heaters on the wheels from the oil with a chimney effect.

Design tricks aimed at improving efficiency. The movement of air flow becomes more intense, therefore, heating occurs faster. Timberk added a fan to enhance the heating function. And there is no need to pay for a separate ionizer.

How the

convector is arranged The operation of the oil heater is understandable, the principle of operation of the convector is rather vague. In fact, the device contains a heating element, not at all like a spiral. The task of the product is the effective transfer of heat to the passing air, and not the emission of infrared energy. Therefore, the temperature of the heating element is reduced, it does not burn air, like a wind blower spiral, incl.ceramic type.

Efficient heat transfer is achieved due to non-standard X-shaped design of the heating element: two planes intersecting at an acute angle( X in section) with vertical grooves that increase the area of ​​heat transfer from the device.

Special coating protects the heating element from dust( for the best models).Fans inside the convectors are not installed, but a new technical step can be expected from Timberk. Forced airflow significantly accelerates heat transfer.

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