Disadvantages and benefits of an infrared heater

Modern home appliances and electronics stores offer a variety of appliances to make a person's life comfortable and free. With the onset of cold weather, people are trying to warm their homes, get comfortable and warm clothes.

Frequent interruptions in heating in apartments cause a lot of difficulties and make you think about buying a heater. The disadvantages and advantages of an infrared heater or other heating device you need to know to correctly select the appropriate device.

In the article we will try to consider the innovative device IR-heater more carefully.

Infrared Heaters

An infrared heater is a device that produces heat using infrared radiation. Radiated energy is absorbed by the surfaces of objects near the heater. The surfaces heat up and release heat into the air. If you compare with convection heating, the method is more economically advantageous: the heat comes instantly, you just have to turn on the device. It is advisable to use an infrared heater for a country house, where warming up the air takes a fair amount of time.

How the infrared heater

is arranged The main element of the heater is the radiator. The unit emits infrared rays when heated. To keep the heating directional, the device is also equipped with a compact reflector that reflects the rays and prevents the heater body from overheating.

Divided infrared heaters are divided into:

  • longwave;
  • shortwave;
  • mid-wave.

Additionally classified as:

  • diesel;
  • electrical;
  • gas.

According to the nature of the basing, the heaters distinguish between stationary and mobile. If interested, a comparison of infrared heaters and instrument characteristics will be found on the Yandex Market among the listed reviews and model parameters.

Infrared heaters are graded on the type of fuel used - electric or gas. Both species are at times beneficial to humanity. Gas warms hunters, electricity - builders.

Let's try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the device.

Advantages of

The advantages of an infrared heater - the ability to save electricity. With the help of infrared rays, the surrounding surface of the heater quickly heats up and radiates heat into space, thanks to the phenomenon it provides a comfortable temperature for people in the room. Infrared heaters:

  • Do not dry the air.
  • Do not burn oxygen.
  • Do not burn insects and dust, there is no unpleasant smell.
  • During operation, do not emit water vapor and combustion products.
  • Able to normalize humidity in a room.
  • Do not circulate dust and drafts.

An additional undoubted advantage of the heater is considered instant heating. He does not need as other heaters time to heat, then to give out heat. The units are reliable and easy to install.

The described heaters are suitable for summer cottages and country cottages, which we attribute to advantages. In addition, the devices prevent the appearance of mold, damp walls, prevent condensation and dust circulation. Products are absolutely safe for people and animals.

Disadvantages of

Disadvantages of infrared radiation are also observed, although the advantages are greater and the pros are weighty. If we are interested in such a heater, it is mandatory to inform that the devices have partial drawbacks. So, the main disadvantage of an infrared heater is considered a high price. Devices are often fake, so buying a heating device, do not forget to ask the seller for a certificate.

As with all electrical appliances, the infrared heater occasionally fails, carefully check the equipment in the store for defects that could cause the device to fail. Protect the device from shocks and falls.

If you decide to buy an infrared heater

Radiant heating of the unit is considered natural, natural, infrared radiation is similar to the effects on solar heat. Infrared radiation is often used in medicine for the prevention of disease. Using an infrared heater will not cause a headache, the cause of which may be stuffy due to overheated air, which is observed at times when using convector heaters. Sometimes you want to open the window to let in fresh air.

How to choose the right infrared heater

Wall-mounted electric infrared heaters differ in the range of radiation, the most common are medium-wave heaters. Such heaters are made:

  1. quartz;
  2. carbon;
  3. halogen.

The parameters of these types of heaters are identical and can heat up to 700 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to install the reflector away from people. In addition, it is desirable that the axis of propagation of radiation rotates, the flow is distributed evenly.

Heaters operating in the long-wavelength range

Infrared heating devices of this type have only recently appeared on the market, are rapidly gaining popularity. The heaters use a profiled plate of anodized aluminum, equipped with a low-temperature heater. The plate is heated to 300 degrees, the device is considered to be as safe as possible and not burning out oxygen. This type of heater is recommended to be used only in rooms.

Now you can independently determine the type of infrared heater that meets the requirements. If a room with little heat loss, give preference in favor of a heater operating in the long-wavelength range. For cool large rooms, a radiator operating in the mid-wave range is better suited.

There is no better heater, for each room it is advisable to select a heater individually. The first needs a heater for the room, the second wants to install on the open area for comfort, even sitting outside in the cool season. To call the best one type is impossible - always take into account the nuances. Remember that the use of infrared heaters is diverse.

How to care for an infrared heater

A heater likes constant voltage, without jumps. If in the region of residence quite often voltage drops are observed, it is better to buy a voltage stabilizer. Infrared heater will have to periodically wipe with a soft cloth, removing dust. This should be done carefully when the device is turned off. Also follow the basic safety rules:

  1. Do not dry clothes with the device.
  2. Protect against ingress of water.
  3. Avoid mechanical damage.

Following simple rules, prolong the service life of an infrared heater for a long time, the device will work flawlessly.

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