How to prepare potatoes for planting in the spring

Planting potatoes is not an easy process. To get a high yield of potatoes you need to follow certain instructions for care and preparation.


  • Features potato preparation for planting in open ground
    • Preparation of planting material in Siberia
    • Seed potatoes
    • Neproroschennye tubers
    • selection
    • Why procedure
    • How to start training
  • Methods
    • Sprouting
    • wilting
    • Warming
    • Etching
    • Seedlings

Features potato preparation forplanting in open ground

Before spring planting in open ground, it is necessary to select the tubers and carry out a number of obligatoryprocedures.

Planting material is recommended to be well processed. Sprouting should begin only after the exact date of the landing. The planting material is sorted and sorted either in the spring or in the autumn .

Healthy root vegetables should be selected. On the bush should not be pests, and the roots should contain a lot of tubers. Do not leave spoiled seeds for reproduction.

Another rule when packing seeds is , the larger the size of the planted tuber, the faster the plant develops. Thanks to this crop can be obtained earlier and in larger quantities.

Tubers for planting is better to choose weighing from 50 to 100 grams

Better to choose tubers weighing 100 grams or more .Well planted potatoes weighing from 50 grams and more. Fruits weighing lower is better not to use.

Next, you need to prepare the tubers for germination. If there is no certainty that the planting material has no diseases and is not infected, then a pickling procedure can be carried out. Is carried out dressing only with seeds that did not take root.

Preparation of planting material in Siberia

In Siberia, the best time to land: the end of spring - the beginning of summer .The soil should already be warm. Harvest should be at the very beginning of autumn. Before planting the soil must be mulched.

Tubers should be prepared from autumn. To do this, the tubers must be selected, washed in a solution of potassium permanganate, dried and put in storage. It is recommended to get planting material for 30 days, and germinate in any way in a cool room before the appearance of green shoots.

For 30 days planting in Siberia, tubers must be germinated to green sprouts.

. Seed potatoes

. To prepare seed potatoes, the following steps must be taken:

  • warming up;
  • germination in the light;
  • packaging of substandard seeds.
For normal growth of potatoes, it is necessary that the seeds are well warmed.

Otherwise, they will slowly grow in the ground and produce a weak crop. If maternal seeds are stored for a long time in the soil, they become infected with diseases and attack by pests.

Before planting, the seeds must be heated well.


tubers potatoes should be stored in the basement in plastic containers. Before planting a couple of days should get and sort out the fruit. Choose a sprouting medium-sized potato, then it will be easier for it to grow in the soil.

A sprouted potato will grow, but more slowly and produce a weaker crop. To help the potato when planting, you need to cook and plant it in warm soil.

Selection of

No matter where the seeds were purchased, should be rechecked for quality before planting. There should be no rotten or cracked tubers. The surface of the fetus should be clean, without infection of diseases, without dents, growths, cracks.

Any flaw on the potato may indicate contamination with its pest. For example, the presence of cracks in the tubers can speak about the disease - dry rot.

. Why is the

procedure necessary?

Harvest depends on the quality of tubers and storage conditions in the winter. If there is a breakage of tubers, it will lead to a decrease in the yield of by 20% .

Weakened tubers also significantly reduce yields. Unselected planting material can lead to infection of the entire crop.

How to begin the preparation of

It is very important for to comply with the storage conditions of the planting material. Store tubers should be in the basement at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius.

Begin preparing the tubers for planting from the bulkhead, packing them into: small, medium and large. Small up to 50 grams, medium to 70 grams, large to 90 grams.

For planting early potatoes it is better to use large tubers. If the potato has an uneven shape - this is the first sign of the degeneration of the vegetable. Such copies are better not to use. The best material for planting - selection, purchased in specialized stores.

Before proceeding to planting, must be decontaminated with tubers for half an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate and vitriol in a proportion of 5 liters of water, 5 grams of potassium permanganate and 1 gram of copper kuparosa.

Tubers are disinfected using a solution of potassium permanganate

. Methods

There are many ways to prepare potatoes for planting. These methods include.


Sprouting can be done in several ways:

  1. In the light of .It is carried out in a bright room at t 5-10 degrees. It is necessary to select medium-sized tubers up to 90 g, spread out in one layer next to each other and leave for a month until the sprout is 1 cm long. Every seven days, the potatoes need to be gently turned.
  2. In polyethylene .You need to put the tubers in packages of 10 pieces and make a lot of small holes for the passage of oxygen. Packages are recommended to be hung out in the lit room, but not under direct sunshine. Keep until the first shoots.
  3. Potted .You can take ceramic dishes or plastic bottles of large sizes, after cutting off the top of the container. In pots germinated potatoes of early ripe varieties. Sprouting begins a month before planting. Pre-potatoes should be kept in wet sawdust or humus for about a week. Then put them in pots, having laid out to the bottom the humus mixed with the soil.
  4. In boxes with dressings. Heat the seeds in the oven or oven to neutralize them from pests. Fertilize minerals and organic matter, laying it on the bottom of the boxes. Tubers lay out several layers and slightly moisten with water. Leave until sprouting in the room at a temperature of +15 degrees.


fertilizer Potatoes are recommended to be squirted. You need to spread it on a dry floor in a suitable room( in one layer).The procedure lasts ten days. With the help of wilting, you can ventilate the roots and calculate poor quality.

Warming up

Four weeks before planting, you need to transfer the seeds to a warm room with an temperature up to 20 degrees and leave them there for about a week. Then it is necessary to transfer them again to in the illuminated room, where the temperature is not more than 10 degrees .

Seeds should always be hydrated. To do this, it is recommended to spray the tubers carefully with a spray with water. In this state, the seeds are before the planting period.

Etching To avoid tuber infection with , it needs to be pickled. To do this, you can use the solutions that are sold in specialized stores.

You can also carry out the procedure at home with the help of potassium permanganate. To do this, dilute the solution of potassium permanganate with water, add the copper sulfate and dip the potatoes in the solution for 1 minute. After the procedure, you need to give the seeds aired.

Treatment of tubers with Prestige


Before planting potatoes, a number of procedures must be carried out:

  • advance to dig up the soil to a depth of 15-20 cm to eliminate pests;
  • to treat the soil with special solutions for the prevention of from late blight ;
  • to enrich the soil with minerals and organic matter;
  • one year before the planned planting of potatoes, plant siderates on the site.

Preparation of tubers for planting should be carried out strictly according to the instructions. Planting potatoes is not easy and painstaking, but the main thing is to get an award in the form of a rich and useful harvest. I wish you success!

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