Septic "Bioxy": a full review, reviews, advantages and disadvantages

Clean forest air, clear river water and mesmerizing nature involve city residents in the cottages. For a comfortable stay in the cottages and small houses away from the big cities is required to provide the benefits of civilization - electricity, heating and waste water.

And one of the solutions for the arrangement of the cleaning system for autonomous sewer can become septic Bioxy. He is able to satisfy the needs of a small family and a cottage village. We'll show you how to choose the most appropriate model of this brand and how to properly install.

The content of the article:

  • The principle of operation and the device
    • Apparatus sewage installations
    • How does the equipment "Bioxy"?
    • Rules of installation services
  • Lineup LOS "Bioxy"
  • A comparison of the pros and cons
    • Strong positive moments
    • Reasonable flaws and defects
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The principle of operation and the device

Among the many options for the collection and wastewater treatment equipment Bioxy stands out.

This sewage plant processing waste liquid of living processes prior to disposal. Dirty waste water by

sewer pipe, Is cleaned and converted to the purified, disinfected and clarified water odorless.

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Appearance septic Bioxy

Septic brand Bioxy represented a technological sewage station, producing a deep cleaning waste masses

Models for cottages and country houses

Manufacturer septic Bioxy offers a comprehensive range of water treatment systems, suitable for arranging autonomous sewer cottages or country house

Treatment plants high volume

Among the selling points of the company, there are options for maintenance of sewerage systems of small hotels and roadside cafes

The modular assembly principle structures

Modularity compound septic Bioxy housings allows to arrange for local treatment plant or part thereof village

Apparatus sewer system

Processed in the treatment plant effluents are dirt advanced treatment and recycled into the underlying layers

Golf filtering dirt aftertreatment effluents

Cleaned, decontaminated, and the clarified water in septic tanks disposed in the ground through a field filter, filtering or absorption trench wells

Operation at sub-zero temperatures

If you hold the insulation body and insulate the septic tank sewer pipeline cleaning system can be used all year round. Equipment and bio content from spoiling protects insulated cover

Possibility of proximity with respect to home

Reliability polymeric housing without allowing leakage and the absence of smell allows positioning unit next to the foundation or boundary portion

Appearance septic Bioxy

Appearance septic Bioxy

Models for cottages and country houses

Models for cottages and country houses

Treatment plants high volume

Treatment plants high volume

The modular assembly principle structures

The modular assembly principle structures

Apparatus sewer system

Apparatus sewer system

Golf filtering dirt aftertreatment effluents

Golf filtering dirt aftertreatment effluents

Operation at sub-zero temperatures

Operation at sub-zero temperatures

Possibility of proximity with respect to home

Possibility of proximity with respect to home

Apparatus sewage installations

Treatment equipment Bioxy able to solve the problem of wastewater for 50 years or more. And it is enough of it once purchased and installed in their area. You also need to periodically perform inspections and conduct maintenance activities.

This sewage installation is volatile. For its operation requires electricity in a volume of 20 watts per day per user. If the equipment is designed for family care of 7 people, the daily requirement is 7 * 20 = 140 watts.

Options septic tank models

Variants of the model depends on the number of permanently resident family members. Also, Bioxy able to withstand periodic arrival of the guests

The housing is made of polypropylene septic highest quality, some individual components may be of stainless steel. The lid is insulated and equipped with a hole for mounting a mushroom intake.

mushroom intake

The mushroom is put on the air intake pipe, provided in the lid. It provides a constant flow of air required for the life of aerobic

Inside the equipment there are several departments:

  • Control block;
  • receptacle;
  • sludge stabilization chamber;
  • aeration reactor;
  • secondary sedimentation department.

The control unit is focused basic equipment ensuring the smooth functioning of the treatment plant. It is afraid of water, so the manufacturer has provided optimal protection for each of the elements of this department. The only thing that is important to provide a user - to provide protection against flooding water outside.

The lid further insulated Bioxy

Cover Bioxy additionally insulated - it allows you to use the equipment in the cold season

To ensure effective cleaning of sewage in the sewer installation are airlifts, compressorPumps, aerators, air valves, filters and nozzles for adding or withdrawing fluid.

Inside an equipment compartment

Internal compartment to accommodate hardware septic isolated from falling inside the liquid. But multiple excess volumes of wastewater it possible flooding

How does the equipment "Bioxy"?

The basis for effective cleaning of septic sewage Bioxy processes are biological treatment, which involves aerobic and anaerobic bacteriaAnd oxidation. Waste water into the container, pass through several stages of cleaning.

They are pumped from one tank to another, wherein simultaneously undergo several mechanical and biochemical processes, whereby the output of the pipeline flows at 98%, and the purified disinfected water.

Water discharged from the septic tank is safe

Water discharged from the septic tank is safe for use on the local area for watering plants and cleaning

installation work consists of two phases:

  • cleaning;
  • recycling.

The first phase is used directly for cleaning of incoming sewage. The second - for removal of excess activated sludge.

This phase is triggered when the amount of fluid in the receiving tank reaches the minimum level. In the second phase airlifts pumped fluid from the aeration tank back to the receiving chamber. To excess amount of active sludge move into a receiving tank.

The principle of operation of a septic tank Bioxy

Active yl installation Bioxy solid waste oxidizes and turns them into water and carbon dioxide

At the optimum load of equipment sinks phase alternating 5 times a day. This provides a good concentration of the activated sludge, which qualitatively fulfill its function of splitting of all organic waste.

Due to the fact that in equipment Bioxy actively working aerobic bacteria, no odor septic tank does not emit. It is important to connect it, providing fresh air supply and output aerobic waste products.

Oxygen saturation

The constant supply of fresh air for aeration ensures normal process

Regarding relief of purified water, then it can be dissipated to the relief, disposed through the filtration field merge into a storage pit or select another convenient option. Water is harmless, it does not cause damage to the environment.

If you plan to discharge into the open water, you can buy the station with the index "p". It provides an increased level of purification of nitrogen, phosphorus and other minerals that are useful for irrigation. And for the reservoir - not so, since the high nitrogen and phosphorus content of water bloom and causes increased formation of algae.

Water output is cleared by 98%

Discharge of treated wastewater into the nearby pond is not illegal. After purified water outlet 98 at%

Rules of installation services

Bioxy not only convenient to use, but do not take unnecessary problems with the service. The only thing that is required to do on a regular basis - to conduct visual inspections. During such checks need to look at, is it normal operating setting. Regular weekly monitoring of treated water will enable to notice malfunctions, if something happens.

At the output, during normal operation of the plant must be transparent water without unpleasant odors. If the opposite is true, you should determine the cause and repair it on their own, or to attract professionals.

Wherein the first time after the commissioning of the equipment, he will go into operation. At this time, an increase in activated sludge will occur.

While accumulating the required amount, which is about 2-4 weeks, the station is not able to fully perform their functions. Therefore it is important from the early days of its optimum load to the formation of a sufficient amount of activated sludge was likely.

Addition of activated sludge from the similar installation

To reduce the commissioning time can be added the activated sludge from a similar installation. Sometimes he can not settle down and have to wait about a month before your forms at the bottom of the container

In addition to visual inspection, 1 every 6 months will have to perform the following manipulations:

  • purifying filter major impurities;
  • catch surface not degradable waste - polyethylene, gaskets, etc .;
  • wash airlift;
  • removing sludge from the stabilizer;
  • clean the filter and the wall blower secondary clarifier.

It is important before all procedures, disconnect the two switches the station and wait for 20 minutes to sludge settled at the bottom. Then, using a drain pump to remove completely all of the stabilizer yl and fill it with pure water to the overflow level.

Rinse and clean airlifts convenient to carry out a high-pressure apparatus. Water power shower washes away any dirt with a septic tank parts. In the absence of such a machine can use soft brush for cleaning the surfaces of sludge residues.

Winter use Bioxy

As for winter use Bioxy, no additional manipulation by the user for its conservation is not required

It will also have to periodically perform the following work:

  • once in 2 years have to change the membrane blowers;
  • once in 5 years clean the aeration tank and the receiving tank of the mineralized sludge;
  • once in 10 years to carry out the replacement perforated stocking aeration elements.

To remove the mineralized sludge used electric. you can carry out all these procedures on their own or with the assistance of specialists.

Pumping active sludge

Activated sludge may be pumped under fruit trees or in a compost pit. It is harmless and is an excellent organic fertilizer

Lineup LOS "Bioxy"

Local sewer Bioxy stations have a very wide range. Moreover, the commercially available solutions can be found, intended for recycling waste volume from 0.6 to 3 m3.

This corresponds to the daily maintenance of 15 people. It is this amount is the most popular. It is also possible to buy a model with a daily volume of waste 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 m3.

If necessary, set the structure, capable to clear drains a small cottage village with a population of 500-70 man, you can order custom design manufacturer. the most convenient and economical solution to be developed to address this issue.

septic size depends on the volume of

septic size depends on the volume. The more residents in the cottage, the larger size will be equipment

All positions lineup contain the name of the figure, which corresponds to the volume of waste received or the number of customers served. For example, Bioxy-0,6 - 0,6 for m3 liquid Bioxy-3 - 3 m3 , Bioxy-5 long - elongated model structure for receiving wastewater from a family of 5 persons.

And the installation is able to cope with the volume of more than twice this rate - 1 m3. The main thing that it was a temporary phenomenon. When guests come to the family event and did not linger.

The model name can also be found a letter designation:

  • s / t - removal gravity flow of the water;
  • "L" or "Long" - it is a model with an elongated body;
  • "SL" or "SL" - options for maximum dimensional format.

In addition to the appearance of different modifications to cope with the possibility of volley drain, for example, received from the bath drain, washing machine and dishwasher at the same time. Model "s / t" with such a load can not cope.

Bioxy for cottage settlement

A local sewer Bioxy station may be set for an entire street sewage treatment or just a small village

A comparison of the pros and cons

Sewer installation, marketed under the trademark "Bioxy" proved in the market of local pollution control equipment in the best way. They are reliable and accurately perform their duties. Due to the improvement of the septic tank, and flexible policy management of the company, increasing the number of truckers stop on it.

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Green hatches in a country landscape

Neck septic tank and absorption wells are in the green tonalities, merging with the color of fresh grass

Concise design septic tank

The components of the sewage system are not clearly visible against the background of green countryside, they do not need in any way to disguise

Mini decorating composition hatch

If desired, the presence of sewage installations can be hidden under the sculpture or miniature interesting decorative composition

Garden flowers for decoration

Since vacuum trucks for the service will cause infrequent, then around the septic tank can be divided into a small flower garden or flowerbed with colorful plants

Green hatches in a country landscape

Green hatches in a country landscape

Concise design septic tank

Concise design septic tank

Mini decorating composition hatch

Mini decorating composition hatch

Garden flowers for decoration

Garden flowers for decoration

Strong positive moments

As evidenced by the responses of consumers, everyone is happy with their septic tanks. The main thing that has to pick the right model and the installation process was carried out correctly. Otherwise, no one is immune from trouble.

Installation can be done on their own

Installation can be done on their own, involving, neighbor, or friend as an assistant. Special equipment is not required

The main advantages of the station:

  • complete treatment;
  • simple operation;
  • easy waste disposal;
  • minimum weight;
  • quick installation;
  • long-term use;
  • minimum power consumption;
  • requires no additional water purification systems;
  • minimum noise;
  • quality and lightweight plastic;
  • solid construction;
  • the use of safety.
  • a wide range.

A complete cleaning of sewage occurs inside the septic tank. External interference in the operation and control of the owner is not required. Wherein the plant provides water purity is 98%. Also this liquid does not contain harmful impurities.

The manufacturer has provided for easy maintenance procedures as much as possible simple design that does not require special attention to their work. All maintenance procedures can fulfill the user. You do not need any special knowledge, tools and instruments.

installation of a septic tank

Many of the pipeline during installation of a septic tank is not required - it gives the output process water

The very process of service and frequency of those or other works - all described in detail in the instruction manual. If there is no time or desire to mess with cleaning, washing or pumping sludge can cause specialists. The very same sludge disposal is simple - pour into a compost pit or fertilize trees and shrubs.

Weight minimum septic tank - it all depends on the scope thereof. So how in the design are no metal or other elements, the heavier structure is nothing. In some models, you can meet the individual components are made of stainless steel. But they are so small, that it is not in a position to significantly affect the weight of the equipment.

Small size and light weight make it possible to make the installation of their own. The main difficulty - to dig a pit size. Further, all work on the premise container into the excavation, filling with sand, leveling and filling level of the water to prevent undue pressure on the walls.

Compliance with the rules during the installation

It is important for self-installation to comply with all the rules in order to avoid negative consequences

Also, due to features of the material, the container is not subjected to corrosion. Polypropylene is a durable, lightweight. He has no problems will last more than half a century. The housing is made qualitatively - all welds made at the highest level, and does not pass water from the outside. Liquid can only flow along the sewer pipe.

Electricity consumption of the installation minimum - about 20 watts per day per person. The model, designed for 5 users costs 2 compressor 60 watts each. As for the noise, it is minimal. At a distance of 1 m blower noise, which is under the insulated lid, it is 37 dB.

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Geological conditions for installation Bioxy

Sewage Bioxy station can be installed in any type of ground, regardless of its composition and state

Scheme dirt with additional purification

Geological conditions and plot size affect only the selection circuit ground afterpurification

Kit for the field of filtration

If within the country domains have enough free space for the construction of horizontal aftertreatment system, arrange the filter box

Connection filtering wells

If the site is small, for purification of constructing a filter, also known as the absorption well. Between both bottoms aftertreatment conditional options and mirror ground water must be rock formation capacity of at least 1 m

Geological conditions for installation Bioxy

Geological conditions for installation Bioxy

Scheme dirt with additional purification

Scheme dirt with additional purification

Kit for the field of filtration

Kit for the field of filtration

Connection filtering wells

Connection filtering wells

Septic performing cleaning removes dirt and harmful substances recycles 98%. The water has no color, no smell - it is absolutely safe. Arrange filtration fields or to install additional treatment facilities do not have - you can immediately watered lawns, flowers and seedlings.

A large number of solutions for any number of users. In this case, it is possible to create an individual project under the order. All issues are discussed, and the customer gets exactly such an option as it is needed. Conveniently, you can immediately pick up and configuration by specifying the types of filters for decontamination.

Construction of a storage well

Depending on the location of the septic tank and the type of soil may need improvement incremental pump well from which water will be pumped on (+)

Reasonable flaws and defects

The installation of sewer Bioxy possible to identify some negative aspects that have become visible after using it in cottages. Firstly, it is possible to properly install. If the owner never had the experience of Installation of such septic tanks and not familiar with professional recommendations, errors are possible.

In this case, you may receive an unpleasant odor or no wastewater treatment will take place. After handyman can not always connect the piping and carry out sealing, leading to malfunction.

Secondly, dependence on electricity. For many cottagers this parameter is mandatory. But the problem can be solved by using batteries or power generators. Besides Bioxy can withstand without electrical 8:00, which does not interfere with its normal operation. Aerobic for a time remain.

Compressors «Hiblow»

Compressors used in Bioxy Japanese. «Hiblow» are more reliable

Thirdly, the need to dispense wastewater containing chemical substances. This washing, dishwasher and abrasives used for cleaning toilets. It is advisable to divide these operations for a few days a week. If all throw down the drain in one day, then aerobic may die. We have to wait for the emergence of new, and it is 3-4 weeks.

Fourth, the need to carry out maintenance. When compared to the centralized sewerage, where residents do not have to do with cleaning, there have, though occasionally, but to engage in service.

Fifthly, it is important to comply with the optimal amount of waste to ensure proper operation. Thus, excessive or insufficient delivery of inadequate amounts of fluid gives the cycle. Dangerous part of the overflow. It may damage the system.

Replacing the septic tank

If all of a sudden increase in the number of tenants, it is better to replace the septic model of large volume or connect another

If you plan to seasonal operation of the septic tank, read the rules conservation treatment plantGiven in our recommended paper.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video # 1: A detailed and clear video on the maintenance of a septic tank:

Video # 2: Overview of operating resources Bioxy equipment parts:

Video # 3: The video of the treatment plant for the autonomous sewer Bioxy:

Video # 4: A detailed analysis of the technical features of the local purification equipment Bioxy:

Video # 5: Presentation of the new model of the WWTP:

Having reviewed the positive and negative sides of a septic tank, you can decide whether this option is suitable for a particular villa or cottage. Moreover, this option is very advantageous, given the possibility of the treatment plant and its price.

It is also very convenient that this equipment does not require frequent maintenance and the purchase of expensive bacteria. All aerobic located in the bioreactor, and multiply themselves through work flow of clean air.

Please write comments in block form located below. Share your experience in the installation and operation of a septic tank in the suburban area. Perhaps you have information that could be helpful to visitors, or pictures of the article?

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