How to make a heater

We do not recommend making a heater on fuel. Will require remarkable knowledge in the field of handling of fire. Yes, a typical heat gun is effective, but in the absence of confidence that the blower-blown injector will not ignite another surrounding object, it is better to take a barrel, drill several holes and make strictly according to GOST.We understand how to make a heater and do no harm. Well, and combustion products is a separate issue. Fuel contains a lot of impurities, most of them are harmful to humans both in pure form and in oxidized form. Let's talk about the independent creation of the heater.

Homemade heater

Features of a homemade heater

Find on the portal VashTehnik the topic of making a heater for vegetables and root crops in the cellar. Enthusiasts offered to make a graphite film of the material at hand( having painted it with a simple pencil) and due to the resistivity of carbon, passing the current, get heat. The resistance in this case is large due to the thin coating. Do graphite and rods on the collector engines and other useful things( including the cores of old batteries).But it is necessary to paint a paper sheet, as a stunning effect. This is not the only effective method of film application.

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On YouTube, you will see the creation of a lighter from foil and any battery, even a discharged one and with an expired date. The aluminum film is cut so as to form a thin bridge between two relatively large contact pads. As a result, a current begins to flow through the conductor. Not in vain do wires are made of aviation metal. But the current in a series circuit is constant, which leads to a change in density. Moreover, wide areas are endowed with small resistance, and narrow - large. On the jumper and allocated the lion's share of heat. And the area is small. As a result, the power density is amazing: this device will easily light the paper.

Do not forget to control the power. With a resistance of 27 ohms on the homemade heater stand out 2 kW.And this is a considerable load for the shield. The authors showed the importance of correct miscalculation of thermal conditions.

After all, following the piece of paper, the foil also melts in a narrow place. For example, if you cut the nichrome spiral from the electric heater in half and plug it into an outlet, the power will be 4 kW, the specific value will increase 4 times. This mode will lead to wire burning in the atmosphere of the Earth. Now the audience understands why the bulb is filled with a neutral gas.

As for the film, the same laws apply to resistance.27 ohms. The running meter has zero resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to cut into narrow strips, and then stick it on a sheet, for example, drywall. The work is long and painstaking, but the heater will come out cheap. Please note copper wire is not so expensive, even power. This unit rubles per square meter. A resistive cable sold from 40 rubles per square meter, although within 1 lived.

The point is in the material. The resistivity of the resistive cable is higher, and from it you will assemble a heating system, for example, floors. Or thaw the porch, gutters. There are increased requirements for insulation:

  1. Mechanical strength.
  2. Temperature Resistance.
  3. Water Resistance.

The principle of the warm floor

From this cable will collect a warm floor or ceiling, with sufficient knowledge. Let's say more, these constructions function according to a similar principle, but they use just the same film conductors( foil, colored material - see above).But walking on the floor, the product must hold the load. Easier to make the surface in the form of a film. It uses resistive material. We want to convey to readers that the films are expensive because of the difficult foil replacement. The same applies to resistive and self-regulating cable. The rest of the warm floor - it's just a film.

What to make the heater

Standard GOST 12766.2 regulates the foil strips of alloys with high resistance. Found among others and nichrome. Four meters of tape 2 cm wide and 0.2 mm thick have a resistance of about 1.25 ohms. If the length of the room is this, lining on a sheet of heat-resistant high-density polyethylene with a width of 25 meters, we obtain a resistance of 31.25 Ohms, if we connect the fragments in series. What corresponds to the power of 1550 watts. Now, if a room is three meters wide, three ribbons combined in parallel will create a total power of 4600 watts.

Cable for floor heating and ceiling

This is the limit for the apartment meter, but owners of private cottages and housing in modern high-rise buildings can afford it. If it is much larger, just collect more lanes. Two questions arise:

  • The magnitude of the power dissipation.
  • Cost of pleasure.

1 kg of foil sold for 1000 rubles or a little more. The density of nichrome is 8200 - 8500 kg per cubic meter. A little heavier than steel. Foil 0.2 mm thick and 2 cm wide. We count. .. It turned out 25 km per cubic meter, while the room will require 100 kg. Expensive? Take the foil twice as thin. Resistance will increase 4 times, therefore, the length will decrease from three hundred meters to seventy-five. This will lead to a decrease in mass of 16 times, it will turn out 6 kg( 6000 rubles).It is worth making a lot of effort to search for a warm floor for little money( from 1500 rubles per sq. M.).

Now we are sorting the question of the substrate. From the video we know that the film heaters are covered on both sides with polyethylene. The difficulty in acquiring the polymer. We offer a non-standard solution. Anyway, the floor under the film to warm, therefore, Penofol is useful. Already discussed the properties, and today we are talking about the use of the floor. You will need a PET film, or branded Teonex. The latter is distinguished by the fact that it can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius, costs more than packaging polyethylene.

Penofol Insulation

Penofol is applicable at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, and PET - up to 120 degrees. We add that the floor is hotter than 45 degrees is unpleasant when touched. Consequently, the need for maximum temperatures will not arise, but we will ensure the stock. Let's talk about the price.

  1. Penofol is priced at 45 rubles per square meter. Need the cheapest modification - Penofol A.
  2. PET film is from 100 rubles per kilogram. As for Teonex, we found a wholesale supplier who carefully hides prices.

We put Penofol with foil down, and on the side with glue we mount strips of nichrome, covering it with PET film on top. We do not leave gaps and cracks. If the hostess starts washing the floor, the water should not come into contact with the conductive layer. As for the material of the floor, fit cork or linoleum without insulation. Parquet and laminate is not the best option. We believe that for a typical room the cost of materials( without facing) will be 3000 rubles. Almost for nothing. Pay attention to this when choosing a heater.

Important control issues. The film will warm up endlessly, which should not be allowed. Therefore, you need to put a thermostat inside, in the warmest place. For example, as described in the review about the oil heater( 80 degrees Celsius).But the response temperature should be 60 degrees Celsius( select from the catalog).Thermostat set closer to the power bus, where when you turn on the branch will heat. It is possible to make a special introductory line of foil for current flow when the heating is running. We see that to make the simplest heater is not so difficult.

Of course, we duplicate the thermostat, we will assemble all the copies in a sequential chain. This will prevent breakage. But the control system of the control system is necessary. To do this, we assemble a circuit of switches that exclude doubles, except for one. We believe that the most fully answered the question of how to make the heater with his own hands. By the way, PET film is used for lamination. Actually, the factory models of heaters are also made. Another time, let's talk about spiral heaters. And we hope that readers understand that making the floor heating with their own hands is a profitable business. In the first place, in this case, the safety of a homemade heater. Would recommend the construction to be connected via a differential protection device, and the Penofol foil should be grounded. Ideally, lay a sheet of thin steel over it. And ground too. If you find an opportunity, do so. This will protect the homemade heater from sharp objects.

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