Which heater to choose to give

Heaters are different, as well as cottages. Cottage house under the type of existing heater to select, at least, strange, the reverse choice is not just possible, but reasonable and reasonable. In the article we will consider which appliances for heating are optimally suited to each type of suburban constructions available today. Ahead of the event, it should be noted that the choice of heater for the garden, depends on the degree of protection of the object and the frequency of visiting our hacienda.

Luxury cottage settlement in the near suburbs of

The categorization of country houses should start from the “top”.So: a luxurious holiday village with similar houses. Elite housing has a number of differences:

  1. Infrastructure( township, house).
  2. Availability of busy trails.
  3. Ecology.
  4. Material houses.
  5. Fresh architectural solutions.
  6. Style.
  7. Distance from the city.

These are external, primary, or visible signs, of course, realtors lead and secondary. Residents of megacities with a developed infrastructure, more often, if they have money, prefer cottage villages to new buildings, being seduced by silence and healthy ungassed air. Advertisers, describing elite villages, declare the area’s ecological compatibility, setting them in opposition to the city center, where there is an abundance of smog, carbon dioxide and chemicals. In a large house, where you can live permanently, it makes sense to install an autonomous heating system on infrared heaters, for example, Peony, with special thermostats. The heaters of the complex are hung on the walls and ceilings - the choice is considered safe and economical.

If there are no children, no animals at home, and there is no one to break the coil and the flask, the device will last a long time, no need to worry about the fire - spontaneous combustion is almost impossible. If in a huge house for housing and permanent residence, only part of the room is used, it is simply economically unprofitable to warm up the voids - in this case the store infrared heater with standard store sensors embedded in the thermostat box is useless. Then we divide the house into zones, equipping each with a separate infrared electric heater. Devices are combined into a network or a number of small structures are created that are responsible for a certain area. For those rooms, the greenhouse, for example, where it is important that the temperature does not fall below a fixed mark, the anti-ice function is provided for in the heaters.

It is impossible to allow the temperature mark to drop to zero in a residential area; it should be noted how long infrared heaters for giving raise the temperature in this place, as it affects the condition of the rest of the rooms. Solving the problem greatly facilitates the possibility of integrating heaters with the Smart Home system, which allows you to turn on the heating of a separate room remotely from a smartphone.

Such a heating system cannot be called cheap, but once spent, the owner will be satisfied with its durability and efficiency. The undoubted advantages of the mentioned country heaters include the ease of washing and inaccessibility, with reasonable accommodation, for children and pets.

Residential village

In homes where the whole family is going to rest at any time of the year, the inside should always be warm so that you can stay overnight. The ideal option, it would seem, is the choice of gas convector heater. Consider these heating devices in more detail:

  1. In order to conduct gas convector heating to the dacha, it is necessary that it does not look too good, circle the house with a yellow pipe and drill two large holes in the house. A gas pipe enters through the first one, a coaxial comes out through the second one to take in oxygen and release combustion products to the outside. Coaxial, facing the outer wall of the cottage, closed with a special grille. If the grid of the coaxial pipe is covered with snow or covered with ice, an explosion of accumulated gas is possible.
  2. Convection heaters on gas for giving will require to encircle a country cottage with a yellow pipe, which is not aesthetically pleasing and even slightly interferes.

Now most of the settlements are converted to gas convector heating and many instruments are produced with a combustion sensor that controls the return thrust in the coaxil - if there is no thrust, the sensor will automatically block the wick, not allowing a gas explosion. The uninterrupted operation of the heating process guarantees the constant presence of gas in the pipe, which is directly related to the development of the mining industry in the country. For greater warmth and creating a cozy and homely atmosphere, you can get hold of a gas fireplace with imitation of a flame through an ultrasonic quartz crystal.

In addition to beauty and romance, a gas fireplace heater will effectively and quickly warm up the air and the surrounding space. A typical model works on a mixed infrared convective principle. Behind the heat-resistant glass is a ceramic lattice, bathed in flames - this sight warms the soul, reminding us of romance and the need to give warmth to loved ones. Together with the grill, the body of the fireplace is also heated, releasing warm air currents rising to the ceiling, spreading around the room. Gas heating is recognized today as the cheapest.

Small cottage change house or small house

With modern heating of various small country buildings( change house, small house) modern wind blowers can do very well - the simplest floor heaters. Today's ceramic models, being the best option even for small offices, deserve close and detailed consideration.

The composition of a typical wind blower is non-cheater:

  1. Spiral.
  2. Enclosure.
  3. Fan.

The device is so simple that even a schoolboy can figure it out. Due to forced convection, the device copes with its responsibilities superbly, providing instant warming of the air. Wind blowers are used in the winter and at construction sites - foremen dry the concrete under the film, blowing the structure with such heat guns, in the offices they heat the steering and engineering staff.

Minus floor heaters with a spiral in the combustion of oxygen and dust, leaving an unpleasant smell, in addition, the devices are fire hazardous. In order to avoid fire, it is recommended to make a special metal flooring in the right place and use the wind-blower only on it. Do not point the device at plastic objects, otherwise warm air may melt plastic, and molten plastic is known to be toxic. It is impossible to dry clothes or other household items on a wind-up machine. Floor heaters for giving this type are relatively dangerous if there are children and animals in the house( even rats), tight control is needed to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Ceramic heaters are much safer - the same wind blowers, but artfully designed, with a spiral, covered with a protective compound. As a result, the floor ceramic heater does not burn air and dust. In the selected units, special input filters are built in, which improves the quality of work. Modern ceramic heaters are equipped with built-in sensors for overheating and falling, therefore the probability of ignition of such devices decreases many times.

Ceramic Bork heaters are equipped with built-in sensors for overheating and falling, so the rats are not afraid of the device, and the wire can gnaw through.

Country gatherings

Now on the dacha plots, many put glazed gazebos for long intimate conversations with friends and family in the fresh air, but with all the high cost of such buildings the cold still gets inside. In order to sit comfortably and cheerfully with friends in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, outdoor gas heaters for summer cottages are a good choice. For safety reasons, make sure that an exhaust vent is made in the roof of the gazebo, or two vents are open. Better if the air will come from below. You can specially equip the hatch in the floor or wall.

Outdoor gas heater is quite heavy, but it works without the need for electrical wiring. In the autumn rainy season to gather a cheerful noisy company, an outdoor gas heater for giving will have to place. Nowadays, different models are produced - from compact portable Chinese “ear lamps” to “mushrooms” under two meters in height, weighing 20 kg. In both cases, there is a standard gas cylinder.

These heaters are able to both heat and light - they are called light type heaters, powered by batteries. Economical and inexpensive, mounted on the ceiling and walls in the right quantity to obtain sufficient lighting power.

Cottage heater for gardeners, mushroom pickers and gardeners

Bulky, heavy and clumsy are known - a relic of time - vintage country heaters. Considering the loss of relevance does not make sense.

Above, types of country heaters are considered through the prism of categorization of country constructions. The choice for the owner of the cottage, the main thing is to enjoy the warm and comfortable atmosphere in the fresh air at any time of the year, resting from the hustle and bustle and dust of civilization.

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