The principle of assembling a self-made enclosure for a dog

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To build a stylish and original aviary for a dog with your own hands is not astrophysics or higher mathematics. Everything is much simpler. First you need to determine its shape and dimensions. Make a drawing taking into account all sizes and wishes. It is important to choose high-quality material. You should also think about where to put it.

Often the owners need such a platform to isolate their caudate guard from guests, housekeeping or garden plantings.Of course, sometimes cages for dogs are made in an apartment. The reason for this is the breed of the pet. It can be either too large or aggressive.For security reasons, it should be kept separate.

For an apartment, the booth can be made from old bedside tables (cabinets) or use special cells, net fences.


Creating a comfortable environment for both animals and households is the leading goal of this venture. The fenced area for his voice-guard is not recommended to build:

  1. Near the fence, gate and gate. All passers-by, as well as cars will annoy him. As a result, the morning or night serenades of the dog are guaranteed. In addition, there is a possibility that he will get out and make a lot of dirty tricks.
  2. In the backyard. Four-legged friends inherent herd instinct. If they are completely isolated, they will grieve and begin to howl, whine, and this acts on your nerves.
  3. Near the door of the house. The unpleasant smell and barking of the pet will make the family's life unbearable.

The optimal variant of the arrangement of street cages for dogs is the front yard area. It is better to place it under a branchy tree. The roof, of course, will hide the sweet beast from the heat, and also a shower. However, the red-hot iron will create a real steam bath in the building. While the thick crown will be a perfect shelter from the sun.

You need to put the enclosure out of drafts. Nobody wants his pet to get sick.

Construction Features

The foundations of such a structure are mostly concreted and covered with gravel. The back and side walls become deaf. The other three are made of gratings, rods or nets. Must be a gate with a shutter, so that you can feed the dog and wash the pad. In the middle of mount 2 places: one for the night (kennel), and the other for food (feeder). To four-legged friend felt safe and comfortable, to the enclosures for the dog with their own hands, the following requirements are made:

  1. Consider the size of the pet. Animals up to 70 cm need a plot of 5-8 square meters. m, and the fact that the larger - from 10 m².
  2. It can be of the open type (2 or 3 walls from the mesh) to ensure good ventilation. For regions with a cold climate, closed-type sites are designed, where only the front wall is open.
  3. Removable roof made of durable roofing material.
  4. For the floor use exclusively dry planed boards.
  5. The gate for the host should be in its height or 15 cm less, so that at the entrance it would be possible to tilt only the head. It must open inward. A reliable lock is required.
  6. The size of the feeder corresponds to the needs of the animal (2 pieces). Capacities are better to fix by attaching the mechanism for rotation.
  7. The small house is built in small sizes so that the pet can lie, sit and turn freely. Lay a warm coat on the floor.
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Since it is sometimes necessary to make an aviary for a dog in an apartment, you can use improvised materials. For example, make a fence of racks or mesh. At the same time, attach it to one of the walls of the apartment. Much depends on the wishes of the household.

Animals need to walk from time to time. They must run and frolic. Otherwise, the muscles atrophy, and the blood stagnates.

Material selection

One or two sides of the platform are recommended to be completely closed so that there are no drafts. For the construction of such blind walls you can use the following types of construction materials:

  • brick;
  • foam or slag blocks:
  • wooden beams, panels or boards (thickness from 2 cm);
  • concrete slab;
  • finished timber frame and fittings.

Thermal insulation material is coniferous tree species. For severe winters, it is better to insulate the walls or double them.


The flooring in the street cage for the dog should not be cold. This can cause rheumatism in the animal. Therefore, it can not be made from cement. It is better to use asphalt or concrete. Cover the screed with wooden flooring. The grooved boards are polished and dried well, so that mold does not develop. Before painting, they should be treated with antiseptic. Paul must do with a slope. The lateral zones are slightly higher, and the frontal zone and the center are lower. As a result, water will drain, and not accumulate on the surface.

Any wooden parts must not touch the ground and other socle elements. Otherwise, the tree will absorb moisture and rot.


In the original, the coating should be made inclined or flat. To mount the roof, it is forbidden to use ordinary nails. It is better to give preference to self-tapping screws or other types of closed fasteners, because a dog can get injured. The roof of the home cage for the dog can be made from:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • Slate;
  • ondulin;
  • bitumen shingles;
  • proflista;
  • ruberoid;
  • metal tile.
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It is mounted on a wooden platform, which consists of several boards. This structure allows you to keep the heat in the structure and excellent air circulation.

front part

The front wall provides a tailed guard with a good view. Lattice is an unmatched option for such observation. It can be made from metal shaped tubes with a round or square cross section. Using grinders or nazhdachku, you need to clean the parts from the burrs and rust. The surface of the metal must necessarily be primed and covered with several layers of paint.

The Ministry of Health forbids the use of powder and galvanized materials. They harm the health of the animal. As fasteners it is recommended to use screws made of stainless material.

The grid is a budget option, but it is not always reliable. Under the weight of a sheepdog, it can fall out or burst. Also dogs often gnaw the wire and pull out their teeth.


After determining the location, it is important to make a detailed drawing with the dimensions of the enclosure for the dog. It is necessary to think over and correctly arrange the main zones:

  • a booth;
  • platform;
  • the gate;
  • a platform (lawn) for walking;
  • windows for feeding.

The optimum height of such a structure is calculated taking into account the size of the pet. It is necessary to take measurements from the animal in full growth.To do this, he must stand on his hind legs. To the received indicator it is necessary to add from 20 to 50 cm, at the discretion of the designer.

If the playground is prepared for several dogs, then all sizes must be multiplied by,.


After receiving the project, you should choose the material for the roof, the blind and frontal walls. Then it is important to determine the location.Now we need to consider step by step how to build an aviary for the dog with our own hands, so as not to miss anything.

Foundation and flooring

The rafters for the foundation will be powerful pipes (4-6 pcs.), Which should be driven into the ground along the perimeter of the object, or columns made of bricks. The remaining space is covered with gravel or expanded clay. The base is poured (screed height from 40 to 70 mm) with a solution of concrete or cement. It is important not to forget to make a slope towards the frontal zone.

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Wooden flooring is nailed to a special frame of timber. Its dimensions correspond to the dimensions of the enclosure. This floor is made of sheet-shaped boards, since nails are not needed for their installation.

Erection and filling of the frame

If the fence is metallic, then pipes can be used. They are assembled according to the drawing and fastened with bolts or welding. The same principle of assembly is applied to wooden supports. The algorithm for their construction is as follows:

  • cut the slats of the required length;
  • drill holes for fasteners;
  • collect each wall separately;
  • treat the tree with a fungicide and varnish;
  • To sew with a grid from metal;
  • kick out the frame;
  • one panel is a gate, it needs to be put on hinges and fastened by a latch;
  • blank walls covered with a sheet of plywood;
  • cover the roof or horizontal beams.

The metal frame is filled with a pre-selected material: a wooden beam or a brick wall. To insulate the back part, pressed filings, polystyrene foam, eco- or mineral wool are additionally applied.

The front wall is made with one transverse bar. If you use a grid, you need to make sure that it is firmly seated on the folds. Any load can break it.

The front wall must necessarily be made of mesh or net. In other cases, a grate is made, consisting of welded pipes and rods. Near the wicket should be welded two rings, intended for feeding. The swing mechanism opens outwards.

Installation of roof and booths

To work with corrugated board or slate it is necessary to build a wooden frame. After that, one after another superimposed sheets of roofing. A ruberoid or soft tile is lined with a wooden frame, on which special OSB plates are attached. For safety reasons, use self-tapping screws or closed type fasteners.Among other things, you can use a tarpaulin as a cover. Dense and waterproof fabric is pulled on a metal frame, fastening with loops.

Budku do with a flat roof. As a result, it will become a viewing platform for the pet. It is desirable that the building is opened, because then it is easier to clean it. The size of the booth is equal to the length of the lying dog, which extended its paws.

A few simple steps and the aviary for the dog with his own hands is ready. Such a stylish residence will serve as an excellent rest and work place for your pet.

Video of the construction of the enclosure for the dog

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