Salt for the dishwasher: where to fall asleep and why

  • What tools are needed for an
  • dishwasher? Why do you need salt in an
  • dishwasher? Where and how to pour salt
  • for any hostess. Immediately freed up a large amount of time to take care of their business. But, in order for the equipment to work properly and efficiently perform its functions of washing dishes, it requires appropriate care, including the supply of all the necessary household appliances. Consumers who meet for the first time with such a technique often wonder where to put salt in the dishwasher, how much to fill it in, why should it be used and how often should these procedures be carried out?

    What tools are needed for an

    dishwasher? First of all, these are detergent compositions that are directly involved in the dishwashing process. These include powder and rinse or tablets. According to the manufacturers, all the necessary components are in one capsule at once, for one wash cycle of dishes, including salt.

    Salt for the dishwasher is also an indispensable tool that must always be loaded and must be present during the execution of any program. This is a special composition, which, in most cases, 99% consists of ordinary salt, but specially processed for use in such devices.

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    Why do we need salt in the dishwasher

    All manufacturers, including the leading Bosch company, indicate in the operating instructions for dishwashers about the mandatory use of special salt. Even if combined tablets are used for washing( powder, rinse aid, salt).This component:

    • softens water;
    • prevents scale formation on machine components;
    • removes and prevents stains and streaks on dishes( not always rinse to cope with this function);
    • maintains the performance of the ion exchanger dishwasher.

    Can I pour ordinary table salt?

    This question often worries many consumers who are accustomed to using inexpensive household appliances. The answer is unequivocal - no. Bosch dishwasher salt is specially treated to fulfill its purpose. In salt, there are enough additional impurities that not only do the assigned functions of the dishwasher, but are also likely to damage the device.

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    Where and how to fill salt

    In absolutely every dishwasher there is a special compartment for salt. It is located on the bottom, under the bottom tray. It is there and need to pour salt for the dishwasher. For convenience, this should be done through a funnel. Many consumers claim that after they open the compartment lid to refill the tank with salt composition, there is water there. It is worth noting that this is the norm.

    All necessary funds are purchased in specialized stores in the appropriate departments for dishwashers.

    The most popular dishwasher cleaner is tablets, they are placed in a special compartment on the appliance lid. It contains not only powder and rinse, but also a small percentage of salt. The use of such a composition is acceptable, but not enough. Experts recommend, even when using the combined tablets, pour the regenerating or tableted salt into the lower tank. In this case, you can simply adjust the salt intake in the dishwasher to a minimum and pour as needed.

    How much salt is needed and when to fill it up

    How much salt is needed is the most common question for consumers. Typically, the standard package contains one kilogram of granulated mixture. The entire contents of the box can immediately fall asleep in the tank. This volume lasts for several months. The consumption of the composition depends on several factors: the intensity of operation, water quality, the selected mode of mitigation.

    The fact that it is time to pour salt into the tank, tell the sensor on the display of the dishwasher. Some models, after ignition of such a light bulb, stop working. To resume operation, it is necessary to fill the compartment with salt, even if there is water. Therefore, it is recommended to have it always in stock.

    How to choose the right mode of consumption of the salt composition

    Adjustment of the water softener, as well as the powder compartment and rinse aid is located on the machine cover. In most models, you can set 7 levels.0 - the water is soft, 7 - the water is hard. Depending on how many detergent combination products are used and on the quality of the water supply, the required level is chosen. To set the mode correctly, it is necessary to assess the quality of the water; this can be done in three ways:

    1. View the data for the region( for example, from Internet sources);
    2. Use special test strips that determine the composition of the water;
    3. Use the household method: wash your hands with laundry soap - if the foam is quickly washed off, then the water hardness is high, if the solution is washed off for a long time, this indicates soft water. Also, limescale on sanitary equipment, which directly interacts with water, indicates increased rigidity.

    In conclusion, it is worth noting that during the operation of the Bosch dishwasher it is necessary to constantly monitor the presence of special salt in it. Even if tablets are used for washing, in which composition it is included, pour salt granules into the reservoir intended for this purpose, it is also necessary, even if there is water in it. How much salt is needed and how often the compartment needs to be filled depends on the hardness of the water and the choice of a mitigation program.

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