The refrigerator Snaige does not work

"Snaga" is gradually gaining market, refrigerators of this brand are present in the homes of some Russians, while the equipment is not insured against breakdowns. The user should know what to do if the Snaige refrigerator does not work.

Typical malfunctions

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  • 1Typical malfunctions
  • 2Why the fridge "Snaige" does not work
    • 2.1Refrigerator "Snayge" works without stopping
    • 2.2The refrigerator works, but does not cool
    • 2.3The engine does not turn off, the camera does not cool

Typical malfunctions

Snaige is a relatively young brand. Lithuanian manufacturers took care of the quality of assembly of equipment, which passed various checks. But she also has typical problems. What could be the reason:

  1. There is no light in the cell. The connection of the refrigerator to the network is checked, the power cord, the socket and the plug are inspected. If everything is in order, the light bulb is checked, its replacement is performed.
  2. Water under the fruit boxes - this happens in case of a blockage of the drainage hole. During the compressor shutdown, the refrigerator thaws, drops of moisture from the walls drain into the hole and are removed from the system. When there is clogging, moisture drains down and accumulates under the drawers. The refrigerator is defrosted and the drainage hole is cleaned.
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    Typical malfunctions
  3. Extraneous noise. More often than not, the technique hums and rattles when not properly installed. The body should deviate a couple of degrees back. To do this, it is sufficient to twist the front legs of the refrigerator. Do not overfill shelves with food and dishes that, when touched, will make unpleasant sounds.
  4. A red light is on. When the red light on the panel lights up, it warns of the temperature rise in the camera. It is necessary to check the density of closing the door. If you have recently loaded the shelves with groceries, then within two hours they will cool down and the bulb will stop burning.

All these are easily removable problems. But there are more serious failures, we will consider more in detail each of them.

Why the fridge "Snaige" does not work

If there is a display on the cabinet of the refrigerator, the self-diagnosis system can output an error code that indicates the cause of the malfunction of the equipment. Define the breakdown will help such signs:

  1. The compressor in the refrigerator works and does not shut down. This is possible due to the user's inattention or due to engine malfunction.Why the fridge
  2. The 2-compartment refrigerator works, but in one of the chambers there is no cooling. Probably breakage of a thermostat, air sensor, compressor or electronic module.
  3. The motor tries to start, but then turns off. The problem with the windings, the motor broke down.
  4. The engine runs without stopping, but the products do not cool. There is a leak of gas-freon, which serves as a coolant.

Refrigerator "Snayge" works without stopping

A faultless compressor turns off several times within an hour, approximately every 12-20 minutes. If you just downloaded the separation products, the motor can run longer - until it is completely cooled. But when the engine does not stop working, you need to check:

  1. Density of closing the door. Do not allow warm air to enter the chamber.Refrigerator
  2. Thermostat setting. When the maximum temperature is set in the refrigerator on the mechanical control, the motor will not turn off until you turn off the unit. Turn the knob to a lower setting.Refrigerator
  3. The quality of ventilation. Is it too hot in the room and the refrigerator standing close to the wall? Not surprisingly, the case overheats. If properly installed, the enclosure must not come in contact with a wall or furniture. The distance between them should be 7-10 cm.

If outwardly everything is in order, diagnostics of the equipment for finding breakdowns is carried out. In the case of problems with the thermostat or thermistor, the signal to the temperature in the chamber does not reach the control module. Therefore, the board does not give a command to turn off the engine.

With the same success, an electronic module could fail, and there is nothing more to give commands to details and nodes. The control board is repaired or replaced.


As a result of corrosion, leakage of refrigerant from the steel circuit could occur, this can be seen from the snow layer in one place of the chamber. A specialist can precisely determine the place of leakage and eliminate it.

Has your refrigerator been in operation for many years? The reason for the constant work could be the wear of the compressor. The device does its best to cool the compartments, but its power is not enough to create the right pressure in the tube. In this case, the motor-compressor is replaced.

The refrigerator works, but does not cool

In a two-compartment refrigerator there can be one or two thermostats. If there is a regulator in each compartment, pay attention to its operation. In the refrigerator department there is no cold, but the light is on? Surely the thermostat is malfunctioning.

In systems with "No Frost" it is worthwhile to inspect the fan - it is he who will distribute the cold air through the chamber. The blades do not rotate and are covered with ice? The refrigerator is defrosted for 10 hours. If the fan does not work, the cause may be in the malfunction of the evaporator heater.

The refrigerator works, but does not cool

Likely to leak refrigerant. The reasons can be a little, and only the specialist can eliminate them.

A sign of engine failure can be turning on the engine for a few seconds or pouring oil under the refrigerator. In such cases, the motor is inspected, repaired or replaced. This "behavior" of the technique also indicates problems with windings. Could happen interturn closure or breakage. Find out the cause of the help with a multimeter.

Video for repair:

The engine does not turn off, the camera does not cool

For refrigerators Snaige is likely a leak of freon. Let us consider in more detail the causes of the failure:

  1. The refrigerant flows in the area of ​​the evaporator, while the wall is swollen, and frost is visible from the inside. It is necessary to disassemble a part of the refrigerator for the diagnosis and replacement of the evaporator.
  2. The output is through the steel circuit, in the lower freezer compartment rusty stains are visible. When the drainage system is clogged, water drains off and enters the steel circuit, which eventually starts to rust and pass gas. This is a complex repair: it is necessary to remove the damaged part of the circuit, its sealing and refueling.The engine does not turn off, the camera does not cool
  3. Depressurization of the separation wall. If a foreign object is damaged, a hole appears in the wall of the chamber, through which the refrigerant evaporates. To solve the problem, the sealing of the separation wall is restored.

We listed the main causes of breakages, which are typical for refrigerators "Snaga in fact, they can be much more. It all depends on the method of operation and the installation site. But the common signs are similar, which will help you think over further actions to solve the problem.

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