Install the outlet for the washing machine in the bathroom

  • Can I install a wall outlet in the bathroom?
  • How to choose the right place for the installation of the
  • outletAt that time, people did not think about the use of electrical appliances in the bathroom. To date, the outlet for the washing machine in the bathroom is not something surprising.

    In addition to the washing machine, the following is needed in the bathroom:

    • shower stall with massager;
    • Jacuzzi;
    • electric shavers, hair dryers, depilators, curling irons.

    Can I install the outlet in the bathroom?

    [adsense] Many people ask this question when planning a wiring in a room. After all, the outlet is located in a wet room in which it may be affected by water. Incorrect connection of electrical appliances can threaten them with irreversible damage.

    For many years people have been spending sockets in various rooms where they were not originally planned to be installed, such as garages, summer kitchens, and bathrooms are no exception. Hence the conclusion that the outlet in the bathroom can be installed only in compliance with all rules of electrical appliances.

    How to choose the right location for installing the

    outlet This task is the most difficult, you should think carefully about the location of the outlet, as installing it at a place convenient for you is not always advisable, since it may later turn out that it is in a hazardous area. The height of the outlet for the washing machine and any other equipment should not be less than sixty centimeters, since the bath may cause a flood, therefore, the higher the better.

    It is best to conditionally divide the bathroom into several zones:

    • area zero - it includes a bathroom with a shower cubicle and other similar units that work with water. This zone is the most unfavorable for the outlet;
    • first area - this includes devices that heat the water. Outlets in this area can be mounted;
    • The second area is the most favorable area in which it is recommended to install sockets without fear of being exposed to water.

    Find a place to install the outlet can be, most importantly do not neglect safety precautions and follow the rules of operation of these devices.

    Safety rules that are associated with wiring

    There are several recommendations for wiring going to the bathroom:

    • all wires should be hidden in the wall;
    • must be earthed;
    • isolate all connections;
    • bathroom wires should be routed to a separate cable that is not connected to a common electrical system;
    • sockets in the bathroom, must be special - waterproof.

    Pay attention if you have a large bath, then these devices can be mounted from each other at a distance of two and a half meters.

    Choosing a cable section

    There is also another important question that interests everyone not less than the above, “ which section of should be cable for washing machine?” .This parameter is important because the durability of the outlet operation depends on it. The selection of the wire is based on the rated current of all devices plugged into the outlet, in our case, it depends on the power of the washing machine. After all, if the system uses a cable with a small cross section, it can close at best, and at worst a fire can occur.

    Main features of installing

    If you are not confident in your abilities, or simply do not know how to work with “electricity”, the best solution would be to turn to professionals who know their business.

    However, if you decide to do this work yourself, you need to follow safety precautions:

    • perform all work in special protective gloves;
    • before starting the installation, it is necessary to de-energize the working area;
    • you should not perform actions that you do not understand, it is better to contact the electricians.

    After determining the location, take a punch, and hollow out the slot for the socket. Next, you need to bring the wires to a common electrical outlet( the socket for the washing machine in the bathroom should be connected with a medium cross-section cable), there are several options:

  • to lay the wires on the wall up to the ceiling;

The easiest way is the first, but it will leave quite noticeable marks on the wall. Now you can install the outlet itself. We connect wires to the subwoofer, and install it in a previously prepared place. After all this, we put on top of this external housing outlet.

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