Is it possible to carry a refrigerator lying on its side?

Refrigerator is an indispensable piece of household appliances in every house or apartment. When you change your place of residence or when buying a new refrigerator, the question arises how to transport the refrigerator? Transportation of such products is hampered not only due to the large size, but also because of the presence of freon in them - a substance that has increased fluidity.

  • In which position to transport the refrigerator - lying or standing?
  • Preparing the refrigerator for transportation
  • When can I turn on the refrigerator after transportation?
  • We transport the old refrigerator correctly
  • Order a service or implement all the work yourself?
  • How are such events held in specialized companies?
  • Issue price

Therefore, in the event of the slightest defect, the gas evaporates, and the technique itself fails. The owner has to either contact the service center, to repair the refrigerator, or even acquire a new refrigerator.

That entails considerable financial costs. To avoid such troubles, it is better to immediately transport this equipment correctly.

In which position to transport the refrigerator - lying or standing?

Manufacturers recommend transporting such equipment only in a vertical position( standing), while using factory packaging that can protect the refrigerator from shock and mechanical damage. In order to avoid freon leakage, carrying the refrigerator( if space permits) is also carried out in the standing position.


All information regarding the connection, operation and transport of refrigerators is in the instruction manual that comes with each appliance.

In spite of popular belief, transporting the refrigerator while lying down is not recommended at all. Since this may lead to breakage or displacement of the compressor of the refrigerator. To avoid this, special bolts are used to fix the compressor. Especially it concerns those cases when transportation of the refrigerator is carried out on long distances.

Also when transporting equipment in the prone position, there may be such a problem as the spreading of oil in the compressor or when the equipment is tilted in any direction. That leads to the ingress of oil into the tube of the supercharger, as a result of which it becomes blocked, which becomes an obstacle to the normal circulation of freon. For this reason, the refrigerator ceases to perform its main function - the cooling of food.

That is why manufacturers recommend transporting equipment only in the "standing" position.

Preparing the refrigerator for transportation

Transporting the refrigerator, like all large equipment, is quite troublesome. And the safety of the equipment depends on how correctly this operation is performed.

If you do not yet have the opportunity to order a car with a high body in order to transport equipment in a vertical position( standing), you need to know how to properly transport refrigeration equipment while lying down. That is, in a horizontal position:

  • First of all, turn off the power of the refrigerator, remove all food and defrost it;
  • All trays, shelves and other containers should be removed from the unit and securely packed in cardboard or newspapers;
  • It is also very important to securely fix the door of the device, otherwise it may come off. For these purposes, you can use plastic twine, wide scotch tape or tie straps;
  • Before you transport the refrigerator, also pay attention to the compressor. Many manufacturers put on the compressor special shipping bolts that you just need to tighten. In case they are absent, the compressor should be fixed with gaskets of rubber or cardboard.
  • This item of household appliances before transportation should be placed in the original packaging. However, if you throw it away or it is torn, you can use cardboard or tape for this purpose. The main thing is to protect the case from scratches and other damages.

Now you need to properly prepare the vehicle itself, in which the transport of such a cold equipment will be carried out, lying( on its side).Most often, transport teams use the Gazelle truck for this purpose. The floor of the body should be covered with an old blanket or laid cardboard in several layers. The unit itself must be placed lying on its side, in such a way that the hinges of the door were on top, not bottom.

If you want to transport a Soviet-style refrigerator, you need to secure the compressor in a horizontal position using specially designed transport bolts. It does not matter at what distance the transport is carried out.

Special attention during such an event should be given to fixing the device inside the body. In case of poor fixation, in case of unexpected braking, the refrigerator can hit against the body of the car and be damaged. Which of course is highly undesirable.

When can I turn on the refrigerator after transport?

If you were not present during the transportation of your old or new refrigerator, then first ask what position it was transported. The fact is that manufacturers strictly do not recommend during transportation to tilt the refrigerator more than 40 °, especially modern models. In some cases, the dimensions of the refrigerator do not allow to transport it standing, and carriers are forced to transport the refrigerator on its side.

In this case, engine oil may leak into the refrigerant circuit. If you start the refrigerator right away, he will try to push the oil further through the capillary tubes. We all know that oil, unlike gaseous refrigerant, almost does not shrink, and the compressor will work to the limit to push it. If he will work for a long time at the limit, in total the compressor will fail and will have to be changed to a new one.

There are several factors that influence the time when the refrigerator can be turned on after transportation:

  • If the refrigerator was transported in a horizontal position, you must wait 8-16 hours( during this time the oil will return to its place).
  • If the refrigerator was transported in warm weather and in an upright position, it will be enough to wait 2-4 hours.
  • If it was transported in the refrigerator while standing in the autumn or winter period, you can switch it on not earlier than in 4-6 hours( during this time the refrigerator warms up to room temperature and all condensate evaporates).


It is not recommended to immediately load empty cameras with a large number of products. It is advisable to add a little more, so that the compressor has time to cope with the load.

We transport the old refrigerator correctly

Here you need to perform the same steps as when transporting modern devices. That is, you need to disconnect from the mains, remove all food, defrost, pack trays and containers in cardboard, securely lock the door. It is better, of course, that the transportation of the Soviet refrigerator was carried out in an upright position, but due to its overall dimensions it is very difficult. Therefore, mainly technology is transported on its side, that is, in a horizontal position.

However, devices of a secular sample are very sensitive to turning over; therefore, the compressor should be securely fastened using transport bolts to fix them. Carrying, as in the case of modern devices should be carried out in the "standing" position.

Order a service or carry out all the work yourself?

There is always a temptation to perform such work without resorting to the services of specialized companies in order to save money. But how justified is such a saving? It all depends on the size of refrigeration equipment. So, for example, small, single-chamber freezers can be transported independently, securely packed in cardboard or factory packaging. Especially when it comes to short distances. But what to do if there is a need to transport two-compartment, large-sized refrigerators and for very impressive distances? And what if such a refrigerator will be transported in a small truck lying?

Here you can’t do without specialized help. In this case, the savings will not be appropriate, moreover, it can turn into even greater costs( in case of damage during improper transportation).Moreover, the transportation services of such a plan are not distinguished by high financial costs for the customer.

How are such events held in specialized companies?

This operation is carried out in several successive stages:

  1. Assessment of the technical condition of the device( weight, overall dimensions);
  2. Vehicle selection, for reliable and safe transportation;
  3. Preparing a car and a refrigerator for transportation;
  4. Transportation of refrigeration equipment;
  5. Unloading and lifting to the desired floor.

After that, company employees can hold a consultation regarding the first connection after transportation.

The cost of such a service is not so high as to risk. After all, in case of unsuccessful transportation, the costs may be much more significant than the payment for the work of the moving company.

Issue price

The price of such a service depends on many factors, the main of which are: the overall dimensions of household appliances, its quantity( one owner can have not only a refrigerator, but also a freezer), the distance that will need to be covered.
However, it is worth noting that in this case your equipment is guaranteed to remain safe and sound.

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