How to grow vegetables in pots

If the space around the house does not allow you to organize a garden, you can choose the easiest way to grow vegetables in pots. This method of growing vegetables will save you time and energy, so necessary for digging in the garden, and the result will be almost the same. Here are some tips to help plant vegetables in pots and get results.

  1. Choose the right containers for vegetables
    In order to grow vegetables, you need a large enough container because they need space to grow. Since you do not have a large space, you need to plant vegetables that you often consume. It is important that when choosing a container for growing vegetables, make sure that it has openings for draining water.
  2. Choose the right soil for vegetables.
    In order for vegetables to develop properly, you need to choose the right soil. It should imitate as much as possible the soil on which vegetables grow in natural conditions. The soil must provide the roots with the necessary nutrients. In this sense, potted vegetables need more of these substances than vegetables grown in the garden. Thus, check the quality of the soil and, if necessary, change it.
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  3. Plant Seeds
    In order to plant seeds, make a deep ditch for each vegetable you want to plant, following the instructions on the seed packets. You can plant radishes, carrots and lettuce in the same container, for example. After you have planted the seeds, add another layer of soil, and then carefully water the seeds.
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Potted Vegetables Care

Place the pot in a warm place on the window so that the plants take full advantage of the sun's rays. In order for vegetables to develop normally, it is necessary that the soil be constantly wet. Thus, the seeds germinate faster. It usually takes from three to five days for radish and from a week to two for carrots.

The best time to water your vegetables is in the morning.

Video about growing tomatoes in the winter in pots

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