How to choose a juicer for a pomegranate and squeeze the juice out of it correctly

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A special juicer for pomegranate will provide the family with enough healthy and vitaminized fresh juice. Although these fruits contain a lot of juice, still getting it is not so easy. The problem lies in an uncountable number of bones. Depending on a grade and the size in one berry there are from 370 to 620 grains. Almost as many as days per year. Therefore, without a special home appliances can not do.


Price issue - the first criterion when choosing a juicer. In parallel with it, it is important to immediately determine how much juice the family plans to consume, as well as how often. From the answers to these questions you need to make a start, choosing a particular model. Manufacturers offer a diverse collection of devices. All of them can be divided into three large classes:

  • manual;
  • mechanical;
  • electric.
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By looking at each one individually, you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also features of a single model will show how to get the maximum amount of juice from pomegranates at home. In this case, you can experiment with different fruits or even bones.

Berry bulkheads contain bitter and tart substance - tannin. To preserve the pristine taste of pomegranate fresh juice, it is best to use manual juicers. After all, they do not rub these streaks.


For everyday use, it is better to choose compact and easy-to-use models. The simpler the device, the easier it is to wash and dry it. As a result, a glass of fragrant fresh will always be a great addition to breakfast. In this case, the desire to squeeze the juice in this way will never disappear. After all, the fruit will not have to be cleaned, and the procedure itself will take only a few minutes. It is enough to make the following processes:

  • cut the fruit in half;
  • put a half on the conical part of the manual juicer for pomegranate;
  • as much as possible pin down the berry, at the same time scrolling it.
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The result of this action depends largely on the strength of men's or women's hands. It is also important to bear in mind that the consumption of the product will be decent, and the output of the juice will not be so much.

Squeeze the juice on the hand model should be away from the walls and fabric objects. During this procedure, there may be a lot of spray.


Very often housewives want to stock up on such useful vitamins. Therefore, in order to get enough juice, they need a special press for pomegranates and citrus fruits. In such devices used two types of mechanisms:

  1. Lever. When the lever is pressed, the cone-shaped nozzle acts on the peeled fruit, which is fixed on the lower base, and squeezes the juice out of it. The filter is a grid plate, which separates the pulp. Pure juice flows into the tank placed at the bottom. For the output to get a glass of fresh, just enough 1-2 movements.
  2. Shnekovy. This model resembles the usual Soviet meat grinder. The body of the device is a spiral auger, which consists of sharp blades. Rotation of the side handle drives the screw base, which pushes the pulp to the hole for the cake. Freshly squeezed juice passes through the lattice base and flows into a special container. This technique is able to crush even the bones, thereby giving Fresh a delicious aftertaste. Some varieties of wines are made specifically with these seeds.

When choosing a lever design, you should carefully consider the mounting mechanism of the device. The reliability of the connection parts depends on the life of the device.

Since there is acid in the pomegranate grains, the equipment must be made of stainless steel. Moreover, lever, and also rack models do rather high. Therefore, when buying it is worth checking the stability of the device. Special rubber pads under the legs or suckers in the lower part will help securely fix the mechanical pomegranate juice extractor on the table. Alternatively, these can be simple latches with a convenient clamping system.

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The electric( automatic) models have high performance and efficiency. In contrast to manual and mechanical devices, it is the engine, and not human power, that drives the press. Due to this, in a short time you can recycle the maximum number of berries and without much effort. The speed of the device depends on the engine power. The more watts under the "hood" of this technology, the earlier the owners will enjoy the juice.

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As well as in usual models, electric juice extractors have a cone-shaped nozzle. Before squeezing the juice from pomegranates, the fruit is recommended to be peeled and cut into 4 slices. It is better to remove the veins, so that the fresh one does not give up tartness and bitterness. Then follows:

  • alternately lay the halves;
  • press them with a cone-shaped nozzle, lowering the holder;
  • start the device.

Manufacturers of modern technology produce models that have built-in reverse function. This allows the nozzle to rotate in different directions, which prevents clogging of important parts. Included with the pomegranate juice extractor are special measuring cups, as well as brushes for cleaning the filtering mesh. It is worth remembering that the service life of household appliances depends largely on its proper use. It is important to always clean and dry the machine. Then the family will be able to regularly replenish their supply of vitamins and nutrients.

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