How to grow radish seeds at home

Radishes are referred to as early vegetables, depending on the variety, it can ripen for several weeks from the moment of emergence. But the picture from the package does not always correspond to the grown vegetable, so that this situation does not overtake you and it is safest to grow the seeds at home on your own. There is nothing difficult in this, the main thing is to observe some nuances.

Table of contents

  • Breeding features
  • Choosing a grade
  • How to grow radishes at home
  • How to build

Breeding features

You need to start with the fact that the radish is an annual of cruciferous. In the first year, it is possible to collect seeds from it for future sowing, , but only after seeing with your own eyes the full conformity of the grown vegetable.

A special feature of reproduction is two ways of growing a mother plant, this is the name of the shtamb, from which seed plants are subsequently collected.

It is advisable to sow early radishes, preferably under the film, as the testes mature for a long time.
Growing radish

Choosing a variety

If you take in general, then any varieties of vegetables you like will be suitable for picking radish seeds. Even one left shtamb will give a sufficient amount. Choose uterine plants need to:

  • The first thing a vegetable inspect, it should be flawless, smooth and elastic.
  • The radish fruit must fully comply with the declared variety, have all the features of color and taste.
  • The plant of the chosen trunk is green, dense, free from pests and diseases.

It is this shtam that will give the seeds of the best quality, if you follow certain rules for planting and growing mother plants. According to gardeners, a single uterine plant can produce about 20 grams of seeds, with a thousand seeds weighing 7-10 g.

Before choosing a variety, make sure that it is not a hybrid. Pure-breed plants or plants of the first reproduction will be ideal, they will preserve all the properties of the selected variety.
Radish Varieties

How to grow radishes properly at home

After you have decided on a variety and selected a suitable boom, you should find out by what method we will grow radishes for seed production.

Experienced gardeners distinguish between two methods for growing radish for seed:

  1. They rarely use throttling, due to the fact that this method produces less seeds and their aging is delayed for 160 days. At the same time, there is a threat of dusting, when radish and other less liked types of radish can “join” to your bole. With the direct method, the plant is not dug out or transplanted, it continues to grow in the place where the seeds were sown.
  2. The second, more common, transplant method of growing radish for seeds is considered. It allows you to select more beautiful appearance of the roots, which will exactly match the picture on the package. The testicles mature with this method early, after only 120 days.

In order to grow radishes for seeds by this method, roots are fully dug up at the stage of full maturity, only ideal varieties are selected for the description. After this, the stems cut the tops, leave cuttings about 3 cm. The horse system is also shortened, leaving no more than 4 cm, a dive will help the plant to quickly expel the peduncle, on which radish seed boxes are formed.

. Seed bolls of radish

. After such procedures, you should choose a place for planting stock, here special attention should be paid to neighboring plants, among them there should not be other types of radish, radish or other cruciferous plants. It is best to plant the roots away from the main beds, in a quiet, sheltered place.

Sun shtambu should be a sufficient amount, like moisture. The distance between plants should be at least 40 cm, during planting it is necessary to strictly follow that the socket of petioles was not sprinkled with soil. It is important to prune and re-disembark on the same day in order to avoid drying out of the root crop.

With proper care, after 2-3 weeks, the stem will drive out the arrow, on which the buds will soon appear at once, and then the flowers themselves. In radish, they are not very beautiful, usually yellow or white, collected in a spikelet, but with a strong smell. After the plant has faded, the pods are formed on the arrow, in which the seeds will be located until full maturity.

When the peduncle reaches 60-70 cm, it is advisable to tie it to a peg so that the testes do not fall to the ground.
Dried radish seed boxes

How to collect

You can collect the radish seeds after they ripen in the seed box. The main sign of maturity is a change in the color of the pods, from green they turn to pale yellow or beige. Usually this period begins in the middle of autumn, at this time it is worth cutting flower stalks with seed plants and finishing them in the attic or shed. There must be good ventilation in the room, otherwise the pods will simply rot. You can dry out in the kitchen or balcony of a city apartment.

After the cut arrows dry out, you need to get the seeds themselves. But not always with simple splitting of the pods, only seeds are poured out from there, often with husks and other unnecessary impurities entering the collection container. Everyone wants to have clean grains, how to do it? There is one not difficult and proven way.

After about three weeks of drying, the pods dry out completely, and the seeds ripen in them, check it by simple crushing. If the surface peel crumbles in the hands, then it is time to remove the kernels. After this, the pods, together with the seed bolls, are aptly pushed, as a result you should get a homogeneous mass with small particles from different parts of the testis.

Crush is not very small, just enough so that the pods are opened and the grains spill out of them.
Radish Seeds

After that, the resulting mass is put in a container, filled with water and left for 5-10 minutes. During this time, all unnecessary oil cake rises to the surface, and the seeds of radish will settle to the bottom. A litter is carefully collected from the tank and the water is drained. The seeds themselves are dried and laid out in prepared paper bags or fabric bags.

Be sure to sign the harvest and remember that a good percentage of germination of the kernels is retained for 4-5 years.

So we collected the seeds from radish, the process is not complicated and not laborious. But you definitely get the desired variety of root vegetables and at least a little can save your budget.

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