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The Fertika trademark is a new name for products that were previously produced as Kemira. In 1995, the products of the Finnish company appeared in Russia - instant fertilizer “Kemira Lux” and granulated “Kemira Universal”.The novelty is not lost in the total mass, like many farmers.

At the end of the twentieth century, part of the production was transferred to Russian factories, importing imported raw materials. Then a large Norwegian company bought the Finnish company, and in 2011, the name Kemira changed to Fertik. Production facilities are located in Russia, Finland and Norway, and the product range is constantly expanding.

“Kemira” is no longer officially produced: residues from warehouses or falsification may be sold. In exchange, one should ask in stores a modern counterpart - Fertika products.

Table of Contents

Fertilizer Fertilizers When developing products, the company relies on the latest scientific research in the field of plant nutrition and soil composition. An important principle is a combination of an integrated and individual approach.

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Distinctive features of the Fertika brand:

. The capacity with the fertilizer of the fertilizer must be tightly closed and kept out of the reach of children.
  1. Large assortment:
  • for any season;
  • universal and for individual crops( garden, garden, indoor);
  • different application methods;
  • convenient packing;
  • price range for any wallet.
  1. A combination of tradition and innovation.
  2. Consistently high quality: the composition stated on the packaging corresponds to reality.
  3. The variety of nutrients, the addition of trace elements in optimal proportion.
  4. Does not contain chlorine( depressing many plants).
  5. High degree of learning.
  6. Effectiveness, quick and tangible effect.
  7. Environmental Safety.
  8. The dry fractions do not become caked.

The demand for products of this brand has remained even after a significant increase in its value( tied to the euro currency rate).


The brand produces 5 groups of fertilizing for cultivated plants:

  1. Granulated mineral mixtures ( according to a proprietary formulation): for dry application to the soil( for digging and in the wells) and seasonal dressings.
  2. Water-soluble mineral complexes ( brand composition) - a series of "Lux", "Summer-for evergreen" and "Criston": for fertilizer irrigation and spraying.
  3. Liquid Concentrates "Crystal" and "Lux".
  4. Organo-mineral fertilizers ( WMD).
  5. Standard mineral fertilizers ( urea, ammophos, saltpeter, etc.).
Assortment of fertilizer fertilizer, which is present on the shelves in the store

. Instructions for use

Each variety has its own characteristics of introduction - in terms of time, method, dosage, purpose.

Granulated mineral mixtures

1 tbsp.a spoon holds 15–18 g, a glass is about 180–200 g.


Universal The composition of the is nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements. Chlorine free! Does not acidify the earth.

There are 2 types:

  • Universal-2( nitrogen 12%, phosphorus 8%, potassium 14%)
  • Universal Finnish( nitrogen 11%, phosphorus 11%, potassium 21%).It is made only from imported components with high quality control. Expensive for the price.
Wagon Finnish dissolves well in water( 80%), therefore, it is also suitable for fertilizer irrigation. It increases the percentage of potassium, which is especially good for peatlands, for cucumbers and berries.
Powder fertilizer for breeding


  1. In the spring for plowing or digging, in the wells and rows before sowing or planting( dose per 1 square meter):
  • tomatoes, pepper - 150 g;
  • cabbage, roots, peas, cucumbers - 120 g;
  • greens - 80 g;
  • strawberry - 50 g;
  • berry bushes - 120 g;
  • pristvolny circle of adult trees - 85 g;
  • seedlings - from 30 to 120 g.
  1. In the first half of the summer give 1-2 dressings, podsypaya and podrylyaya in the wet ground. Dosage - half as much as in the spring digging.
  2. It is possible to pour into the seating soils - 1-2 tbsp.spoons on a bucket of substrate.


There is half the amount of nitrogen( up to 5%), but twice the amount of phosphorus( 21%) and potassium( 31%).

Purpose( dry bedding with embedding in wet soil, dose per 1 sq. Meter):

  1. 1-2 feeding of fruit and berry crops and decorative perennials( in the second half of the season) - 40 g.
  2. For autumn planting of bushes and bulbsflowers and other perennials - 80 g.
  3. Under continuous pre-winter digging or plowing - 50 g.

Effect of introduction:

  1. Stimulation of flowering and fruiting, growth of roots and bookmarks of fruit buds for the next season.
  2. Excellent ripening and high quality of fruits, vigor of the crop.
  3. Increased winter hardiness.
Fertilizer fertilizer granules on the hand close-up

Specialized mixtures

Complexes are also produced separately for lawn, flowers and potatoes, as well as for evergreens( and other fans of acidified soil).

potatoes: when planted with 70 g per 1 square meter.meter or 20 g per well, 40 g per 1 square.meter when hilling.

Flowers : 20-40 g per 1 square.meter - seedlings, disembarking, then sprinkling 1-2 times per season.

Lawn : 1 square.meter: 100 g when sowing;feed 50 g every 2 weeks in the spring and summer scatter under watering, 30 g in the fall.

Spring for evergreen ( under honyniki, blueberries, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas) per 1 square.meter: 40 g when planting, 1-2 feeding in the first half of the season - 60 g. Do not dissolve in water!

Water-soluble mineral complexes

Means are intended for liquid root and foliar feeding of various cultivated plants during the growing season. Do not contain chlorine.

Fertika-summer for evergreen

This is a mixture for conifers, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers, blueberries( cultures of sour soil).Packed in 100 g and 1 kg. In the composition - 11 components. Plants are watered with fertilizer solution many times. The dosage depends on the degree of acidity of the earth.

Fertilizer summer fertilizer for lawnsIt is produced under strict quality control, exclusively from imported components. Available in small packages( 20 g and 100 g).
Due to the high cost is not cost-effective for liquid application for vegetables and berries. More profitable - foliar application.


  • Contains 8 of the most important nutrients.
  • Excellent soluble.
  • Versatile: suitable for multiple fertilizer irrigation and spraying of all crops( including indoor crops) - starting from the seedling stage.
  • Especially valued by florists for their high efficiency( lush blooming of petunias, etc.).
  • Stimulates the formation of buds, flowers, ovaries, fruits.
  • Gives brightness and lush greenery.

Instructions for use: 1 tbsp.spoon dissolved in 10 liters of water. Fertilizing produce 2-4 times a month, alternating between root and foliar application. Consumption for watering - up to 10 liters per 1 square.meter, while spraying - 1 liter per 10-20 square meters.metersOn food plants, fertilizing is stopped 2-4 weeks before harvest, on all perennials - in the second half of the season.

Beware of fakes! Some companies produce products with a similar pattern on the packaging, but a problematic quality: with underweight by weight and incomplete composition

Fertilizer packaging luxury Kristalon

Sold in packs of 20 g, 100 g and 800 g. This complex is almost twice cheaper thanSuite. Crystalone is slightly less than iron, potassium and phosphorus, but it is supplemented with sulfur and magnesium. It is useful for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, beans, onions, radishes, cabbage, cucumbers - especially on loams. Dosage: 10 g per bucket of water. Submission rules are similar to Lux.

Crystal Species: Universal, Tomato, Cucumber, Floral.

Fertilizer packaging crystal universal

Crystal concentrates and Lux ​​liquid concentrates

The latest series of branded products - ampoules sets( 5 pieces in a package) "Fertika Lux" and "Crystal"( for various plants, including houseplants).The contents of the ampoule are diluted in 1 liter of water, and root or extra-root dressing is produced.

Liquid concentrate ferments for cultivation and watering

Organic mineral fertilizers( WMD)

This series is packaged in 2.5 kg bags and packs of 900 g each. Varieties:

  1. Universal.
  2. Vegetable.
  3. For onions and garlic.
  4. For strawberries and strawberries.
  5. For roses.

OMD is a granular concentrate of organic matter, enriched with humates( 18%), with mineral elements. It is introduced into the soil dry or in the form of infusion.

The tool is quite expensive - suitable for those gardeners who grow not too many plants, do not want to mess with manure or compost.
Production of ferments in ampoules for use on indoor plants

Compatibility with other drugs

Fertika's fertilizer blends have almost neutral acidity( except for conifer plants), so they can be combined with most other fertilizers, stimulants and pesticides.

Storage and safety measures

The official shelf life of mineral complexes is 5 years after production, but the fertilizer properties persist. Sleeping is not observed. The prepared solution can also be stored.

Fertilization of plants with the preparation of a fertik in granules

Special storage conditions are not required .General hygienic rules for handling fertilizers apply( use only as directed, keep out of the reach of children, do not discharge into reservoirs).In case of accidental ingestion, it is necessary to drink a large amount of water, induce vomiting, take activated charcoal, consult a doctor. Contact with the drug must be in working clothes, rubber gloves.

An extensive range of fertilizers from the Fertik brand allows any farmer to pick up everything they need for their garden. The high price is compensated by a reliable guarantee of quality.

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