The insecticide of the modern generation Taboo from the Colorado potato beetle is the best protection for your root crops.

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When planting potatoes on your plot, we expect to get a big harvest soon. But quite often we have to fight for it the entire period of ripening, literally taking away the future potatoes from the voracious insects. In such cases, various chemical agents and “grandmother's recipes” come to our aid, most often they are ineffective and the pest does not even notice them. But in the modern market of insecticides there is a proven tool that can protect the crop, it is “Taboo from the Colorado potato beetle”.

Features of the composition and its application

The product is sold in plastic capsules of 10 ml in large containers with a volume of 1 and 5 liters. The active ingredient in the drug is imidacloprid. This is a highly toxic insecticide, guaranteed to destroy the insect. In contact with the beetle, it causes irritation of the receptors of the central nervous system of the insect, paralysis and convulsions, and as a result - death within 24 hours.

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Before using the Taboo from the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm, you should read the instructions for use, calculate the dosage required for the treatment of planting material or earth, and take care of personal protective equipment.

Processing of planting potatoes

Important steps:

  1. Ampoule of the drug is diluted in one liter of pure water. The resulting solution is enough to process 125 kg of potatoes prepared for planting.
  2. The preparation dissolved in water is not recommended to be stored for more than a day.
  3. Root vegetables must be whole, free from defects and dry.
  4. Prepare a place where you will process the potatoes in advance. Lay out the prepared planting material on moisture resistant material.
  5. Take care of personal protective equipment - gloves, a mask or cotton-gauze bandage, glasses.
  6. Special sprayers significantly reduce the consumption of funds and allow you to apply it to the tubers evenly and process them as efficiently as possible.
  7. After processing, the potatoes should dry out.
  8. The special dye, which is a part of the “taboo” from beetles, will make sure that the application is uniform.
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To achieve maximum efficiency from the use of the drug, potatoes are planted on the same day, after processing.

Means can be used for various plants and root crops. They can process different varieties of wheat, corn, sunflower and even strawberries. The drug is toxic to many pests, and also protects crops from various diseases.

Cultivation of land and additional protection from wireworm

In case of need to protect the future crop from the second enemy of root crops - wireworm, the land from the Colorado potato beetle is additionally processed before planting. The preparation divorced in the same proportion is sprayed into furrows already dug to the required depth. It is advisable to plant potatoes immediately after tillage, since under the influence of the sun the drug quickly disappears, losing its properties. Approximately 150-200 liters of solution are used per hectare of soil.

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Means from the Colorado potato beetle Taboo effectively protects the crop for up to one and a half months. If necessary, you can treat them young seedlings, if you notice the larvae of beetles, preventing this mass appearance of pests, and providing the sprouts the opportunity to get stronger and grow. At the same time, the preparation is not dangerous for earthworms and other beneficial insects.

Young potatoes cannot be treated with the Taboo beetle, as the insecticide is removed only one and a half to two months after spraying. During this time, after the forced processing of the roots can not be used for cooking!

Anyone who has ever planted potatoes knows that the Colorado potato beetle is a great danger to the crop. Rapidly breeding, capable of damaging the entire crop, the pest is no longer a problem, because there is a remedy for the Colorado potato beetle and the Taboo wireworm!

Application Taboo for potatoes - video

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