Graft pruner - a godsend for the inexperienced lover

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video You need a hard hand, a good eye meter, dexterity and a sharply sharpened knife to get a graft pruner. The graft pruner is useful for the beginning gardener and professional. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. The tool in inept hands will be useless if you do not fulfill the basic requirements of proper budding.

Graft Cutter Device If a regular pruner consists of a cutting surface that squeezes and deforms a layer of cadmium, this is unacceptable for a graft pruner. Therefore, the tool has a working blade, creating a shaped cut in the form that will allow you to perform a perfect pairing of two open surfaces of the scion and rootstock. The other blade has a support function. Moreover, the supporting blade repeats the profile of the branch at the time of the stop, so as not to injure it. When squeezing tissue secreted juice, which flows down the groove of the knife. The nut and bolt fix the abutment of the supporting and working blades to each other. Spring mechanism returns blade blades to their original position.

If the vaccination is carried out on an annual sapling, removing the stem, the stock is fixed on top. When planting seedlings need to take up the stock, so as not to pull out of the nest immature graft. Omegoobrazny cut of the junction gives the best results, but not suitable for working with dense species of trees.

On the basis of the process described, it is clear that in order to make an accurate, smooth cut without squeezing over a large area, special steel is needed. Therefore, the quality of the tool depends on:

  • on the materials used for the manufacture of the cutting part of the inoculation pruner;
  • method of manufacturing and joining parts:
  • obtain the cutting surface and its thickness.
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Consider the best high-carbon steel, with the manufacture of parts forged or riveted. Forged products have a special strength, but the process is significantly more expensive.

Cutters at the time of impact create a shaped cut of one profile, so the graft and the stock are ideally combined if the bars of the same cross section. Watch the video on how a graft pruner works, and everything will become clear.

What attracts a new gardener and amateur tool:

  1. Guaranteed coincidence of two sections of a stock and a scion.
  2. Fit is not required, the cut is clean, made quickly, which means that if hygiene is observed, the cutting will take root.
  3. With a high speed of operations performed, a professional will do more work in a day.

The disadvantage is the very high cost of a quality tool. The price of a pruner for grafting trees of the best manufacturers is close to a hundred thousand rubles. This is what determines why there are so many homemade devices that work efficiently.

A high-quality vaccine cannot be performed if the difference in the thickness of the scion and rootstock exceeds 3 mm.

Contrary to the stated parameters, the pruning shears rarely make a high-quality cut when the branches are thicker than 10 mm.

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Why buy a professional graft pruner Grafting Tool

This professional tree grafting tool is considered to be the standard of quality. Made from the best tool steel, by forging the blade by forging, the knife does not get blunt as it goes into the oil in dense wood. With the help of very thin forged blades of V-shaped, U-shaped and omegoobrazny form, you can perform shaped cuts shears for grafting trees and shrubs. What to use a knife, the gardener decides, depending on the density of the wood. Nozzles change at the same time. They are double-edged and can withstand up to 3000 cuts. The tool has a 3 year warranty that does not apply to consumables.

Not less quality and all other parts made of reinforced plastic and high quality steel. For sharpening knives, a special device is required, but the need for sharpening does not arise:

  • each side of the blade can withstand at least 3000 cuts, and there are 2 of them on each nozzle;
  • has three nozzles, complete with a professional grafting tool;
  • in the store there are always interchangeable nozzles that are not expensive.

An alternative to the expensive tool is. Chinese and Belarusian manufacturers offer their products at a price several times lower than the Italian tool. Chinese models are good only on the first cuts. They easily penetrate into thin, fresh wood. When the manufacturer claims to work with a 13 mm graft material, they will get blunt at the very first cuts, and later break up from the efforts made.

A new tool graft pruner was patented in 1983 in the USSR.Invented by scientists I. Kostrikin.and Melnichenko N. I. first for vineyards, and in 1992 for fruit and ornamental plants. The aim of the invention was to facilitate the manual labor of the peasants.

Belarusian graft pruner is made using tool steel for knives and steel 20 for holders and handles, making them stronger. Aesthetics attach silicone lining. Zinc coating prevents corrosion of metal parts. Belarusian knives are of high quality, as the cutting part is drawn by forging, as well as in Italian products. There is such a vaccination pruner 1600 rubles, is available to villagers with low incomes.

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Making grafting secateurs on their own

In order for the knives to enter the soft tissue of the branches, without injuring them, it is necessary to transfer a lot of effort using a lever or screw and a knife created for your design. In the course are the garlic and small yew. For craftsmen do not even need drawings to make a vaccination pruner with their own hands. Self-made tools are used by professionals and deserve good reviews.

Review of different models of grafting secateurs - video

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