Proper cultivation of black garlic at home

On the shelves of grocery stores, where conservation is presented, as well as in catering establishments, many noticed the presence of a product such as black garlic. Immediately I wanted to know more about what he is and how he is grown. And here came the true surprise: it turns out this product is not grown in this form, but is obtained from ordinary garlic.

Table of contents

  • Description and characteristics of black garlic
  • The benefits and harms of black garlic for the body
  • How to eat garlic?

Description and characteristics of black garlic

That unusual garlic, which attracts attention to itself, does not grow at all in the beds in this form. It is obtained from any conventional grade by the method of fermentation .Such a product is not only devoid of the usual bright smell, but also has a sweet taste. In general, it looks more like dried fruit than garlic.

In order for the product to acquire an unusual appearance, it is kept for a couple of months at high temperatures. The sugar and amino acids contained in it contribute to the appearance of the characteristic black color.

You can get it yourself, but this will take a lot of time and certain conditions. The most problematic of them is that during the two months must maintain a constant temperature equal to 60 degrees .

This opportunity is provided by the oven, but hardly anyone can keep it on all the time for two months.

Black garlic is obtained by creating certain conditions for 2 months.

was effectively used in Korea four thousand years ago. Due attention was paid to him in Thailand. He was given the title of the present gift of God, whose vocation is to bring people the health and longevity of .

Growing at your summer cottage is quite simple. You can plant it in the spring, but in the fall. Although gardeners do mainly in the spring, using for this purpose material that was not used during the winter. To ensure a harvest, you need to plant a few heads.

Little is needed for this, besides, for planting garlic, you can use the beds occupied by other compatible crops. In the process of growth, it will help fight pests, and by the middle of summer you can harvest a good harvest of your own garlic.

The benefits and harms of black garlic for the body

Now it is already very widely used not only in cooking, but also in dietary food, alternative medicine. The product has an beneficial effect on the circulatory system , in particular:

  • contributes to the normalization of pressure;
  • stabilizes heart function;
  • helps in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis;
  • improves the elasticity of blood vessels.

It also has a beneficial effect on the digestive processes, helps in preventing obesity, stabilizes liver function. The use of this product by people with diabetes is very good. It is explained by the fact that it is the real sugar substitute of natural( natural) origin.

Use contributes to the rapid cell regeneration, due to which rejuvenation of the skin is ensured, and a tonic effect is achieved.

Vitamins and trace elements and improve the body's immunity, but also help it fight inflammation, infections.

The use of black garlic promotes the rapid regeneration of cells

As for the harm that a vegetable can cause to the body, such cases have not yet been observed. Exceptions are those people who suffer from individual intolerance of this product. It is also worth noting that in this direction certain research is still being conducted and not all properties have been fully studied.

How to eat garlic?

In everyday life, we rarely think about this issue. But housewives constantly add garlic to their culinary masterpieces, not only for the taste, but also to give flavor. Helps to intensify the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, which is beneficial to the digestive process.

In general, in order for a vegetable to retain its beneficial properties, it is not recommended to give it a long heat treatment. This cannot be said about black garlic. As it was established by scientific research, this product not only keeps all the useful substances in it, but also increases their number.

The dish is completely ready to eat as soon as you open the can. You can use it in cooking. It will be perfectly combined with dishes of meat, fish or vegetables.
Pickled Black Garlic - completely ready for useIt is added to energy drinks and is used by in the production of dark chocolate. By the way, ordinary garlic with chocolate is incompatible at all.

Contains natural antioxidants. If it germinates, the amount of these substances increases significantly. Therefore, there is no need to discard the sprouted product.

Use not only as an addition or seasoning, but also as an independent dish ( for example, pickled).It is successfully used by cooks not only in ours, but also far abroad. By the way, for medical purposes this product has been used much earlier than in cooking. With it, they hoped to achieve immortality, prolong life, rejuvenate and get rid of serious illnesses.

There are no particular restrictions on the amount of garlic consumed, but it is not recommended that people suffering from ulcers, gastritis, hemorrhoids be zealous with them.

Black garlic is an exception in this regard, since it lacks the natural acuity that causes irritation of the mucous membrane.

As you can see, the vegetable has a lot of useful properties and does not harm our body at all. Of course, at home to make this product is very difficult. But you can always grow ordinary garlic in your plot, which has the same properties and a set of vitamins as the ready-made analogue. Tastes will be significantly different, and it is not particularly called a delicacy, but you can eat it at any time. Yes, and it is available anywhere at any time of the year.

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