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video The benefits of Kalanchoe are indisputable: we treat the creators, we treat them, you will treat the children, the

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  • .The plant helps to fight colds and is a good prevention from it.

    Judging from the photo, it is difficult to call Kalanchoe cure a panacea for colds and other respiratory ailments. Most often, to combat colds, use garlic, onions, medicinal herbs. However, the leaves of this plant hide the healing power in themselves - the juice is rich in a variety of micro and macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

    Useful properties of Kalanchoe

    Kalanchoe was imported from Madagascar, where it still grows as a representative of wild flora. Also, this flower is found in many Asian countries. In our climate, the plant feels best on the windowsill and is not whimsical in care. The beauty and benefits of Kalanchoe are ideally combined, so this window decoration is the most popular.

    A plant can be of different species, each of which is useful in its own way. The most common Degremona and Cirrus Kalanchoe are champions in the content of nutrients. Plant sap is used in such cases:

    • to stop the blood;
    • relieve inflammation;
    • to accelerate the wound healing process;
    • is used as an antiseptic.
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    The owners of this plant know what Kalanchoe helps with, and actively apply it in traditional medicine. The sap of the plant contributes to the speedy healing of ulcers and purulent wounds. It restores tissue, removes the effects of boils, is used to treat erosions.

    Such a home plant is useful to have. You just need to know what the healing Kalanchoe looks like, because many traditional methods of dealing with rash and acne include its juice in its recipe. The plant is used in dermatology and cosmetology, is actively used as an ophthalmologic medication and therapy for ENT organs. Kalanchoe is indispensable in the home treatment of many ailments: herpes, varicose veins, periodontal disease, stomatitis and gingivitis. It helps to relieve toothache of a different nature.

    The healing properties of kalanchoe provide organic acids, minerals( copper, calcium, iron) and vitamin C.

    Treatment of rhinitis and antritis

    Be sure to look at how the rut of healing rhinitis looks in the photo of Kalanchoe. For these purposes, it is best suited to the view of the Cirrus. During an illness, it is useful to drip the sap of the plant into the nose, and it can be obtained in the following way:

    1. Wash the leaves and chop them finely.
    2. Place a plate with leaves for a few days in the fridge, only then you can scroll through the meat grinder and get the juice.
    3. Need to update the medicine every two days.
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    Dosage for antritis and the common cold: three times a day, a couple drops in each nostril.

    In case of complications, it is permissible to use the sap of the plant inside, but the doctor must prescribe such treatment. From one large leaf or several small leaves up to 100 grams of juice. This amount is most often the daily dose. But before you begin therapy, be sure to ask the doctor for a photo of a therapeutic Kalanchoe, so as not to be mistaken with a type of ingredient. To abuse the drink is not worth it, as excessive accumulation in the body can be toxic. The optimal dosage is no more than five grams per kilogram of a person’s weight.

    Application in cosmetology

    Our grandmothers knew the main benefits of Kalanchoe, because it consisted in a wonderful cosmetological action. Leaves and their juice are not worse than expensive creams cope with a number of problems.

    For warts - compresses from chopped kalanchoe leaves. From acne - wipe the skin with juice. From the circles under the eyes - make lotions from the leaves without the peel.

    Calanchoe juice is advised to add to creams and shampoos. With it, the beneficial properties of skin care and hair care products will become more intense.

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    If you already know how medical Kalanchoe looks, it's time to familiarize yourself with its contraindications:

    • diabetes;
    • rheumatism;
    • liver disease;
    • cancer disease;
    • low blood pressure;
    • allergy;
    • pregnancy.

    Kalanchoe should be treated with caution to people suffering from heart disease. Therapy can cause a side effect - blisters.

    It is impossible to list exactly what Kalanchoe helps because its healing properties are quite diverse. This flower is able to disinfect the air, improve brain function and physical activity. Kalanchoe is useful to use in early spring, as a preventive measure against beriberi. It improves the body's immunity, therefore, is indispensable during epidemics of influenza and ARVI.But nevertheless, Kalanchoe is not worth a long treatment, since its strong properties suppress the body’s work. Kalanchoe can be called a healing tool that helps you stay healthy.

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