How to wash jeans in a washing machine

  • Preparing jeans for washing
  • At what temperature should wash jeans
  • Optimal washing mode
  • How to prevent color loss
  • Proper drying and ironing of jeans trousers
  • Conclusion

How to wash jeans in a washing machine to wash jeans in the washing machine

How to wash the jeans in the washing machine to make jeans wash in the washing machine to make jeans wash in the washing machine. Before you start washing, you need to look at the tags. Since, despite the fact that jeans - the material is not capricious in itself, it can be made by stretch technology, for example, or have any stripes, implying a delicate cleaning.

But, in addition to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding a particular model, there are general rules for washing jeans trousers, which you will learn about in this article.

Preparation of jeans for washing

First of all, you should check your pockets for foreign objects. Coins, paper clips and other "necessary things", hitting the drum, can damage not only the car itself, but also tear the pants.

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Some wonder if it is possible to wash a machine with rhinestones in a washing machine? If the jeans are embroidered with various rhinestones, applications, then they certainly need to be turned inside out. However, for ordinary models, this manipulation will not be superfluous: the friction from the front is less, and hence the external tissue damage will be minimal.

Be sure to fasten all pockets, zipper or button fly, depending on your model. Also, do not forget to remove the belt! You may be laughing now after reading such a ridiculous recommendation, but this obvious thing is not known to everyone.

For example, there are children in the world who really want to please their mother and decide in her absence to manage. As a result, the mother, who returned from work, finds a broken leather belt, torn loops and a tearful assistant. ..

That's why we write everything here in as much detail as possible, hoping to prevent such an incident.

At what temperature do you need to wash jeans

So, at what temperature should wash jeans? It is best to wash at 40C, but if you have a light color and are very dirty, you can wash them in hotter water. Just be prepared for them to sit down a bit.

This assumption applies only to the fabric that does not stretch. Stretch pants should not be washed at a very high temperature, since they can stretch and lose shape.

Optimal Wash

Jeans, in general, quite strong material and do not require a delicate wash. But, if there is a large number of metal fittings on them, it is better not to overuse with too long soaking and too intense pressing.

Of course, getting almost dry jeans is convenient. But, in this case, you will have to iron them later. That is why it is better not to use a strong spin, which is wringing and grinding the fabric.

Soaking in an automatic machine, can provoke rust of metal buttons, which damages fabric. It is not visible on dark fabrics, but you can completely ruin light-colored trousers.

If they are too dirty, for example, the lower parts of the pants, then it is best to clean them a little by hand before putting them into the machine. You can soap soap, rinse these places, and then run the automatic wash.

Also applies to stains. Print them in advance.

How to prevent color loss

The best option is to erase them with things of the same tone. It is quite simple to paint them with darker paint, since it is a cotton fabric that dyes instantly.

Also, it is not recommended to wash jeans too often to keep a new look for a longer period. Jeans shed almost everything, and the more they wash, the more intense the initial tone changes.

Proper drying and ironing of

jeans trousers There are no particular subtleties. Like any thing, they should not be dried in the bright sun, in order to avoid loss of color.

It is undesirable to dry on the battery, since, from this they dubeyut and, as a result, the fabric quickly deteriorates.

You can iron on any modes, including using humidification. But, it is not so easy to do, due to the fact that the material is rough. Therefore, it would be better if you shake them well and smooth them before drying.


In general, washing jeans in a washing machine is quite a simple thing, it’s not a woolen thing that requires special delicacy.

These are some simple recommendations we can give you. Now, you can go and smudge them! After all, you already know how to wash jeans in a washing machine.

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