We decorate our plot with a rocky juniper variety Blue Arrow

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Juniper rocky Blue Arrow is recognized as one of the most decorative types of conifers and shrubs. Due to the simultaneously original crown shape, its bright blue color and good adaptability even to the harsh climatic conditions, this juniper variety in popularity gradually replaces such eminent competitors as Skyrocket.


A brief description of the juniper rocky Blue Arrow is enclosed in its name - Blue Arrow. Hard, almost vertical shoots begin almost from the base and form a narrow arrow-shaped shape, the elegance of which does not change with age or under the pressure of snow. The annual growth is about 15 cm. By the age of ten, the tree rises to 2-2.5 meters in height with a diameter of not more than 70 cm. The maximum height of the plant is up to 5 meters. The needles are expressively blue, sometimes almost blue, soft, scaly in shape. Fruits are blue cones. The peculiarity of the variety is that unlike most varieties of needles, in Blue Arrow, the lower branches do not die off for quite a long time, maintaining the attractiveness of the crown and expanding the scope of use of the plant in design ideas.

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How to plant and care

Planting and caring for juniper rocky Blue Arrow does not take much time. But under certain conditions, it takes root better, gives faster growth and, accordingly, has a more attractive appearance. Blue Arrow prefers well-lit and sheltered places.

In the first year after planting, the plant is sensitive to intense spring sunlight.

The Blue Arrow planting rules are typical for all junipers. The root system will take root better if it is with a clod of earth. The hole for landing is two to three times the size of this coma.

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The bottom of the pit is drained, and the free space is filled with the ready mix for coniferous crops in equal proportion to the ground. You can prepare the mixture yourself, for this you need to mix:

  • peat, 50%;
  • leaf ground, 25%;
  • sand, 25%.

It is recommended to extinguish the increased acidity of the soil with a small amount( up to 0.3 kg) of lime. The seedling survival rate increases with the addition of the mineral complex.

When planting, it is necessary to ensure that the root collar is not sunk into the ground or protrudes above the ground, and the roots are arranged vertically.

Mulching will protect the soil from moisture loss, while complementing the aesthetics of the garden composition.

The container form of the seedling is transplanted year-round, the planting with open roots is carried out in March-April or in the autumn, before the arrival of frosts. Blu Arrow is quite undemanding of moisture, but it develops better with occasional watering. Especially watering is needed the first year or two after transplanting, until the root system adapts to the new conditions.

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Use in landscape design

In landscape design, juniper rocky Blue Arrow is used both in a single, group planting, and for the formation of hedges. The main advantage of the variety is the stable form of the crown, which practically does not require additional care for shaping. When planning hedgerows, a high planting density causes the plants to compete with each other for living space, which will affect the appearance. When embarking on landscape compositions, due to the original and bright crown color, Blu Arrow usually becomes the central, most expressive element. Also this juniper is applicable in container maintenance for decoration of entrances, balconies, terraces. A few photos of the juniper rocky Blue Arrow demonstrate its use in various compositions.

Interesting about Juniper Blue Arrow - video

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