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There is not a single person who would try the cherry cherry juice. However, very few people did it on their own, relying on the recipe for making sweet cherry liqueurs at home. Observing all the stages of preparation, the casting is obtained relative strength and has a delicate aroma. There are several basic descriptions according to which this alcoholic elixir is made. Sweet cherry for brandy must be ripe without spoiled fruit and dirt. Berries for the recipe can be taken with or without stones. It should be remembered that the presence of pits gives a bitter taste, so their use is an amateur. Opponents of the use of seeds in dishes, promise to harm them, because they contain hydrocyanic acid. Admirers almond notes argue that this is the peculiarity of alcohol from cherries. The choice is yours!

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Before you make a sweet cherry liqueur, you need to familiarize yourself with a variety of recipes. The main distinguishing feature of different cooking options is the presence or absence of alcohol. As an alcohol additive can be not only alcohol, but also vodka or brandy. Accordingly, the result will be different strength, color and taste.

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Pouring from a sweet cherry without vodka

Cherry pouring turns out to be a good fortress even without adding alcohol to it. Creating this alcohol requires 3 weeks of preparation, most of which will be fermented. Approximately 2 kg of sweet cherries, 800 grams of sugar and 0.25 liters of plain water should be prepared for the recipe.


  1. Remove the bones from the washed berries.
  2. At the bottom of a clean 3-liter jar pour 200 grams of sugar. Then layers fill it up to the top with ingredients: a layer of berries, a layer of sugar.
  3. Put the medical rubber glove on top of the glassware, tightly attaching it to the neck with a rope. In one of the fingers of the glove to make a thin puncture, so that the resulting gases as a result of fermentation had a way out. If it is possible to attach a water seal, then it is better to use it instead of a medical mitten. Homemade cherry liquor wanders for up to three weeks in a warm, sunny place, while the glove inflates like a ball. Blown glove means the end of fermentation.
  4. Strain the mixture using gauze or sieve.
  5. After three days, re-filter the liquid and pack it in presentable bottles for storage.
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Sweet cherry pouring on vodka

The realization of this pleasant liqueur will require a kilo of sweet cherries. To turn them into an alcoholic drink, you will need 2 liters of vodka, half a kilo of sugar and 0.4 liters of cold water.

Lack of vodka can be replaced with 96% alcohol.2 liters of vodka = 1 liter of alcohol.


  1. Juicy berries get rid of the bones, while preserving all the flowing juice. Send all prepared fruit in bottles / jars.
  2. Connect vodka with water. Pour the alcohol mixture into the bottles with the contents, close the lid and ferment in a dark, cool place for 10 days.
  3. After the allotted time, strain the cherry mass through a sieve or gauze. The remaining pulp on a sieve mixed with sugar and put back into the jar for a week, closing the neck with gauze. Strained fluid( the main part of the liquor) will simply wait for its fate for a week. It can be sent to a jar or bottle.
  4. After 7 days, filter the pulp again and drain the resulting liquid to the main part. Cherry pouring on alcohol is thoroughly shaken and infused for about a day.
  5. Bottled, corked and stored for 4 months in a cool place.
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Pouring cherries on

cognac Elite alcoholic beverage from the berries is obtained by adding brandy to it. Even picky connoisseurs of such works will be delighted with the resulting taste and color. The recipe for cherry liqueur at home with the addition of brandy will need 600 grams of berries and half a liter of brandy. The conditions of fermentation will help sugar, in the amount of 50 grams. To create a spicy flavor, you should use cumin, cloves and cinnamon, the amount of which you need to take to taste.


  1. In the clean berries to make chipping to highlight the juice. Bones do not need to clean.
  2. Send these fruits in a jar with spices.
  3. Fry sugar in a clean, dry frying pan. Pour it in a jar of cherries.
  4. Pour brandy into the ingredients so that it covers them completely. Shake and tightly close the lid. Set aside a dark room for two months without sudden changes in temperature.
  5. Strain the liquor. The resulting liquid bottled for long-term storage.

During the ripening of berries on garden trees, be sure to think about recipes made from home-made cherry cherry fruit recipes.

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