Where and why install a sewer aerator 110

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Sewage aerators 110 saves residents from the odors and sounds during flushing of the toilet. Install the device on horizontal sewers, auxiliary risers. Here is information about the devices and how to install the air valve.

The principle of operation of the

sewage aerator The internal sewage aerator primarily works as a non-return valve, not allowing liquid and gases to the discharge point. When using the toilet, a sharp descent of water lowers the pressure in the system, and if there is no valve, the liquid can return at a faster rate than it has drained. The sewer valve 110 opens at a pressure drop in the fan pipe and levels the indicator.

A schematic diagram of the operation of the air valves is shown in the figure. All devices are composed of:

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  • case;
  • air intake;
  • pressure control mechanism.

The case is sealed, with a removable lid. The connection must be threaded. There is a rubber seal between the parts.

The inlet should allow air to pass through, but not insects and rodents. The mechanism for opening the valve - rod or membrane. Membrane clogs less frequently.

A septic tank aerator is used to apply air to bacteria that decompose sewage. It can be made independently, take the pipe out of the septic tank, like a standpipe, and drown it at the top. Side weld inlet for forced air injection.

Types of air valves

The sewer layout is multilevel, it has vertical and horizontal sections. The diameter of pipes, sustained slopes and flow depends on which aerators for sewage are most effective. There is a system of aerators, each of which has a specification:

  • receiving aerator is mounted in front of the pumping pump on a horizontal section of the pipeline;
  • ball aerator model for sanitary devices with small diameter pipes;
  • ball valve with pressure spring;
  • interflange model is installed on pipes with a diameter of up to 20 cm, it can flow or rotate by 90.
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Interflange models can be disc spring or bivalve. The actuator is a plate with a spring.

Non-return air valve with lobe-type or rotary type actuator. This type of septic tank aerator is installed on pipes with a diameter of less than 400 mm. For long sections, where there is a danger of water hammer when the spool is broken, damper valves are installed.

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Valves are fastened by welding, clamped between two flanges with gaskets, or a threaded coupling is used.

Causes of installation of air valves

The sewage system is dynamic. Constantly changing costs, there are gases from the decomposition of sewage. Discharge through sanitary devices changes the hydraulic regime in the pipes. Without regulation tools, life with poorly functioning sewage becomes uncomfortable. Sewer aerator 110:

  • automatically adjusts pressure;
  • is non-volatile;
  • protects the fan pipe from freezing in winter;
  • easy installation;
  • low cost.

The device equalizes the pressure between the main line and the atmosphere on the roof where it is installed. However, such a device can work effectively at a height not higher than the second floor. If a large flow is simultaneously drained from two points on one riser, the valve may not cope.

A sewer aerator 50 is installed on the internal sewage from water drain devices. Typically, such a device is equipped with transition points from an eyeliner of 32 cm, which joins a collector of 50 cm. An air valve is installed on a horizontal section, cutting off the bad smell from a common pipe, equalizing the pressure in the system.

Proper installation of aerators

The air valve on the riser is installed in the attic room, since it is frozen, it will not work. But the smell in the room should not be felt. If the house has several auxiliary risers and the main one is brought to the roof, then a sewer aerator 110 can be installed on others. This will significantly reduce costs. It is possible to use the device even when the riser is not provided or it cannot be brought to the roof, having met the requirements of SNiP for the distance to the structural elements. When choosing a device, it is necessary to take into account that sometimes manual adjustment may be required. An aerator is installed above the top of the drain in the system and must be accessible for inspection and repair.

Aerator only works when properly assembled! It is impossible to change a pipe and a bell in places,

The sewer 50 aerator can serve no more than two sanitary devices. Install the device no closer than a meter from the discharge point. An aerator in the internal sewage system must be at the end of the network layout, after the last device. The minimum distance from the floor during installation should be 35 cm. The device should be mounted vertically.

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A properly installed aerator will last a long time, but a periodic check of the valve condition is obligatory.

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