The principle of operation of the infrared heater

Each infrared heater radiates. Like the sun. For the feature and called the device infrared. The lion's share of the heat of the earth's body lies in the infrared. The principle of operation of an infrared heater is simple, practical methods of implementing the concept look much more complicated. Let's see what infrared heaters are, along the way, tell you about the intricacies of work.

Infrared Heaters Lamps

Consider lamp infrared heaters, the principle of operation of devices mimics the sun. The suborder includes many devices, for example, halogen. The principle of action is concentrated in the fact: in an inert gas environment fits a nichrome coil wound on a heat-resistant ceramic core. Under the action of passing current, an effect described by the Joule-Lenz law arises. The amount of heat depends on:

  • voltage at the ends of the helix;
  • material resistance;
  • time action current.

It is clear that nichrome, with solid resistance, was chosen to enhance the effect. The spiral heats up gradually red hot. The thread begins to radiate in the infrared. For luminescence, the body is heated to a temperature of 500 ºС.The spiral is heated and higher. The radiation passes through the inert gas without large losses, reaches the glass bulb of the heater lamp. The material for the part is an alloy of quartz sand that selectively transmits waves of the working range. Energy losses in infrared heaters are zero.

Then the radiation goes into the room. Please note that most heater lamps are symmetrical about the axis. Therefore, radiation is equivalent in power to any direction. To correct the deficiency, an infrared lamp is placed in the focus of a special mirror reflector. More often material is stainless steel. Ideally, silver deposited on the reverse side of the glass( mirror) is better. However, the proposed option is too expensive and fragile, which will not allow the release of relatively cheap infrared heaters.

The dead zone is concentrated in the center, covered by the lamp body. These little things do not detract from the merits of infrared heaters, the efficiency of devices is high. Lamps would work with a vacuum pumped inwards. However, the mentioned technical solution demonstrates two drawbacks:

  1. The lamp becomes fragile, the object will be affected by atmospheric pressure. We'll have to make the glass walls thicker, which will reduce the efficiency of the device and increase the cost.
  2. In vacuum, the spiral will begin to evaporate. Not thought why the liquid sun at a temperature of 6500 Kelvin does not fly through space? There in action are the forces of aggression. On Earth, the force of gravity prevails, in vacuum conditions, the atoms will leave the red-hot spiral, which will lead to device breakdown. According to some information, wandering particles are deposited on the glass, which will cause an indispensable decrease in efficiency. A mirror surface will start to form that is not needed on the transparent shell. Special additives and inert gases greatly reduce the speed of the described process, even help atoms to go back.

Therefore, the lamp of the infrared heater inside is filled with a special inert gas. The method reduces the efficiency, the transmission spectrum of halogens is chosen so as to minimize the delay of the useful radiation. The gas layer inside the lamp is small in comparison, say, with the atmosphere.

A real sun is obtained, which does not warm the air, but gives off heat to the bodies. Good infrared tube heaters ceiling type in the bedroom and in the kitchen. So that the bed and the air do not seem cold( 20 ºС - the temperature at which doctors recommend to fall asleep), equip the room properly. The emphasis of the flow of power falls on the person’s feet.

Infrared gas heaters

Gas, regardless of caloric content, provides a tremendous amount of energy quickly.

Models for country gatherings

Now let's talk about gas models. There are dark and light. The division is conducted depending on the fact whether the observer of the infrared heater can see the fire or the hot grid of ceramics. Let's look inside the mobile model for restaurant or country gatherings on the veranda in the autumn evening.

Inside the gas is burning, then there is a path for the movement of the substance:

  • A gas cylinder is located at the foot, hidden from people's eyes by a skillfully made plinth of a large size.
  • Passing the steel intake tract, a firebox spread out above, equipped with a heat-resistant ceramic grid, stretched a little higher.
  • Combustion yields to the combustion products, if you call it a low path with a hole facing the street.

The average height of the device is 1.8 meters, there are two different types of structures:

  1. Fireplace.
  2. Mushroom.

The first one looks like a fireplace( sorry for tautology), which has a vertically positioned ceramic heat-resistant grill licked with flames in the furnace. Being red hot, the element gives light and the amount of heat indicated in the instruction. To focus the flow, the fireplace portal is limited. Therefore, only a sector with a width of 30 degrees is heated in front. This option is ideal for a dinner couple.

Fungus is more like a beach umbrella. A gas cylinder is hidden in a spacious base, and a pipe runs through the leg, along which fuel rises. A hearth is huddled under a hat where fire is burning. The cone configuration of the umbrella is not without reason. This is a reflector for infrared radiation. Energy is reflected from it and it illuminates those sitting side by side in a circle. Reasonable choice to sit in the evening on the ground or on chairs near a cozy cottage.

In contrast to the previous model, this gas infrared heater supplies the district with heat. However, do not remove too much, so as not to go beyond the limits of the reflector. Too close at the foot, too, useless to sit.

Gas Fireplaces

This is an infrared heater that is mobile or built-in. In the first case, the device is mounted in a hollow steel casing; a good part is inside a cylinder. In the front part there is a grill, which is heated by gas and shines through the portal. Gas is emitted into the room, we do not recommend using such in residential areas. Open flame is dangerous for the garage.

Gas infrared heaters in the form of wall fireplaces look much better. Blue fuel is fed through a special yellow pipe, entering from the street, breaking through the wall. The additional pipe, now for the exit of products of combustion and oxygen intake, has a larger diameter and is mounted similarly nearby. This pipe is coaxial. Incoming and outgoing flows follow a common path, but are separated by steel walls.

Such a pipe is made of special steel, which is not afraid of sulfuric acid, which is inevitably present in the gas combustion products.

Typical gas infrared heater fireplace:

  1. Located on the wall, the yellow gas pipe and coaxial is not visible. They enter the wall section enclosed by the instrument housing.
  2. The dim blue flame of the hob here looks yellow and alive when licking the heat-resistant ceramic grill with tongues.
  3. The portal is protected by refractory glass, there is no talk of an open flame. The air is taken outside, where the products of combustion are then thrown away.

Gas infrared heater fireplace is a good option for the home.

Film infrared heaters

We already know that in order to obtain strong stable infrared radiation, we will have to heat the body to 500 ºС.The temperature of the human body is also 36.6 ºС.The peak occurs at a wavelength of 9 microns. To enhance this meager effect, it was decided to create special film infrared heaters with a temperature of 45 ºС for the rooms. The revolutionary technology is completely safe in terms of fire.

Armstrong infrared heaters of the ceiling type look like a typical polyurethane foam tile, contain inside the foil through which current flows. To heat went only down, laid a special insulation on top. It is recommended to use material like PENOFOL.What laid inside the creators of Armstrong, is still a mystery. When the heating starts, the tile material gets its share, but when there is no energy left to go, the flow rushes down to the floor. It turns out the sun, an area equal to the entire ceiling.

And no one will say that such infrared heaters are dangerous!

Instead of concluding

Note: the calculation of the power of infrared heaters does not make sense for two reasons:

  1. They give out a fixed value of power in a narrow spatial sector.
  2. Regulation is performed by a thermostat.

Rather, there is the question of the advisability of using a device of a certain design. Gas removes the restriction allocated to the cottage quota of electrical energy. Try to fully utilize the energy of combustion of the fuel. Building help in this recuperators.

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