How to preserve and pickle green peas?

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Peas are the product that is so valuable to vegetarians. Therefore, every lover of vegetables and fruits should know how to preserve peas to stock up on them for the winter. Vegetable has a large amount of protein and is quite capable of replacing meat. Gourmet peas will also be useful, because its pulp is digested more quickly and without harm, when compared with meat. Nutritional protein so saturates the body that you can do without food of animal origin for a long time. This fact is very important in traveling and hiking. For tourists who love winter adventures, it is advisable to stock up on homemade canned food. For this you need to know how to preserve peas for the winter.

Eating green peas, the body is filled with energy, thereby increasing efficiency. Due to this, a person is able to endure heavy loads and overcome long distances. In general, everyone who is energetic and active is recommended to eat peas. Some varieties of this fruit contain natural sugar that stimulates brain activity and memory.

Intestinal problems will help resolve the same pea. Its beneficial trace elements relieve heartburn, normalizing the work of the digestive system. Antioxidants contained in the fruit, have a positive effect on the improvement of skin and hair.

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on the plot Like all edible plants, peas are a seasonal fruit. Therefore, it is logical for them to stock up for the winter. Recipes for harvesting peas for the winter will help figure out the sequence in which to preserve this type of legume family for a cold season. There are several recipes for clogging peas, but each of these options will be either with sterilization or without sterilizing cans with contents.

Young, soft peas are selected for canning. Over-grown peas will give an ugly muddy shade of ready-made food and will be too starchy in taste.

Green peas without sterilization

For the blank, prepare 3 half liter jars. To do this, they should be washed with soda and sterilized for 7 minutes with a kettle. It is not profitable to sterilize such a small number of cans in the oven. This recipe for canned peas will go 1 liter of ordinary cold water. The taste of conservation will be very similar to the store, and all thanks to the correct proportions of bulk: 3 tbsp.spoons of sugar, 1 tsp of citric acid, 3 tsp of salt.


  1. Remove the green peas from the pods and rinse with tap water.
  2. Marinade is prepared from a predetermined bulk volume( salt, sugar) and water. Preservation of peas at home does not include the sterilization of cans with the contents, so pour peas into the boiling marinade and boil it for 15 minutes. At the end of the procedure, add citric acid.
  3. In the jars, gently move the boiled peas, then pour the same marinade and tighten the lids. Send to the pantry.

You can not boil peas more than the prescribed time, otherwise it will lose its shape, becoming a mush.

Green peas with sterilization

Those who want to learn how to preserve peas with sterilization should be stocked up with 600 grams of peas without pods. For the preparation will need 1.5 liter jar or 3 pieces 0.5 liter. To which the marinade, consisting of 1 liter of ordinary water, 1 tbsp.spoons of salt, 1.5 tbsp.spoons of sugar and citric acid, in an amount of 3 grams.

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  1. Perform a blanching procedure for 3-minute peas.
  2. Make a marinade, dissolving bulk in water. Boil.
  3. Peas, canned at home, initially provides for its packaging in banks. Then containers with peas should be filled with hot marinade and sent for sterilization, which lasts 3 hours.
  4. Remove from the water, screw on the covers and wrap in a blanket.

If the liquid in the jar does not become cloudy within 3 days after clogging, it means that the peas are closed in compliance with the rules and can be safely put into the pantry, keeping a maximum of 1 year. If the marinade is dimmed, it is better to get rid of such preservation immediately.

Pickled Green Peas with Sterilization

Hostesses who are interested in how to pickle peas at home can pay attention to the recipe below. The marinating procedure is quite long, but it does not require much effort.

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Pickling Procedure:

  1. Free the peas from the pods and wash.
  2. Cook the marinade, which consists of 1 tbsp.spoons of sugar and 1 tbsp.spoons of salt, diluted in 1 liter of water. Boil and pour polka dots with it, covering it completely with liquid.
  3. After boiling for 3 minutes, place everything in cans and send for sterilization.
  4. Sterilization will be double. On the first day, it should be held for 30 minutes, then covered with a lid and set aside for a day. The next day, sterilize the jars for 20 minutes and tightly seal the lid.
  5. Allow to cool and transfer to the refrigerator.

Ready-made provisions should be stored in a cellar or in a cool place.

The listed recipes for canning peas are the main ones that can be supplemented with their own innovations.

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