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Plant an apricot in the country, and this orange July miracle will pay for all your efforts. The apricot Lel became the favorite of summer residents, the description of the variety will confirm that it is the best. The desire of breeders to the fact that "on Mars will apple trees bloom," their enthusiasm is promoted by heat-loving plants to the north. In 1986, botanists Alexey Skvortsov and Larisa Kramarenko donated an apricot Lel to central Russia, in 2004 it was included in the State Register, and was transferred to the Main Botanical Garden of the country for preservation.

Description of the variety

Here is an apricot Lel, a photo of a young tree variety with a compact crown, not prone to overgrowing. The tree is low, up to 3 meters, grows slowly, molding requires gentle. Apricot is dressed up: in the spring - with a fragrant cloud of flowers, in the summer - with the shine of the early fruits on the branches, in the fall - with the red-orange mantle of the foliage.

Plant an apricot Lel in a country garden, and preferably 3 trees to harvest a good crop of sunny berries, dry, make jam and just for beauty!

Apricot variety description Lel characterizes it as very early. The tree is winter-hardy, in the Moscow region is preserved without shelter. In the spring, during flowering, frost in the suburbs does not happen, so the crop is harvested annually. The variety is resistant to adhesions, aphids are moderately damaged. The tree needs fruit to put the fruit in, potassium is needed, and the aphid does not like juice with this component.

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Apricot Lel, a description of the type of fruit and its taste is impossible without excellent epithets.“Mal, yes daring” is about the apricot Lel. With a weight of only about 20 g, the fruit conquers with its taste. Not every southern variety will give 5 points for taste. And Lel received. Marked, it has an orange tender flesh. The fruit melting in the mouth causes general admiration. At the same time, the bone is rather large, the nucleolus is sweet. Fruits contain 16% of dry matter, the entire set of vitamins and biologically active substances that people need.

The fruits are very decorative. It is said that if apricot fruits abundantly, then its fruits become smaller, but the taste remains unchanged. Orange apricots have a glossy surface, rounded and slightly flattened on the sides. It is important to plant the tree correctly and on time, and in the third year get the first harvest from seedlings purchased in the nursery. And you can take the bones, sow them before winter in a trench. But then you can get not a varietal tree, splitting of signs occurs.

We propose to breed Lel apricots in the Moscow region, because:

  • wood frost resistance 25-30 С;
  • high self-fertility;
  • drought tolerance;
  • small annual increase;
  • comes into fruition for 3-4 years:
  • annual fruiting.
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Self-fertility - a gift of nature to northerners

Few fruit trees have the ability to pollinate. It is imperative to have two varieties in order to form an ovary in apple, pear, and in some varieties of apricots. You can find out whether the apricot Lel is self-fertile or not by looking at the structure of the flower. If there is a pollen stamen in the flower and an ovule is a pistil, then self-pollination is possible. It is these flowers that are present on apricot, but not all. Part requires cross-pollination. Therefore, the harvest will be greater if more than one tree grows on the site. Even better, if there is a pollinator, for example, Aquarius.

Self-fertility - one of the methods of procreation. Apricot blooms early, insect pollinators are not yet, or a little. That nature gave the possibility of self-pollination. By the way, to preserve the species, not all bones will sprout from the lot in the first spring, they will remain asleep, as a reserve in case of death of seedlings due to bad weather. They will ascend in the following years.

Agricultural apricot Lel

The right choice of location, proper planting and care of the apricot Lel depends on whether it will delight you with the harvest and healthy look for many years.

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A gardener is required to fulfill a number of conditions:

  1. shielded from the north wind. From autumn to equip the landing site, digging a hole from above, filling it with light soil with humus and ash.
  2. A seedling to be rooted in early spring, when buds have swelled on neighboring trees, but have not yet blossomed. A seedling with an open root system should look the same. If the plant is in a container, it will take root well a little later. It is better to buy a standard plant in the nursery - the difference is that the graft was made at a height of 1.2-1.5 m.
  3. From the first year should be the formation of the crown. Apricot Lel does not grow quickly, the neater you need to shape it. Protective measures will help grow a healthy and showy tree.

Here it is told about one of the amazing trees, bred by Russian breeders. But apricot stepped far beyond the Urals, mastered Khakassia and Eastern Siberia, where in winter the temperature reaches -40 degrees, and return frosts happen in June.

Forming a young apricot - video

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