Means for cesspools, what better

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One of the most pressing issues that must be solved to owners of private houses, is the disposal of waste water. But correctly chosen remedy for cesspools can not only minimize the use of sewage truck, but also provide a garden with garden safe quality fertilizer.

We will tell you which option would be best for your stand-alone treatment facilities sewage systems. We detail all put into practice the compositions evaluated their effectiveness. The presented information will help you choose the best means.

The content of the article:

  • Methods for cleaning cesspools
  • Chemical cesspools cleaning agents
    • Formaldehyde for disinfection and purification
    • Ammonium salt compound
    • Specificity application nitrate oxidizers
    • Features of use of the bleach
    • Rules for the choice of chemical cleaning agents
  • Biologics for sump
    • Embodiments powder formulations
    • Liquid concentrated means
    • Preparations in the form of tablets
    • Review of the best brands and the brands
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Methods for cleaning cesspools

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Any Cesspool requires periodic cleaning, the frequency of which is determined by the operation rate.

Decontamination and disposal of waste water can be carried out in several ways:

  • mechanical cleaning. It involves the separation and subsequent disposal of the waste mass of insoluble coarse particles of mineral origin. Implemented by settling and filtration. Mechanical method does not allow to get rid of insoluble compounds because used as an adjunct to chemical and biological purification technologies.
  • Bioremediation. The method is based on the aerobic and anaerobic species of live bacteria for septic tanks and cesspools. These provide a waste conversion yl and water. Decomposition in these components is due to the initial oxidation by means of anaerobic bacteria, followed by additional purification aerobes.
  • Chemical cleaning. In methods based on the principle of transfer of soluble compounds using reactants in the soluble compounds, after which they are deposited. The method is used mainly for treatment of industrial effluents and faeces.

With the use of means for cleaning effluents associated chemical and biological techniques. One for the living conditions are most often septic tanks with one, two or three cameras.

In the first chamber occurs with fermentation promoting anaerobic effluent, in the following their ultimate post-treatment and preparation for the conclusion in the field of filtration or filtration in the discharge gutter.

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Assigning resources for the treatment of cesspools

Group and drugs produced for the treatment of cesspools and their upgraded counterparts - septic tanks, includes a number of chemical and biological systems

The use of biologics for cesspools

Use of biological products for cesspools allows destroy odor and reduce the volume of waste by weight

The principle of operation sought funds for raking

Means for treatment of septic promote decomposition of fats and waste of biological origin

The main components of biological systems

Employment of biological agents is based on the natural action of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria feeding on organic waste

Chemicals in the cesspool treatment

Chemical complex preparations by analogy with the biological decomposition produce water effluents, and carbonic acid insoluble residue

Extremely simple scheme of preparation of the drug

All drugs used in the treatment of autonomous sewerage facilities, characterized by an extremely simple scheme of preparation for the introduction of

Removal of raked and septic solid precipitate

All varieties of sewer facilities need periodic removal of solid. In applying the chemistry and bio-agents scavengers number of calls is significantly reduced

Mehinichesky method of cleaning waste masses biostation

In biological purification stations and multi septic tanks are used only bio-preparations. The processing therein is supplemented by mechanical means - filtration effluents and fat separation by separation by specific gravity

Assigning resources for the treatment of cesspools

Assigning resources for the treatment of cesspools

The use of biologics for cesspools

The use of biologics for cesspools

The principle of operation sought funds for raking

The principle of operation sought funds for raking

The main components of biological systems

The main components of biological systems

Chemicals in the cesspool treatment

Chemicals in the cesspool treatment

Extremely simple scheme of preparation of the drug

Extremely simple scheme of preparation of the drug

Removal of raked and septic solid precipitate

Removal of raked and septic solid precipitate

Mehinichesky method of cleaning waste masses biostation

Mehinichesky method of cleaning waste masses biostation

The more cameras in a septic tank, the higher the degree of wastewater treatment. Water from the three-chamber construction can without further processing flow in soils. There, under natural conditions, they are further purified, so it does not disturb the natural ecological balance.

Water from the two-chamber and single-chamber septic tanks should act or to a centralized sewer system, or absorption wells. Because structures with one or two cameras are used primarily for the treatment of gray waste, and the masses from the "latrines" is discharged into cesspools, Lyuft--closets or powders.

where live bacteria used for cesspools

septic tank function is to separate waste into soluble and insoluble mass in the subsequent decomposition of organic matter. Processing is performed by anaerobes, are always present in the waste mass, and anaerobes available or listed to artificially

All kinds of treatment are associated with the formation of precipitation, which should be periodically deflate and remove. Formed in the chemical treatment precipitate was evacuated and taken for recycling in the treatment of central sites. Deposits resulting from biological treatment, after exposure to compost heaps are used as fertilizers.

Aerobic post-treatment of the treated wastewater into drains

When using aerobic bacteria, cleaning is performed to 95%, which allows to dump drains gutters. However, it is desirable to perform additional processing in absorbency well or depicted in Scheme drainage system. Drains can lay only if therebetween and groundwater horizon is at least 1 m

The main requirements for effluent treatment preparations cesspools They include the ability to minimize the amount of fecal matter, the ability to process the filtered solids, paper and cellulose.

A significant role is played and Factor possible treatment of domestic sewage, which may be present in the chlorine compounds, acids, alkalis, phenolics.

Pumping sewage from the sump

Pumping sewage produced using any of the above cleaning methods. The use of biological agents can invite scavengers are much less likely

Chemical cesspools cleaning agents

Chemical agents used for cleaning cesspools, can be divided into several subgroups:

  • formaldehyde;
  • Ammonium compounds;
  • Nitrate oxidizers;
  • Bleaching powder.

Chemical compounds useful for treatment, have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Strengths Chemistry for cesspools are as follows:

  • Chemicals effective at any temperature, while the range of vital functions of living bacteria temperature is +4 - (+ 30) degrees.
  • The effectiveness of treatment chemicals is not influenced by the water hardness and its content of substances antiseptic action.

With regard to the use of biological technology capabilities lose chemical analogues, as helpful for cesspools microorganisms die in medium containing preservative and an unfavorable temperature mode.

Single-chamber septic tank of concrete rings

Wastewater treatment using living bacteria according sanitary standards allows them to drop into the waste ponds and ditches or move into the ground after the post-treatment in the absorption pit

Negative moments use of chemical preservatives for cleaning cesspools:

  • Corrosive effect on metal pipes and certain types of plastic. Prolonged contact structure of said material loses its integrity and breaks down.
  • Vapors and gases will inevitably released during chemical cleaning cesspools, have a negative impact on the environment. When injected into the ground is the destruction of beneficial enzymes and destruction of almost all organisms.
  • Chemicals lead to accumulation in the sump of pathogenic bacteria. In this connection, even purified using chemistry waste water can not be used as fertilizer.

By their nature, virtually any chemical cleaning agent is different aggressiveness of the environment. Therefore, we must use extreme care chemistry for sewage treatment, Avoiding contact with degradation products in soil and groundwater aquifers.

Formaldehyde for disinfection and purification

Recently, the use of formaldehyde was not only the cheapest but also the most common method of disinfection cesspool. Due to the fact that the formaldehyde-based products, otherwise known as formalin are vysokokantserogennymi, all of them less frequently used for wastewater treatment.

Cleaning formalin

Formalin is most commonly used to prevent degradation processes in the sump and suppression of harmful micro-organisms

Most often, formaldehyde is used as a disinfecting agent, it is able not only to destroy all living bacteria, but also stop the process of decomposition of the contents of a cesspit, which is often accompanied by the release toxic gases.

Ammonium salt compound

Preparations based on ammonium compounds have high disinfection properties. They not only significantly stimulate the decomposition of sewage, but also perfectly neutralize unpleasant odors released from the sump.

Ammonium salts are classified as onium compounds are present in the composition of the structure of tetravalent nitrogen. Under the influence of water are transformed into ammonium preparations with concentrated alkali solution, which provides the decomposition efficiency sump contents.

Ammonium agents work effectively in the absence of sewerage effluent joint, generating discharge of fecal matter with "gray" water, household chemicals and components of detergents.

It is known that ammonium salts of a very negative impact on human health and the state of the environment, but the mechanism of their effects have not been fully investigated.

Ammonium salt compound

Ammonium salt products are very sensitive to the presence in a cesspool of household chemicals and detergents, which can reduce the effectiveness of treatment

In this connection, it is recommended to use the ammonium salts to neutralize the impurities only at full sealing erected at 20 m from the home storage capacitance and preventing human contact with fumes. When emptying the sump, disinfected using ammonium salts, you need to use a vacuum pumping.

Specificity application nitrate oxidizers

Compared with formalin and ammonium nitrate compounds are oxidizing agents to drugs sparing action. Disinfection of cesspools nitrate oxidizing decomposition products can be used as a fertilizer with some restrictions.

Nitrate oxidizers perfectly cope with decomposition of solid waste and fecal matter, neutralizing peculiar smell and converting the sump contents to a homogeneous substance. To get the most safe fertilizer nitrate as oxidizing agents should be used with nitric acid.

nitrate oxidizers

Nitrate oxidizers provide rapid decomposition content sump for liquid and muddy components resulting sludge it can be used as fertilizer

The only disadvantages nitric acid compounds are their high cost and the aggressive attack on metals, in contact with which are deposited on their surface nitrates. In the presence of steel pipes in a cesspool they can "overgrown" due to contact with nitric acid.

Features of use of the bleach

Bleach is widely used for disinfection and cleaning of cesspits because of its cheapness. Like formaldehyde bleach characterized by a high carcinogenicity. Despite the fact that it belongs to the category of disinfectants, yet it has toxic to the human body.

Bleaching powder

Bleach is an excellent disinfectant, but due to high toxic properties to work with it to be the most cautious, without departing from the instructions

Use bleach followed with the utmost care, following the manufacturer's recommendations for working with chemicals. It should be remembered that the powder should be stored in a dark place, as in bright light as a result of the collapse of bleach observed loss of active chlorine.

Rules for the choice of chemical cleaning agents

Before buying a product you need to determine the need for further use of recycled sewage and wastewater. If you want to use treated effluent as a fertilizer, it is better to give up the chemicals. In an extreme case, it is possible to use the nitrate salts that are least harmful to the environment.

Due to the fact that chemicals are inherently aggressive to various materials is not amiss to take into account the material of the walls of the sump, with availability of pipelines. The maximum must be selected carefully chemistry using fecal pump whose surface is most affected by the chemicals.

If you fall into the cesspool household chemicals or detergents, they can have an impact on the effectiveness of the chemicals. Some chemicals reacts with detergents and household cleaning products, partially or completely neutralized, so do not be amiss to read the instructions or consult the compatibility.

Biologics for sump

If used for the decomposition of sewage cesspool eco-friendly products based on enzymes and living organisms, such a method of purification called bekterialno-enzyme.

All bacterial and enzyme preparations cleaning following the qualities of waste:

  • Conversion of waste to a safe weight. The resulting yl life of bacteria is a valuable fertilizer, organic-rich and minerals.
  • Safe for humans, do not cause allergic reactions and skin irritations, even in case of direct contact.
  • Help to eliminate odors and excessive gas formation in the decomposition process.
  • Upon contact with any inorganic materials do not exhibit aggression. This fully refers to metal, plastic, plastic, concrete, brick, which are commonly used for drainage devices and the sump walls.
  • Ability to work effectively only at a positive temperature, exhibit the highest activity in the temperature range of from +3 to +30 degrees. Although there are exceptions, and is based preparations of bacteria, which are able to work well at temperatures up to +45 degrees.
  • Sensitive to household chemicals and detergents.
  • They are inhibited and can almost completely killed in combination with chemical cleaning agents - concentrated alkalis and acids, phenols, aldehydes, active chlorine. Survival of bacteria is dependent on chemical concentrations.

Take into account that the live bacteria, though effective for cesspools, yet they are not recommended to use in the winter and can not be combined with chemical means.

Function of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria alive for cesspools

Digested in the first chamber involving anaerobic bacteria drains, fed into a second (and subsequent) camera aerobes. After that is made of post-treatment in the filter drains or sump via aerobic bacteria are in the ground

By its nature, the microbes for cesspools can be classified into 2 groups:

  1. Aerobic. They operate only in the smooth delivery of the necessary oxygen for their life. For this purpose, it provides a free access to unlimited volume or gas injected compressors. Aerobes are capable of handling practically all incoming matter in the sump and destroy harmful microbes, and purified water is disinfected before it enters the filter field or the absorption in a well.
  2. Anaerobic. Operating in closed sealed containers precluding penetration of oxygen. Such cultures are pre-fermentation effluent using methane-organisms. Fermentation is performed for 2-3 days, then the prepared mass is at the disposal of aerobes.

For efficient operation of the bacteria is necessary to avoid large temperature fluctuations. Preference should be given to the BiologicalsWho have been adapting to the chemistry and are able to work in complete darkness.

Preparations providing the biological wastewater treatment, can be produced in various forms.

Product form is determined by the following parameters:

  • Rod used by bacteria;
  • Composition of the formulation;
  • Frequency of application;
  • The convenience of use.

In most preparations biobased are available as powders and granules, liquid compositions and tablets. Biological means provided to each of its inherent features and various dilutions decomposition efficiency of waste.

Embodiments powder formulations

It is produced in the form of a dry powder composition which contains a group of microorganisms and enzymes. The preparation is suitable for transportation, it is performed in packing containers of various sizes and capacities.

Powder compositions are different such characteristic features:

  • The drug consists of saprophytic bacteria anaerobically grown in artificial conditions.
  • The composition can be realized both as a powder and be granulated mixture.
  • Bacteria in the form of granules or powder are in suspended animation, and require activation.

In most cases activation of bacteria is produced by adding the warm water in the proportions indicated by the manufacturer. Sometimes, to activate the bacteria may need to add sweetness or organics. An indication of awakening and beginning from the bacteria is the evolution of carbon dioxide, separation of bubbles manifests itself on the surface.

Powder for sump

Upon awakening bacteria in powdered bacterial agents need to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions, otherwise the effect of the agent does not bring any effect

It is impossible to ignore the instructions, because it is not aroused by the bacteria will not bring any positive effect after the introduction into the cesspool.

Liquid concentrated means

Liquid biological preparations are characterized by high concentration of microorganisms. Their composition is present complex anaerobic bacteria efficiently decomposing almost any organic impurities. Under the influence of waste are decomposed into water and carbon dioxide.

The main distinguishing feature of the liquid detergent, a small volume required for a large amount of waste. Due to the high concentration of the solution to 1 liter of the preparation would be sufficient for the processing of 2 m. Cubic effluent. The recommended amount of medication specified by the manufacturer.

concentrated liquid

In most cases, liquid funds are ready for use, but for maximum effect better their stand at room temperature for best revival of bacteria

Liquid funds may require dilution with warm water or directly poured into cesspool without a bottom and the bottom. In any case, the capacity of the bacteria to survive at room temperature and to ensure activation of bacterial activity. The capacity of the bacteria to wake up period should not be left under the bright lights.

Preparations in the form of tablets

Tablet formulation of biologics is considered the most convenient to use. Suffice purification tablets for cesspool put in a container of filth, and anaerobic bacteria begin their work. The amount of drug is determined by the volume of the pit and indicated in the instructions for use.

The basis of tableted formulations are anaerobic bacteria that work well in the dark in the absence of oxygen. Apart from tablets biological products can be produced in the form of cassettes populated with microorganisms or as samorastvoryayuschihsya packets.

The bacteria in tablets

The easiest way to work with biological products in tablet form, they do not require pre-treatment, every month is enough to throw into the sump 1-2 tablets and not worry about processing filth

Tablets perfectly dissolved solid sediments, thus avoiding dredging sump. In addition they are perfectly purified waste water from suspended particles and neutralize odors.

When buying a tablet formulations need to pay attention to features of bacterial life. This is due to the fact that there are tablets, which are based on aerobic bacteria used in water treatment septic tanks. These drugs are not suitable for cleaning of cesspits, because their activities require oxygen.

Review of the best brands and the brands

Given the fact that chemicals are increasingly having a negative impact on the environment, biological products are becoming increasingly popular.

The most popular on the market biological products for cleaning cesspools are:

  • Bioactivator Saneks. Available as a powder, which should be infused in hot water to activate the bacteria within 20 minutes. Saneks, apart from impurities, copes with fats, starches, paper and organic fibers. The resulting clean water be used for irrigation.
  • Dr. Robic. It includes more than a hundred species of microorganisms, allowing besides organic easily cope with the expansion of phenols, fats and detergents. Sachet formulation can purify 5 m. Cubic effluent. If the sump little water, for effective work Dr. drug Robic We need to compensate for a deficiency of liquid.
  • Bioactivator "Green Pine". Besides bacterial preparation comprises organic carriers, enzymes, and coniferous flavoring. Besides excrement copes with the fat, to minimize reproduction of generations of flies. The product provides the processing contents of the pit before the fertilizer condition.
  • Mikropan. Available as a powder and liquid, also has a tablet form. Optimally combined bacteria and enzymes to cope with the processing of excrement and papers to a safe weight.
  • Bio-sept. It is used as a universal means for cesspools. Promotes liquefaction sediment cope with fat, faeces, neutralize surfactants. Bacteria preparation strongly suppressed chlorine-containing substances.

All biologics excellent job with the organic waste, and their effectiveness is determined by the environment, which is present in the sump. There are no special criteria for the selection of organic products simply we do not have, for their efficient work should clearly follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

With the device and technology construction of cesspit at their summer cottage proposed article introduces us.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video # 1. Cleaning cesspool nitrogen fertilizers:

Video # 2. Tips on using bacteria to neutralize odor and decomposition of sewage sump:

Video # 3. Best practices for working with biological Dr. Robic:

Choosing a chemical method of disinfection, you are at risk of health and harm the environment. Even a one-time use of chemistry forever eliminate the possibility of the use of microorganisms.

Let germs and bacteria for the treatment of cesspools are limited, it is better to give preference to them as effective and safe treatment.

Want to tell how the composition for the treatment of the sump would you use? Please write comments in the box located below. Ask questions, share experiences, tips and photographs.

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