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Among the products honey belongs to a special category, it is a healing product, as it is the result of processing pollen. Each of the herbs of honey plants has its own set of trace elements. The pollen processed by bees becomes a product not only useful, but curative. Prepare pumpkin honey as a natural bee, it is difficult. In order to use a useful product, people learned to get honey in a different way, without the participation of bees.

What are the benefits of pumpkin honey

The composition of the pumpkin is such that it is recommended for the first feeding of babies. Honey absorbs everything useful in high concentrations, which means it is effective in small amounts:

  1. Honey cleanses the body of toxic substances, removes radioactive ions, and has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.
  2. Pumpkin honey is indispensable for liver problems. It is a balm, restoring cell membranes and restoring organ activity.
  3. The product has antimicrobial properties and is useful for colds.
  4. Honey is a pantry of vitamins and minerals, improves the immunity of weak people, it is recommended for children.

A tasty product with daily use in a small amount will relieve from problems with hypertension and heart disease. It is simply a useful dessert product that replaces sweets during tea drinking.

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However, after taking pumpkin honey, you should always clean the mouth, as the active substances and glucose lead to tooth decay. You should not eat honey for diabetics for obvious reasons. Pumpkin honey should not be consumed by a chronic patient during an exacerbation.

Preparation of pumpkin honey

As a beekeeping product, pumpkin honey is elite, produced in small quantities, and the need for it is high. Natural honey from a beekeeper can be bought only in places where pumpkin melons are located on many hectares. Only when there are no other melliferous plants near, will the bees agree to wear scanty bribes from pumpkin flowers. Large yellow gramophones have a lot of pollen, but they produce little nectar, about 30 kg of honey per hectare. Therefore, pumpkin honey is produced in Bashkiria, where traditionally many pumpkins and beekeeping are developed. You can distinguish it by its bright yellow color, the absence of bitterness, and melon aftertaste and smell.

People have learned how to remove everything that is useful from the pulp, and turn them into a syrupy syrup. This honey is inferior to natural in efficiency, but also a very useful product. Getting pumpkin honey on the basis of sugar will not cause difficulties.

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There are several pumpkin honey recipes, each of which can be applied at home. In any case, first of all you need to choose a ripe small pumpkin and carefully wash the crust. If honey is made from the whole fruit, it should be placed in a container.

Cut a cork from the tail in the pumpkin with a sharp knife and set it to the bottom of the pan with the whole side. The hole should allow the hand to select seeds from the cavity. Sugar is poured into the resulting container and is covered with a cork with the tail of a pumpkin on top. The pan is covered, so as not to get dust and retracts into a warm dark place. A soft crust of pumpkin will tell about the readiness of honey, but fermentation should last at least 10-15 days.

Having opened the cork, you can see mold on the walls of the pumpkin from above, since the composition is an ass and the walls were not protected. Now you need a pan, which took care of the cleanliness. The crust is soft, the fruit is difficult to remove. But it is possible to make a hole at the bottom, and to lift the freed waterskin. This is how pure honey will gather, and moldy walls can be cut and removed. The rest of candied pumpkin can be turned into candied fruits.

This product from the refrigerator is used for a month. For long-term storage, the composition can be boiled over low heat and get viscous dark honey, but it will be less useful after heat treatment. Pour over sterilized dishes honey can be stored in a dark cool place.

Pumpkin honey will become more expensive and healing, where instead of sugar they use any kind of natural honey.

Pumpkin honey, prepared on the basis of natural flower product more healing. They keep it in a pumpkin for up to a week, the finished composition is used as medicine, a tablespoon with warm tea or an infusion of medicinal herbs.

The recipe for pumpkin honey for instant cooking consists of cutting pumpkin slices in the evening into glass or enameled dishes and filling sugar with slicing. After standing overnight, the pumpkin will give the juice, which is poured, and the pieces are boiled until soft, adding spicy mint, cloves and cinnamon. This product is also considered honey with a by-product - juice.

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Any pumpkin honey prepared by bees or people cannot be used as an additive to a hot drink. Amino acids and other organic useful elements coagulate when heated above 50 degrees. Therefore, an infusion or tea is first prepared, and after cooling, useful honey is added.

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