How to turn on the washing machine

  • Preparation for running
  • Choosing a wash program

If you do not know how to turn on a washing machine for the first time, , this article will help you with the launch. In order to make the first launch of the washing machine, it is recommended to first read the manufacturer's instructions or find these instructions on the site. If you have used a washing machine, ask the previous owner for operating and maintenance instructions, and also specify if there have ever been any errors or interruptions. If there are none, it is recommended to find the manufacturer’s website on the Internet and download the instruction manual. If you still could not figure out how to start and operate the machine, then in this article we will look at how to make the the first start of the washing machine, and also describe the basics of connecting the washing machine.

Preparation for the launch of

All modern automatic washing machines are not much different from the initial launch. First of all, it is necessary to check the presence of a 220 V power supply cable and whether the machine is earthed. In the case of a positive preliminary inspection, proceed to the next stage.

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It is necessary to put the laundry that needs to be washed in the washing machine drum. Each drum has its own regulated weight of linen, which he can sustain. Different machines have different weight, and must be specified in the instructions. Because if there is an overload, it can lead to the failure of the drum cross. Most modern cars have sensors that will alert you if the drum is overloaded.

When the laundry is already inside, it is necessary to close the hatch door. Depending on the location of the drum, this process will vary. For machines with a vertical drum, you first need to close the drum itself, and only then the hatch. With horizontal everything is easier, after loading, you just need to close the door.

Next, open the powder compartment and pour in a certain dose of the washing mixture. Usually the dosage is indicated on the package. It is important to consider this factor, sincea large amount of powder can lead to the formation of foam, and a small amount of it to the fact that the laundry does not wash out at all. Usually, all instructions are written in detail on the manufacturer's packaging, so read them carefully. There should also be a measuring cup with which you will pour the powder or other washing mixture into the compartment. In most cases, the main compartment for the powder is located on the left; it is intended for the main wash. Next to this compartment are pre-wash tanks and a rinse aid section. The location of these compartments may vary, depending on the model and manufacturer.

Next, you need to supply water to the washing machine. In various models, the water supply is carried out in several ways: most machines have a direct water connection, some have a hot water connection, and there are a number of machines that have a separate water tank. Sometimes, the delivery set of machines with access to the water supply system, attached valve, shut off the flow of water. After all these manipulations, you can turn on the machine in the network.

Choosing a wash program

After all the preparations, the next step is to choose a wash program. In different models, the programs are quite different. A special feature of each manufacturer is the fast washing mode and additional functions, for example: washing with the use of Argentum( silver), aimed at disinfecting things during the washing process( this mode is suitable for bed linen and children's clothes).When choosing a mode, it is necessary to take into account the temperature indicators, as they rather strongly affect the quality of washing and the safety of things in the process. All these functions and modes should be described in detail in the instructions.

The controls from different manufacturers are different. In cheaper models, the panel is expressed by the wheel, which is spinning, and the more expensive ones - touch panels.

After performing the above procedures, the question arises, how to run the washing machine ?It is required to find the “Start” button on the instrument panel, depending on the model, the inscription may differ or be absent altogether, portrayed as an infographic icon, but the essence does not change. You can set the lock mode buttons, if you have small children, this feature is included in almost all washing machines.

After the wash is over, you either hear the corresponding signal, or you will see an indicator, not infrequently both. Unplug the machine and open the hatch. After passing these steps, you will learn how to turn on the washing machine .

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