The perfect recipe for charlotte with cherry

On a warm summer evening, it is pleasant to pamper yourself and your loved ones with a fragrant cake. If you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort not to make it, then the ideal option would be a charlotte with cherry. She has a mild pleasant taste with a slight hint of sourness. It is refreshing and allows you to get real pleasure. The main thing is to choose the right recipe and follow it clearly.

The traditional

recipe The usual pie made with apple filling, but with the same technique you can make a charlotte with cherry. Its components are extremely simple and accessible to everyone:

  • two glasses of cherries;
  • three eggs;
  • half a teaspoon of soda or baking powder;
  • glass of sugar;
  • a glass of flour.

You will need a mixer to knead the dough. Without it, cooking will take longer and will require physical effort. The whole process is divided into several main stages:

  1. Wash and re-pick the cherries. Free her from the bones. Put the berries in a colander and let drain excess juice. Otherwise, the cake will turn out too liquid.
  2. Beat the eggs together with the sugar. At the same time, it is not necessary to separate the whites from the yolks. Start whipping at low speed and gradually increase it to maximum. In a couple of minutes, the egg foam will be ready.
  3. In the prepared foam, enter baking powder or extinguished soda. Sift the flour and, while constantly stirring, gradually pour it into the egg mixture. In this case, the spoon should constantly move from top to bottom. This will help to enrich the dough with oxygen, which will make it lush.
  4. Cover the baking dish with parchment. Spread the cherry over the bottom. Top with cooked dough so that all the berries are covered entirely. Smooth with a spoon. Put the cake in the oven. Baking time at a temperature of 200 degrees for about 40 minutes.

To quickly remove the bones from the cherry, use special tools. If not, just squeeze the bones with a wooden skewer.

Charlotte with cherry in the oven turns out to be the most delicious and airy, but you can also cook it in a slow cooker. Bowl before cooking is also recommended to lay out the parchment. Otherwise, it will be difficult to extract the finished cake from it.

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Recipe on sour cream test

Charlotte with cherry, the recipe of which is shown below, has a special delicate flavor. This is achieved through the use of sour cream. Choose a better fatty dairy product. It has a rich taste and the necessary consistency. Prepare the following ingredients: an

  • cup of flour;
  • three eggs;
  • half glass of sugar;
  • bag of vanilla sugar;
  • three spoons with a slide of sour cream;
  • baking powder bag;
  • 100 grams of margarine;
  • 200 grams of cherry;
  • is a little cinnamon.
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Help to cook such a cherry cake recipe with photos. It is divided into several stages:

  1. sift the flour together with the baking powder through a sieve. Beat eggs with sugar to foam. Grate margarine and put into the egg mixture. Gradually add flour, knead the dough. It should have a liquid consistency. Add some cinnamon to the flavor.
  2. sort out the cherry, free it from stalks and seeds. Charlotte with cherry can be cooked from frozen berries. Of the pre-need to defrost. The resulting liquid must be drained.
  3. Pour the dough into a baking dish, the bottom of which is covered with parchment. From above, spread out the berries beautifully.

Pie is baked in the oven for about an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees. Serve at the table should be in the form of heat. For decoration lightly powder it with powdered sugar.

These recipes will help you quickly cook a delicious cherry charlotte. She will surely please all members of the family, including children.

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