Devices to save electricity: myth or reality?

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  • Devices to save energy divorce or true?
  • Internal structure of the device
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  • Is the principle of energy conversion into active
  • working? With a more careful study of the instructions, we can conclude about the principles of operation of the device, namely, turn it on and immediately get positive effects, the phases through which electricity flows will be delayed.

    Active “inductive” current is used to power household appliances in an apartment or house.

    PR engine of the economy

    How to save money on paying bills for a house or apartment has always worried people, whether they are business tycoons or an ordinary family. But people are not used to limit themselves in the use of household appliances and various gadgets. However, when they receive huge bills, they grab their heads and think: how to pay for all these kilowatts, because electricity is becoming more expensive every day?

    It was for such a trusting stratum of people that corporations conducted a competent advertising campaign, namely, they released devices to save electricity up to 50 percent, inclusive.

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    On the Internet, a lot of videos from the happy owners of such devices, as well as a lot of advertising information that worked with a bang. And now let's try to understand this myth, or reality.

    Device to save energy divorce or true?

    On the market, there was simply an enormous “BOOM” for the miracle of appliances, which made everyone think about such an easy way to save money and get a little profit on it. The advertising of these devices was short and clear, it said that it was necessary to connect such an energy saving device to the network and enjoy the kilowatt saving process. According to the creators, this device works on the principle of “reactive power compensation.

    You do not have to rush into the store at once and buy these units in boxes, because many manufacturing companies only earn money on the credulity of the population. Chinese markets are teeming with similar devices, with fairly low price tags. Such a “box” costs about four dollars, at the same time we have a similar box that will cost you at least 40 forever green. In order to accurately verify the "performance" of such a device, you need to find out what is inside. It is then that we will find out whether to buy it or not.

    The internal structure of the device

    One of the most expensive elements is the plastic case of the device. If you casually glance, you will see high-quality plastic, but in fact it is only ordinary reinforced plastic. The color scheme of the device is chosen very well, because these devices would not fit bright colors, but the gray-black( less often green and brown) fit it just. The assembly of the two halves of the housing takes place by screwing in a small screw.

    So what does the inner filling consist of?

    • well-fixed integrated electrical card;
    • film capacitor;
    • chips, thanks to which the ignition of light bulbs.

    Operation of the

    device During the development of the energy saving device electricity saving box x , engineers thought only about how to create an easy-to-understand device. For some reason, it was decided that it was the film capacitor that was able to balance the current used, but they did not take into account the fact that it had a very low nominal power, about 5.18 microfarad. Such a capacitor is designed for small-sized equipment, such as lamps, charging for smartphones and similar equipment. He will not be able to withstand the voltage of large-sized devices, such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, hoods and others.

    It should be noted that the majority of electrical appliances consume electricity directly from the network, which is why we cannot rationally consume energy. In order to prevent this and similar energy-saving devices were invented. Some "Kulibins" attempted to create such devices with their own hands. After creating a certain similarity of such devices, their use was limited to the installation of products in the outlet, after which you could immediately begin to "save."

    Whether the principle of energy conversion into active

    works. The filling of the device produced tells us that it is still possible. In electrical engineering allow the possibility of a similar reaction. But does this principle work in energy-saving devices of this type is already a question, because the client wants to pay not only for the “presence” of the device in the house, but still want to get the result from the application. However, the results of studying the principle of operation of the device to this day have not been crowned with success, and the sowing of the mystery is covered with mystery and darkness.

    Specialists and masters in electrical circuitry convince us that they can personally manufacture similar units, the effectiveness of which will depend only on the chips used in the assembly, capacitors and LED lights. After all, "screw" the fork and pack it all in a beautiful case, a great mind is not required.

    Where to buy and what are the guarantees for the electricity saving box

    You are unlikely to find a similar device in the shops of botstep equipment or around this subject in your city. You can buy it on the “specialized” Internet resources, where you will be prompted by its characteristics and some small bonus will “drop”, or you will sell two for the price of one. It sounds tempting, but do not hurry. First, get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the device and the warranty provided on it.

    • The warranty is valid only in the absence of the following defects: mechanical damage to the case, fluid inside the device tank, insects and other objects.
    • Warranty seal must not be torn off.
    • The device is transported to the place of service exclusively at the expense of the client.
    • The warranty service package includes: replacement of internal circuits and other parts, as well as minor maintenance for a short period of time;
    • The guarantee does not cover those cases when the client personally caused a defect to the device, filled it with liquid, or it suffered from extreme natural phenomena.

    Some people claim that they do not perform their functions of faking these devices, but if you buy a real one, it will serve you a long time.

    What aspects should a consumer

    think about? Do not forget about such an important element as an electric meter, which everyone has in the apartment or outside it, because it counts the energy in the network, therefore, the electricity saving box will help reduce electricity consumption. Since the device converts reactive energy into active energy, thus the power in the network increases and costs decrease. To buy such a device or not is up to you.

    Let's talk about the realities of

    A sober analysis of all aspects of the device to save energy tells us that the best methods to save electricity are the simplest. You just need to turn off the home appliances that you do not use, turn off the lights when you leave the room. Also, it is necessary to unplug the equipment from the outlet, in which, even after pressing the shutdown button, the indicators continue to glow.

    All these small rules will be useful to people who want to save on electricity.

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