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Gardeners of middle and northern latitudes have long appreciated the apricot Triumph North. Frost resistance and disease resistance make this variety desirable in every garden.

Prof. A. N. Venyaminov has been engaged in the creation of frost-resistant stone fruit throughout his life. Having crossed the Krasnoshchy and the Northern Early varieties, he received a variety that, for one reason or another, was never entered into the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation. However, this does not prevent him from being in demand and loved.

Characteristics of the variety

The tree in the garden is grown for the fruit itself. That is why the description of the apricot variety Triumph North, you must begin with a description of the stone fruit.

Apricot tree of this variety is round, sometimes slightly elongated. Usually the weight of one medium fruit is within 35 - 40 g, but in productive years, when nature gives an excess of the ovary, and the tree has not dropped it, the fruits are a bit smaller. In lean years, when a few dozen fruits are tied up on a tree, they reach a decent size, and their taste is much richer.

Considering the fruits of apricots Triumph of the North in the photo, it becomes clear that the color gamut can vary. This is significantly affected by:

  • landing site;
  • weather conditions;
  • cultivation area.
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Having decided to grow Apricot Variety Triumph Severny in central or northern regions, you should understand that it will not be as sweet as fruits grown in southern latitudes, but will retain its unique and amazing taste.

The flesh of the fruit is soft and juicy, but the skin is rather thick and slightly sour, with a pleasant and long aftertaste. The aroma of the fruit is strong enough with a train. The outer coating of apricot is pleasant with a light edge. The stone is well separable, medium size, yellow-brown.

The tree pleases with its fruits from the middle of summer, depending on the region of cultivation.

Fruits behave perfectly in processing. The prudent hostess will cook from solar fruits and compote, and jam, and jam, and juice.

Features of the tree

The strong-growing apricot variety Northern Triumph, the tree height of which reaches four meters, does not always make it possible to take the fruits off completely and not damaged. In addition, they are tight enough to hold on the branches, and not every wind can throw them on the ground. However, long, large, powerful branches and sprawling volumetric crown can easily withstand fruit picker.

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The leaf of this apricot is rather large, pointed, with fine teeth, dark green with a moderate shine.

The North Triumph Apricot variety begins fruiting for 4–5 years. However, this only happens when the tree is planted correctly.

Planting and care

Thermophilic stone fruit culture, of course, requires special attention and a special place in the garden. She needs to give the lightest, protected from the northern winds area. Plant a tree on the south side of the house or another building. Southern trees, planted to the north, as well as fences can serve as protection for the southerner.

When landing, consider both your buildings and neighbors. Check in advance if there are any plans for the neighbors in front of the apricot, to plant a large tree - there will be no fruit in the shadow.

Apricot Triumph of the North, a wonderful self-fruited variety. He does not require a pollinating partner. A wind is enough to turn its flowers into an ovary. But the return frost at the time of flowering does not always pass without a trace for the apricot. However, the correct fit will help to cope with this problem.

When purchasing a sapling, consider several trees, and choose the most “stocky”, this will contribute to a good survival rate and will give rise to growth and development.

Pay attention to the seller of seedlings. Replanting and varietal nonconformity can cost you several years of waiting, and then uprooting a barren tree. Prefer proven and certified nurseries.

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The best landing time for early-flowering stone fruit is autumn. In the spring, they quickly enter the phase of sap flow, and the interruption of this process does not always successfully affect survival.

Apricot Variety Northern Triumph in planting and care will not be much different from other varieties. However, given its high yield, you need to worry about feeding.

Apricot does not accept close groundwater and acidic soils. If the land is fresh, before planting it is necessary to start long before planting the seedling. Dig a hole. Enrich the soil with fresh compost, humus and superphosphate. Give the opportunity to rest and “ripen” the soil mixture. At this point, soil microorganisms will process all the ingredients and make them biologically available for tree consumption.

The annual introduction of furnace ash in the tree trunk circle will provide the tree with potassium and phosphorus, which will favorably affect flowering and fruit set.

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