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video Creme Foam from the appendage patterns appearing in the patterns of the appendices in the appendices of the appendices in the appendices of the aspirantIt is easily confused with edible mushrooms, so beginner mushroom pickers should be very careful when collecting. Looks like a false honeydew, you can see in the photo below.

Foam brick red brick

This is one of the most popular poisonous mushrooms. This foam mill has a diameter of a cap that varies from 4-8 cm. Rare specimens can reach 12 cm. The hat of this representative of mushrooms can be oval-convex, which with time acquires an outspread shape. The color spectrum is expressed in the following shades: brick-red, yellow-brown, red-brown. The middle of the cap is almost always darker and more saturated than the edges. The height of the legs can be within 6-10 cm, and the width - about 1.5 cm.

This species of mushroom genus can be found in forests from early summer until late autumn. Mostly brick-red foal is growing on the stumps of dry deciduous( occasionally coniferous) trees.

It should be noted that the distinctive feature of a brick brick from edible is an unpleasant odor from the flesh of a broken poisonous mushroom. Real honey mushrooms should smell delicious even when picked. This is the number one rule that must not be forgotten!

There is no single opinion about the edibility of this mushroom. For a long time it was considered poisonous, then the opinion emerged that after boiling and draining water, it could still be used in cooking. Today in many countries, such as Germany, Italy, Canada, it is used in food. In our country, this species is categorically considered inedible, since, having in its composition toxins, it can cause poisoning. When even a small amount of it gets into the stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and severe headache occur.

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There is an opinion that it is possible to develop immunity to toxic toxins contained in the fungus in question. For this, they should be eaten periodically for a long time, after which the poisoning does not occur. Extremely dubious judgment, almost like a game of roulette. Better not to risk your health!

Candid sticks

This is another bright representative of inedible false snakes. But despite the presence of dangerous components, some people still use it for food. Psatirella's conditional edibility( second name) is thorough cooking before use.

A mushroom with a diameter of a bell-shaped or wide-conic cap. It may be in the range of 3-8 cm. After a while the cap opens to a flat view with a small tubercle in the middle. The edges are wavy, winding and cracked. The younger generation has a yellow-brown color. When drying, they become creamy-white and break easily.

Records grown, thick and thin. They tend to change their contrast as they mature, starting with white and ending with porphyry. Dark brown caps are marked by lighter edges, where the hanging light films are located( the remains of the bedspread).

The fleshy part of Psatirella has practically no particular taste and smell, it is notable for its strong delicacy and brittleness. In the people, the name fragile Candoll is sometimes found, which is associated with its strong fragility. The height of the stem of the fungus can reach 9 cm, and the width - 0.6 cm. It has a smooth surface, which thickens at the base or has a rhizomatous appendage.

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You can meet a stump in the woods from May to the end of October. Mushrooms are spread in groups on wood of deciduous or coniferous dried stumps. Sometimes it can be found on living trees.

Description of the foam moss sulphurous

This species also belongs to the category of dangerous poisonous fungi, which are very easily confused with the edible representatives of the mushroom kingdom. It should be noted that useful honey mushrooms and foam powder love to coexist, which is even more dangerous for inattentive or inexperienced mushroom pickers.

Sulfur-yellow foam beetle is more common not only in forests, but also in mountainous areas. Almost always grows group composition in the form of whole bundles.

Favorite distribution sites:

  • old stumps;
  • dry trees;
  • broken branches and trunks lying on the ground.

Fully fructifies in August-September, but a great love for heat gives it the opportunity to grow in autumn until the end of November.

The cap has a convex shape, and the diameter reaches 6 cm. As it grows, it becomes flattened. It has a peculiar shade: yellow on top, reddish in the middle, bottom edges yellowish greenish. The plates are whitish and creamy-yellow( in young animals), in older mushrooms they have a bluish-gray tone. The pulp of the fungus is light yellow or whitish, very bitter in taste and has an unpleasant odor.

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Health hazard

The main warning sign of a mushroom picker is a greenish or olive shade of the cap.

There are tar-like substances in the composition of the sulfur-yellow mockworm that negatively affect not only the digestive tract, but also other human organs. Therefore, in case of poisoning with these false wit, a blow occurs throughout the body, especially if it is a child or an elderly person. In some cases, statistics even marks lethal outcomes after the onset of acute gastroenteritis.

Poisoning accompanied by:

  • severe nausea;
  • abdominal pain;
  • sweating;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • cramps.

The poison contained in this type of mock-foam inflicts a severe blow to the liver and kidneys. Its action can occur in the period from 6 to 48 hours after consumption. It is the absence of early signs of poisoning that causes a delay in first aid, which in 80% of cases is fatal.

At the first sign of poisoning by any type of mushroom, an ambulance should be called immediately. Prior to her arrival, it is necessary to contribute in every way to cleansing the body from poisonous toxins. Drink a few glasses of boiled water and a solution of potassium permanganate to induce vomiting. Also, no laxatives will interfere.

Collecting mushrooms, you should remember the main rule of the mushroom picker "to be 100% confident in all the mushrooms that you put in your basket."If the percentage of this confidence is 99.9%, it is better to pass by. Description of false experiences that are presented above, will make the right choice.

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