Zamisli izvirnih prigrizkov na nabodala in nasveti za kuhanje

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Convenient and effective food at corporate parties, children's matinees, business or holiday buffets are snacks on shpagah. They are always bright, tasty and miniature, prepared for one bite, so that guests can try different options of snacks. The advantage of the dish is also in the fact that its preparation takes a minimum of time and effort. You can even attract children, what's so hard to string the prepared products on skewers? It's even funny, besides it gives you the opportunity to dream.

Unsweetened options for snacks

The most common snack canapé is a multi-layered mini-sandwich. Ideal products for its preparation are:

  • hard and cream cheeses;
  • ham, bacon;
  • salmon, shrimp;
  • tomatoes( cream or cherry variety), cucumbers, bell peppers;
  • black olives;
  • quail testicles;
  • avocado, grapes, lemon.

This list does not exhaust all the options, you can create snacks on your own, but remember that some types of fish( for example, tuna) and meat( beef, pork) are not suitable for snacks with skewers. Recipes with photos of the most interesting canapes are presented below:

  1. Appetizer "Greek Salad".It is made from the same products as the famous salad - cucumbers, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, bell pepper, feta cheese, olives, if you wish, you can also add red onions. Base canapes of cucumber( the hardest component).
  2. Green olives stuffed with lemon or anchovies( you can take the usual ones with no additives), wrapped around a thin strip of bacon and fastened with a skewer, look very simple and original.
  3. Italian Antipasti Appetizer. On skewers products are strung in the following order: olives, twisted strips of pickled baked pepper, rolled up thin slices of salami sausage, olives and slices of pickled artichokes.

To decorate appetizers on skewers is especially beautiful and impressive, use special cutters and figured knives. With their help, you can cut diamonds, hearts, balls, asterisks from the products, or make cutting with zigzag edges.

Dessert snacks

Fruits can not only be added to fish and meat snacks, but also be made into separate dessert canapes. Best for their preparation are suitable:

  • apples, pears;
  • Kiwi, Bananas;
  • melon, grapes;
  • oranges, tangerines, grapefruits;
  • plums, peaches, apricots.
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Berries are used less frequently because they are small, except for raspberries and strawberries.

We present options for dessert snacks on skewers with photos:

  1. Canapes with a cake are suitable for a children's party. Biscuit should be cut into 3x3 cm pieces and garnish with berries or fruit on top.
  2. Fruit and cheese snacks are suitable for a glass of wine.
  3. Canapés made from fruits poured with chocolate are served under champagne.

If snacks are prepared in advance, before the arrival of the guests, they should be placed in a refrigerator, tightened with a cooking film.

Useful tips on cooking snacks on skewers

  1. For serving snacks on skewers to the festive table you will need a large flat dish, decorated with salad leaves or arugula. It is recommended to place on it different versions of canapés, so that guests can conveniently make a choice.
  2. When forming snacks, remember that products strung on one skewer should be in harmony with each other, not only in taste, but also in color. Alternate green and red ingredients( lettuce with ham or tomato), pale and bright( slicing cucumbers with smoked sausage), light and dark( cheese with black olives).
  3. Leaves of mint, basil, parsley, salad( of course, if they are combined with the rest of the products) will help to make a snack even more elegant.
  4. Some recipes for appetizers on skewers provided bread basis. It should be a bit, it is not a sandwich, bread in this case is not the main product, but an additional one. Cut canapé bread slices into pieces( square, rhombus, rectangle, circle, triangle).
  5. The stores now present a huge selection of plastic skewers with shaped tips. When buying them, consider the style of the event: with hearts they are suitable for a romantic date, with funny little faces or umbrellas for children's matinees.
  6. Do not overdo it when you cut foods for a snack. Remember that it is prepared for one bite, so it should not exceed 4 cm in diameter, otherwise you can put the guests in an awkward position.

The number of snacks on skewers for a festive feast is calculated depending on the number of invited guests. For each person must have at least 3 canapes of the same type.

Five kinds of canapes on skewers for the festive table - video

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