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Probably, every fisherman knows how to pickle bream. Any of them will say that this process is simple, it does not take much time and effort, it does not involve hard-to-reach products or special equipment. But the result is simply amazing and to the liking of all without exception. Well, if you do not know how to pickle bream at home, then we will offer you some simple recipes.

Salting for drying

Before cooking, the fish should be carefully prepared. To do this, wash the bream under running water and gut it, cutting the abdomen and carefully removing the internal organs, gills.

Salt the fish can be intact. However, the gutted bream prospalivaetsya much faster, and the probability that it will deteriorate is very small. Salting bream at home without gutting is relevant only if there is caviar. It is with her taste of fish becomes saturated and unforgettable.

So, take a deep pan, bowl, plate or box made of wood. Add salt to the bottom. The layer should be about 1 cm thick. On top, place the previously gutted and dried bream with the belly up. Spread the fish in a row, and sprinkle with salt again on top. Then the next row and salt again. And so on until the fish is over. The top layer should be abundantly covered with salt.

Place a cover on top and place a yoke on it. Put the tank with fish in a cool time for 7-10 days.

If the back is stiff, it means that the fish salted well.

At the end of the indicated time, the carcass should be thoroughly rinsed with salt and left in a bowl of water for 2 hours so that the excess salt is gone. Now bream can be hung for drying in a dry ventilated room. Cooking time - 7-10 days.

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If you are interested in how to pickle a large bream at home, then the cooking process is almost no different from the previous one. Fish should be gutted, washed, dried and rubbed abundantly with salt. Now take a bowl, sprinkle salt on the bottom and place the fish.

For salting bream, you must take only live fish.

Be sure to completely fill it with salt. Press down with a yoke and leave for 6 days in a cool place. Then soak the bream in running water for 2-3 hours. Then repeat the procedure. To dry a large bream need 7-10 days.

How to pickle bream using the wet method?

This method is characterized by the fact that at the final stage of cooking the fish do not need to be dried( therefore this method of salting is relevant in the winter period).This means that it can be used after the end of the salting process.

Prior to cooking, select small sized fish. Gut, rinse thoroughly. Take a deep tank, where you will lay out the fish layers. Each of them is plentifully sprinkled with salt. To improve the taste, you can add a little red pepper, bay leaf and coriander.

Cover the tank with the fish lid, put the oppression on top. Clean bream in a cool place for a week. After that, thoroughly wash the carcass under running water( until the water in the bowl is clear).

The salting process is not over yet. The fish should be dried and hung in a dry place for several hours. All bream ready to eat.

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Salting for curing

If you do not know how to pickle bream for curing, here is a simple recipe. To prepare you will need to prepare:

  • salt;
  • fresh unfrozen bream.

If a fish is just caught, it must be soaked in a basin of water for several hours to remove mucus from the surface.

Now gut the fish and rinse thoroughly under running water. Dry the carcasses and rub them with salt( preferably coarse).

If a bream weighs more than 1 kg, before salting, you must first cut off its head and pierce the abdomen with a knife.

Now take a deep tank, cover the bottom with salt( layer - 1 cm).Then position the belly upwards of the carcass. Sprinkle with salt again.

Next, cover the container with the bream with gauze and put in a cool place for salting for 12 hours. After that, turn it over, cover the top with a lid and put the oppression. Hold the fish in a cool place for at least 3 days. Every 12 hours, be sure to turn it over( otherwise, it will become rotten).

After the specified time, rinse the fish thoroughly, dry and hang. Be sure to leave the distance between the carcasses. If the fish is salted in the summer, cover it with gauze. Wilt bream must be at least 3 weeks. If the fish is large - 4 weeks. When the bream is ready, it will get a nice amber color.

Pickling bream for smoking

Many people ask how to pickle bream for smoking? There are several ways to cook fish. We will consider the most popular and simple.

Gut the fish, rinse it.

If the bream is large, remove the head and make cuts on the sides. Now rub each carcass with coarse salt, including inside.

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Processed fish folds into a deep tank( tails and heads should alternate).

Top cover and put the oppression. Salting time 12-16 hours - depending on the size of the fish.

Here is another way to pickle bream for smoking. It will require:

  • water;
  • salt;
  • bay leaf;
  • red pepper.

Gutted fish should be salted with brine. To do this, pour water into the pan and dilute the salt in it( 80 gr. Per 1 liter of water).Add some pepper, 2 bay leaves. Fill the pickle with brine, cover with a lid and leave it to be salted for 7-12 hours - depending on the size of the carcasses.

After this, soak the fish in running water( 30 minutes), dry it and copy it to your health.

How to pickle bream at home?

So prepare the following products.

  1. Caviar of one large bream.
  2. Sunflower oil - 4 tbsp.l
  3. Salt.
  4. Pepper.

Fish, cut the belly and very carefully, without damaging the gallbladder, remove the eggs. Release it from the film by placing it in water and kneading it well with a spoon or fork. Repeat the procedure several times. After that, put the caviar in a bowl, add salt.

Take the mixer and start beating at low speed. Continue the process until a white foam forms. Now add the butter and whisk again.

Sterilize the jars, lay the eggs, pour the oil so that the eggs cover( 5 mm).Clean in a cool place for 7 days.

We hope that the question of how to pickle bream, you will no longer arise. Enjoy your meal!

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