How to sterilize cans in aerogrill

Recently, a Redum convection oven was used to sterilize dishes. It is inexpensive. If the modest volume of the multicooker hardly makes it possible to place a capacious container inside, the device is installed on any suitable container. Let us try to learn today how to sterilize cans in conveying ovens, and at the same time we will devote time to the description of the device and the features of work.

Convection, the principle of

People have long noticed that convection gives amazing results. Today, the best ovens( and ovens) function in this way, the NoFrost option in refrigerators, aerogrills. Between household appliances there is nothing at first glance, except for the similarity in the use of the phenomenon of convection. The presence of special fans, creating a directional flow:

  • in refrigerators blows the evaporator;
  • in brass air-insulated cabinets heaters;
  • in a convection oven blown lamp( or heater).

Gas convection ovens do not have, are considered today a backward option. The function of gas control against flame extinction becomes important. Gas oven with convection - a chance to fly up into the air, not all manufacturers take responsibility, trying to make safe equipment. By the way, the oven differs from the oven in the presence of a stove. The oven is built into the furniture, not equipped with a hob.

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Not without nuances. The grill in the oven Zanussi ZLB 331 electric. It is blown by heater. What is special about the grill - must radiate infrared heat from above. So the crust on the chicken will turn out crisp and golden( as in the convection oven).On top of the gas heater have a special grill that is red-hot and warm. In the case of an electric heater, the design is simplified. The air blowing from above leads directly to the aerogrill design:

  1. Aero - air.
  2. Grill.

It turns out not a standard grill, where the "sun" shines and warms, but an appliance that can withstand a uniform temperature in volume, which will allow to cook well, including blowing in a hot breeze. Please note that in the convection oven we are simultaneously preparing a series of dishes. This is not a simple grid division, as in a slow cooker. Experienced chefs put 3-5 pots in the convection oven, each containing a separate recipe. The main thing is not to mix smells. Here the result depends on the skill of the cook and the ability to use air convection ovens.

Most aerogrillum uses not a spiral, but a halogen lamp. Like lamps in infrared heaters. No need to worry, the components are carefully hidden behind heat-resistant quartz glass. Inside the coil heats up, the gas filler does not allow to burn and equalizes the pressure with the outside air. If you create a vacuum in a halogen lamp, it will become brittle under the pressure of the atmosphere. In addition, the gas does not allow the nichrome atoms( the material of the helix) to leave the surface. This increases the service life of the convection oven.

A lamp often circular in shape( ring) that surrounds a container. The heating element is located under the cover, where the fan. Please note that you can not abruptly open a convection oven after cooking.

This is a real chance to get a severe burn. Extremely hot streams of air circulate inside the convection oven. The pressure in the appliance is slightly increased when cooking is in progress. A jet of hot steam is ejected from the opening of aerogrill under pressure, which is especially dangerous.

Finally, the appearance of the aerogrill resembles a large multicooker - a cylindrical device with a massive lid. The control panel is often located on the cover, the massiveness of which protects the electronics from the incessant vibration of the fan. The outer walls of the case are more often transparent. Glass is an inert material; aerogrill is a harmless device. The transparency of the walls will allow to observe how foods are prepared.

Sterilization of cans in aerogrill

Banks are sterilized in aerogrill to increase the shelf life( bacteria are destroyed).There is a prosaic purpose - the protection of life. Botulism easily kills a person, an anaerobic Clostridium organism develops in twists if vinegar is absent in the recipe. Mushrooms are poisoned by the family. The name of the disease comes from the Latin name for sausage. In ancient Rome, it was forbidden to use separate meat products in order to avoid epidemics of botulism.

The history, apparently, does not teach, in 1793, 13 people died in the south-west of Germany from drinking blood sausage. The reasons decided to explore and take action. It is useful to know that the disease is caused by the use of salted and smoked fish. Therefore, in Russia in the 19th century, the fatal illness was called ichthyism. Fat lovers may suffer. The causative agents of botulism are anaerobic bacteria( they die in the open air).Botulism canned food is swollen.

Consider two ways to sterilize cans in conveying ovens. Both methods can complement each other:

  1. . Sterilization of cans in convection oven is carried out for 15 minutes at a temperature of 150 ºС.It destroys the bacteria. The causative agents of botulism withstand even a brief boil. A temperature of 150 ºС in the aerogrill is guaranteed to kill bacteria, such a sterilization process is even preferable. It does not matter if there is any moisture left. Banks will undergo steam sterilization. Spores are boiling, but do not develop in the body of people older than 1 year. Clostridium kills an acidic environment. Marinate with acetic acid products.
  2. It is curious that you can fill containers with contents - jam, mushrooms, brine. In this mode, the time of sterilization of cans in aerogrill is reduced by 30% relative to the recommended prescription. For example, it is supposed to boil jam for 40 minutes, in the aerogrill time is reduced to 25 minutes. The temperature of sterilization of cans remains the same - 150 ºС.

The first process is called pasteurization and can be combined with the second. My banks, put them in the convection oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 150 ºС, prepare the products. We wash vegetables and fruits, we prepare brine. In the banks( maybe not even remove from the convection oven) lay out the products according to the recipe. Fill with brine. Sterilization starts from the moment the bubbles go. When pasteurizing cans exhibited high speed aerogrill. Note that if the temperature is raised above 150 ºС, the gum on the covers will deteriorate.

To avoid such an incident, pasteurize the jars separately from the lids; at the initial stage of heating the contents together with the brine, use higher conveying temperatures to speed up the process. In this case, the course is a spare kit without rubber bands. Then the temperature goes down, the original caps are put on, the products are brought to readiness in aerogrill according to the recipeFeature: cover with rubber bands soak for at least 15 minutes at high temperature. Determine the method yourself depending on the recipe.

Jam in the aerogrill

My banks, sterilize in the aerogrill for at least 6 minutes at high speed at a temperature of 260 ºС.Berries are mixed with sugar in advance, let stand for 6 hours, so that juice goes. Carefully open the convection oven, arrange the future jam on the banks. We take covers without elastic bands( spare).Withstand 15 minutes at high speed at a temperature of 260 ºС.Jam will try to escape during this time, then it is recommended to select the mode twice as cold. Reduce the temperature to 150 ºС, withstand 15 minutes. Now, wearing a cap with rubber.

Allowed to roll berries without sugar in the convection oven. To do this, pasteurize the jars, as shown above( without lids).Lay the first of all the berries in the convection oven and get a spare set of covers without rubber. We maintain 260 degrees at a high blowing rate until the juice separation begins( 20 min).When the place becomes free, we report more berries. Continue until you get a full jar of excellent jam. We take out from the convection oven and roll in the usual style.

In addition to the way to sterilize cans in aerogrill, it is permissible to dry fruits, vegetables, berries. Rotational speed varies mainly:

  1. For greens - low.
  2. For solid vegetables - medium.
  3. For apples and mushrooms - high.

The temperature does not exceed 120 ºС; in order for the steam to freely flow out, it is required to slightly open the lid. On the culinary site is recommended to insert a skewer for the formation of a thin slit.

Now we are able to sterilize cans in aerogrill, prepare spins using this powerful device. The cost of the device is low. Take the device for 1000 rubles. The attention is given to the Redmond convection oven, which goes without a thicket and is simply put on the dishes of the appropriate diameter.

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